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Other and Related Fetishes » Anyone else like omorashi? » June 13, 2016 2:55 am

cribdeaths wrote:

Affirmative. I also like puke (a fetish dubbed "emetophilia"). I'm sick, I know. Loss of control/subsequent humiliation is a huge thing for me so naturally those two play in. They can work hand in hand with dacryphilia, if efficiency is a concern of yours.

I've thought of exploring emeto before... I am not disgusted by puke but I would never want it on me and don't love seeing it. However, in my stories characters sometimes are mentioned as throwing up as a precursor to some comfort.

Crying Discussion » Has Anyone Ever Felt This? » June 13, 2016 2:50 am

I definitely feel this. I sometimes have a hard time witnessing others cry in real life for this reason.

Crying Discussion » Movie/TV scenes you wish were crying scenes » June 13, 2016 2:44 am

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PhoebeOnThePhone wrote:

Super Secret, in all of dacryphiliadom,  I can think of only one scene that fits your criteria, and that would be the ending phone call in American Psycho. Probably what started your biggest turn-on?


I didn't see this question until now, sorry! And though I am familiar with the scene you mention, it isn't what started my specific turn-on. It just kind of developed naturally, though I COULD name a few specific characters who really contributed to it. ;)

Tbh I didn't love Patrick Bateman that much, I did not find him that cute or appealing. But I still got a bit turned on during that phone call scene, especially when he snotted. Oh my gosh!

Other and Related Fetishes » Maybe related but possibly worse? » May 31, 2016 4:53 am


Even in my short time, I have come to realize that in real life, broken men usually can't be fixed. You just wind up with a lot of pain and heartache. But that's just my two cents.

Crying Discussion » Random fantasies you've had lately » May 31, 2016 4:46 am

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I'm the same way, Ella! I almost never fantasize about crying in romantic relationships, especially in hetero pairings. I wonder why. Maybe because that makes it too sexual to us?

I love hearing about everyone's fantasies, keep it up, guys!

Crying Discussion » Random fantasies you've had lately » May 30, 2016 5:40 am

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My love life has taken a turn for the crazy. Maybe I will feel ready to write about it at some point. But for now to distract myself I thought I'd make a thread that we can all post in where we tell random fantasies or fancies we've had.


-I've been very into my fandoms lately and I've been thinking more about female characters. (This is part of my real life problem right now, too!) I've gotten surprisingly into fantasies where one male and one female character cry together, which I used to hate. They are always young in these fantasies, teens or 20's, and they are always either siblings or close like siblings. NEVER a couple or in a romantic relationship.

-I was having a fantasy very early the other morning, before I even really woke up, where two characters who were close siblings were crying together but due to both of their strong personalities, neither wanted to acknowledge it. In my fantasy, the male character kept sniffling but refused to take his handkerchief out because that would be admitting defeat, admitting he was crying. But of course he eventually had to because if was just that bad. He was just crying that much. And I just imagined both of them drying their eyes like "yeah, shut up. We speak of this to NO ONE, okay?"

-It wasn't in that fantasy, but later I thought how great it would have been if their dad consoled them.

-Father/son stuff. Or any relationship that's like that in nature. Especially if it's like, one character who is late teens/early 20's and another who is like 35-40 and both are attractive. I want to think about cute male characters being consoled by their father figure.

-I guess a lot of family stuff. Which is weird because these fantasies do turn me on, because they're attractive people crying, but they aren't sexual in nature. In fact, if they turned to incest I would be completely disgusted and turned off. So I guess these scenes are sexual to me, the voyuer, but not at all to the characters in-scene.

-I recently had

Crying Discussion » New to the forum. So glad there's a name for this. » May 23, 2016 7:30 pm

Dude, I like seeing guys' snot drip out of their nose while they cry. I am SO not judging you for liking tears on makeup! 

Crying Discussion » Anyone else excited for crying in X-Men? » May 23, 2016 7:14 pm

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I'm confused. How did you see it, TorNorth? It doesn't come out until Friday?! Did you pirate it or something, lol? Or attend a sneak preview of some sort? I am jealous if so!

Okay, you have to at least tell me if Quicksilver cries or tears up at all! Please? I'm dying here! And if he does and I'm not prepared I might embarrass myself by crying in the theater along with him because he is my fave!

I recently read that Fassbender and McAvoy can cry so well on command that they can choose which eye the tears come from and exactly when a tear falls. This made me feel very inadequate as an actor! It also made me wish could play with them IRL! ;)

Ella, it is a shame that you can't handle scary stuff, because AHS is chock full of weepy men! Many, many, but Evan Peters more than anyone. But unless you really love his looks the way I do you're not totally missing out. If you ever do decide to watch for crying, avoid season 5. It's good as a story but has next to no tears.

Crying Discussion » Anyone else excited for crying in X-Men? » May 22, 2016 2:52 am

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The new X-Men is coming out next week and besides being a Marvel fan, it looks very emotional. I have heard that there is a good amount of male crying, and I would imagine female, too.

I personally would LOVE to see Evan Peters (my all-time favorite celebrity crier) cry as Quicksilver, but I doubt he will. His character seems more like the comic relief. I know I know, if I want to see him cry I could just watch the first four seasons of American Horror Story, but I want QUICKSILVER. The character is so cute and funny and I like to imagine that he puts on a brave front and tries to make everyone else laugh during hard times but inside he needs someone to hug him and to have a good cry, too.

But even if he doesn't, I am excited to see who does. Lots of good looking guys, and both James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender looked teary in the trailer. Is anyone else excited for this movie? Any characters/actors in it that you're hoping will cry?

Crying Videos » Classic Scene from "Happy Days" » May 22, 2016 2:44 am

OMG this is weird but I actually remember this. I am way, way too young to remember this show but I do. As a young teen I used to watch this show on classic TV with my family sometimes. I remember this scene and it being very spellbinding to me, haha. I wanted the episode to come on again. I think I liked it because he was a character who didn't generally cry.

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