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Crying Discussion » Had another go today » August 4, 2017 5:57 pm

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It's wierd, I have a really hard time crying over real things, I hardly ever do it, even though I've been through lodas of things that should make me do, illness and death of multiple family members, divorce etc etc...

But when I see a sad movie, I cry like mad, and i really enjoy it... guess I might need it...

Watched a you Tube clip with the end of Armagedon, and started crying immediately! Didn't even have to see the full movie, just the "worst" part! And then I did it again to see if it worked, and it did! Had to film myself the second time! Don't think I dare sharing it though... Too bad I can't blur my face but then it would all sort of be wasted, since you wouldn't see my tears...

(I totally blame my non english autocorrect for any mistakes or strange words in this post)

Crying Videos » Dogfight - River Phoenix » July 14, 2017 10:12 pm

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The end of Dogfight... love it, but I want moore... why does it end there...?

If you want some context to the (almost) crying, watch the full movie or at least this...


Crying Discussion » Random fantasies you've had lately » July 14, 2017 8:42 pm

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This is my most recent one which I have quite often:

I'm out driving late at night, on my way home from a friends house. On the way I pass by a man, sitting by the road, like on a busstop for example, looking devastated. I recognize him as my old  highschool crush. I stop and ask him if anything's wrong. He tells me he was on his way home from the pub where he has been taking a few beers with his friends, when he got a call saying his mother was rushed to the hospital after having a stroke. She's unconscious and it sounds really bad. The hospital is about an hours drive away and since he and his friends all have been drinking, he doesn't know how to get there. (I must emphasize that I do not wish for his mother to be ill or to die, that's nothing that turns me on but I need a realistic context, otherwise it doesn't work for me)

I tell him that if he hasn't got anyone else to ride with, I'm more than willing to give him a ride, but that I completely understand if he would rather go with someone else since we don't know each other that well and haven't really spoken for many years. He is thankful for the offer, asks me if I'm sure it's not a problem for me doing this late at night, which i ensure him it's not. He gets in the car and we're on our way. While I'm driving he sits silent next to me, and I can tell that he's trying really hard not to cry. I try to comfort him by telling him positive things, like it's good that she got to the hospital so fast, since that increases the chances of a quick recovery and so on. He doesn't say much, and I can tell he has tears in his eyes which he tries to wipe away unnoticed. After a while I put my hand on his hand and gently stroke it. He doesn't take his hand away. I hear him sobbing silently but I can tell that he gets comfort from me touching him. And so we drive on in silence.

When we get to the hospital, we stop at the parking lot. He takes a deep breath and in a trembling voice he  says: "I'm not sure I can do this".

Crying Discussion » Random fantasies you've had lately » July 14, 2017 7:44 pm

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letmeholdyou wrote:

Most of my fantasies revolve around me comforting a crying guy. My most recent one is of me sitting next to a man who's trying desperately hard to hold back tears, and I rub his back and say "Go on, lovey, it's okay, just have a good cry." His face crumples and he bursts into floods of tears and I take him in my arms and cuddle him as he sobs loudly. After a moment, he clings to me tightly and cries into my shoulder. I kiss him and rock him gently until he's cried everything out, and then I tell him "If you want to tell me what's wrong, lovey, tell me. If you don't want to, that's fine too." I rub his back again while he calms down, and when he snuffles I give him my hanky and tell him lovingly that he'll feel better if he blows his nose. I keep my hand between his shoulderblades while he has a big blow and clears his head, and then he mops his face,wiping away the tears. After a few moments he leans against me and sighs and I hug him again.

That's really nice... love it!!! Not so keen on that "blowing his nose - thing", but the rest...just what I like...


Introduce Yourself » Hello » July 14, 2017 7:33 pm

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Hi! I'm new here. English isn't my native language so if my writing isn't perfect I apologize. 

Gender: Female 

Orientation:  Heterosexual

Age: late thirties

Location: European country

Interested in: Male crying. It's mainly the thought of comforting a crying man that turns me on. I would say it's both an emotional and sexual thing. To me the context is important. I need to know the story behind the crying for it to effect me in the "right way".  

I think I have felt this way for as long as I can remember, but when I was a child I naturally didn't recognize it as sexual arousement. It was just a secret wish to comfort someone crying,  mostly friends/younger children (both male and female). As I grew older it became more clear to me that I was turned on by the thought of comforting guys I was attracted to. It wasn't until I saw the film "The little death" that I realized that this was a fetish with an actual name and that there are others with the same feelings.

I my self hardly ever cry, especially not in front of others. It makes me feel week and vulnerable and I don't like it. But on the other hand I love to watch sad movies and cry my eyes out... That I wouldn't mind doing in front of others, in a public cinema for example.

I was married for about 15 years to a man who hardly ever cried, and who didn't like me crying either. After we divorced some years ago, I'm single. I joined this community to find and talk to others with the same interests as me, and also to enjoy the nice videos here ;-)

 My all time favorite film is Dogfight with River Phoenix and Lily Taylor. The ending scene is just wonderful, though it leaves a little too much to fantasize about... I will definitely post a link to it as soon as I will be able to do so. That's also where my nick comes from...



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