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Crying Discussion » My favorite obs so far this year (Female x 2) » Yesterday 1:44 pm

Glad to have you back, congratulations for having a baby, I guess most of us missed your obs and posts in general, at least I did. Welcome back.

Crying Fiction » Crying Roleplay » May 20, 2018 4:22 pm

A few days later Jack went to the beach, near the hotel, and spotted two beautiful girls, one of them was Kira, she was testing a surfboard, she was wearing a blue top that revealed her slim abs, and a pair of mid thigh blue shorts. The other girl catched his attention, it was Summer, she had a tank top that barely showed her lower abs and a pair of bright, fluorescent orange shorts that showed off her beautiful soft thighs, and sandals.

Summer saw Jack and started walking towards him, he couldn’t avoid staring at her beautiful lower body and lost track of time seeing her nicely formed thighs jiggle with each step she took, as well as her shaped calves responded in consonance when she firmly stepped on her sandals.

When she reached Jack, he asked her for an opportunity to talk, he could see in her eyes a mix of anger, disappointment and a hint that she liked Jack.

She told Jack that they could meet in a nearby coffee shop in a few hours. Jack took a walk around the beach and when it was time, went to meet her. He entered the shop and looked for her, she was in a non crowded part of the shop, sitting in a two person sofa, she was in the same outfit. Jack went there, stood in front of her and said hi. She offered him a seat next to her and crossed her leg.

He took a seat and they were both silent for a little while, Jack looked at her straight in the eyes and said he was sorry, he hesitated and didn’t know where to start, Jack was direct and honest, told her he liked her but didn’t know how to approach, she smiled and her eyes sparkled, she took his hand in hers and told him she had feelings for him. He felt a great weight off him and relaxed, Jack took the conversation to lighter subjects, her projects, likes and dislikes, he even got to tell her some funny things that happened to him, she relaxed and leaned towards Jack, he placed an arm around her, caressing her hair and very close to her shoulder, almost touching.
Summer was very interested in the conver

Crying Discussion » The Lip Curled Crying Confession Thread » May 19, 2018 2:42 pm

TorNorth wrote:

NeedHerSobs wrote:

TorNorth wrote:

There's a video I bought of a cam model lying on her side with an exposed front and sobbing. It's very much not safe for work. There's definitely a lot of breast and belly heaving there. You have to buy it, but there is a free preview where you definitely get to see a belly heave. The thing I liked obviously was the awesomely bulging lip.

The girl is called Nina Chrome, the video is called crybaby.

She looks cute. Too bad I have an aversion to paying for porn. Oh well, might just have to break down and indulge.

I actually did a custom with this girl some time back. I don't think she'll ever make this video available, but here are a couple of shots:

She is not that cute, but I like seeing more than one streak of tears, like she has on her left cheek, two tear streaks that reunite at mid cheek.

Introduce Yourself » Hey :) » May 16, 2018 10:12 pm

Welcome HotGuysCryToo, I don’t think anyone would try to take advantage of you, this is a community of people from all over the world with a common preference. Of course, taking away the sexual part, when you see someone cry, I think your preference is specifically guys, do you feel the need to console them, be the shoulder they rely on? Or would you rather see them comforted by someone else?

Crying Discussion » Crying Scenes Directory » May 13, 2018 11:20 pm

Amans lacrimae
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There is a scene in a mexican movie called lo más sencillo es complicarlo todo, where a pretty girl sobs and is comforted by her brother, it is almost at the end of the movie, maybe 10-15 minutes before the movie ends. Danna Paola is sobbing, tears falling freely down her cheeks, a little mascara is involved, and her brother comes into the room and cheers her up verbally and wipes her tear stained cheeks three times.

Crying Discussion » I love crying when I’m embarrassed (part 2) » May 11, 2018 4:51 am

Annalise wrote:

No, no one consoled me. A bunch of the “popular” girls watched me getting winter clothes back on after school and laughed at me. Aunt Emily told me I had to wear everything exactly like I did in the morning so getting dressed was very embarrassing. I was crying by the time I got my snow suit on, which only made them laugh at me even harder.

After noticing nobody was kind, did you wipe your tears, or allowed them to fall unchecked?
Would you have liked someone comforting you in any way, hug, kind words, wipe your tears?

Crying Discussion » I love crying when I’m embarrassed (part 2) » May 11, 2018 4:35 am

I can understand how adults act sometimes, you mention you got laughed at, did anyone console you when you started crying harder?

Introduce Yourself » Howdy everyone » May 10, 2018 10:55 pm

Hello Emotionalgal, I am glad you answered, I know at your age you might not have had many experiences yet, but, if you feel like it, share. There are a few posts in the discussions section that allow users to know more about each other. Have a wonderful day.

Introduce Yourself » Welcome all new members » May 10, 2018 1:50 pm

I would like to welcome all the new members that have not posted yet, I would like to know a little more of them, if they have obs, introduce themselves, share media or experiences. Hope I don´t miss any, welcome:

Crying Discussion » New obs » May 10, 2018 1:39 pm

The other day I went to the countryside with some friends and people that tagged along, at some point one of them (a very pretty girl who has been a friend of mine since my teens) was in the front sharing a slideshow, I was beside her in front of the whole audience, when a clip from a very sad movie started, she started tearing up, I turned towards her a couple of times, waiting for the opportunity, when I saw a tear slowly rolling down the corner of her right eye, I leaned towards her to reach her and gently wiped the tear with the back of my index and middle fingers. She got startled, she did not expect it, but she was very comfortable with me afterwards, we talked a lot during lunch, I am looking forward to wipe her tears next time she cries in front of me.

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