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Crying Discussion » Are there any males out there that actually like being comforted? » April 12, 2016 9:08 am

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I enjoy being comforted by a female (I'm male) for sure. It's really nice to be looked after when you are crying. For me it means I can let go and feel whatever I'm feeling without worrying about being judged. I therefore have to trust the woman involved completely. It would not be the same for a guy! I don't feel comfortable crying in front of another male - it just feels wrong to me.

Crying Discussion » Love this article on the "ugly cry" » April 12, 2016 9:00 am

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Very interesting, have to say out with this forum very few women (and probably men) say they look attractive when they cry. Almost all will say they look ugly crying. I remember a work colleague years ago announcing that she looked ugly as tears rolled down her cheeks with stunning wet blue eyes - fact is in my opinion she look gorgeous! 

 ​Many women talk about the unachievable 'Hollywood' cry which they describe as perfect tears from clear eyes (i.e. not red) no sniffing or hint of a red nose and (sorry TorNorth) no sign of any distorted facial expression. I guess it depends on the intensity of the crying event, a few soft tears will look more attractive in non-forum members than a full on sobbing feast! It does open up the question of what crying is trying to convey? Yes, it's probably some sort of communication as it's visual and vocal - and emotional tears contain chemical that the body is attempting to purge from it's system. But, why do some people sob loudly and others shed tears discretely? Any thoughts?

Crying Discussion » AMAZING on-set obs (and a new crush!) » March 30, 2016 11:14 am

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Super-Secret - Did he shed tears for you? It would be incredible to tell someone about your fetish and then have them do there best to make it happen for you! Please tell us more, descriptions please?

 Did he cry as part of foreplay? Did he manage to still cry during sex?​

Crying Discussion » Crying and Sex! » March 30, 2016 10:54 am

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WOW!! Amazing posts guys... first of all truffle - OMG to have your wife cry on your bare breasts and have tears fall from her eyes onto you - that is so amazingly hot! Not surprised that would turn you on. You talked about your wife being a heavy crier with lots of tears and you said that although you don't kiss her on the lips when she is sobbing (lip curl/bulge) you kiss her in many different places where tears have fallen. You mentioned her belly - which implies she was crying naked. The combination of a woman that cries a lot of tears naked is seriously hot! When she is crying naked do tears often fall/run onto her neck, chest and breasts?

The description of your cry is incredible - tears dividing into two stream across and between your breast down to your abdomen - that's a very nice vision you've put in my head
​ I've never seen tears go much beyond my wife's breasts. They will flow onto and between her breasts but they don't appear from below her cleavage - and she has a wide cleavage (small, but perfect 34A breasts)!! But, for your tears to flow beyond your cleavage and onto your abdomen - wow! - you must have been producing a serious quantity of tears.
I know my wife has to be crying with tears like a dripping tap to make this wonderful vision happen! But, then for them to drop onto your inner thighs - don't think I could survive that!!

If you have any more descriptions to these wonderful crying events with you and your wife please share, they are amazingly hot!! And you have a fantastic relationship - always thought a same sex female relationship would be incredible for some who loves crying - you guys have proved that one for me. 

And TorNorth... also amazing, I love it when my wife cries on my chest and I feel her tears drop onto my chest. I think you have also said before your wife produces a lot of tears - have you ever seen tea

Crying Discussion » Does this turn anyone else on? » March 21, 2016 4:32 pm

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Wow Truffle what you describe sounds really nice. My wife has small breasts (perfect in my opinion but small) so there is not a lot of movement in this area when she is crying - although there must be some so I'll need to look out for it next time. You've mentioned a few times on the forum that you and your wife cry during romantic situations and foreplay - that sounds so hot! Shedding tears together during an intimate moment is so amazing - do your tears (when one or both of you are crying) feature in your foreplay - e.g. kiss them away, wipe them away etc...

Crying Discussion » Does this turn anyone else on? » March 19, 2016 5:20 pm

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Yes, it can turn me on but it's not my main focus. It's odd, although I've see quite a number of women in tears over the years and a few have been very upset and sobbing I've not hugged many woman while they have cried that hard. Combination of opportunity and not knowing the person well enough.

​I did hug a woman I used to work with many years ago and she was sobbing, completely breaking her heart - I had my arm around her shoulders (she was much shorter than me) and I could feel her shoulders shake. But, it was not her stomach I felt pressing against me as she sobbed it was her breasts! She was quite well endowed and  could feel them press against my chest as she cried. I also remember seeing a woman cry, sobbing loudly - let you described above, running out of breath and making huge gasp for air! She was very slim and wore a tight top, I noticed her stomach was heaving in and out as she cried. But where I've experienced this the most is with my wife - it's someone were intimate crying is most likely to occur with. We have been lying in bed were she has been crying and I've held her naked and felt her body including her stomach shake and press onto mine! But it is rare as she is more of a tears type crier which I like ;o) But similar to this, and something that turns me on so much - just thinking about it turns me on - and I've spoken about this a few times over the years on the forum is making love to a woman while she is crying!!The reason for her tears is complicated but they were not sad tears, but we were making love, she was on top and she started crying. Being a tears guy, watching her arch her back and see tears flow down her neck between her breasts was incredible. But also feeling her ragged breathing and small sobs from insider her was mind blowing! I could feel her tighten around me as she sobbed - amazing!!

Crying Discussion » men talking about crying » March 13, 2016 1:58 pm

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A nice observation for you
​ did any tears fall from his eyes? If so did he allow them to fall? Did you see a tear even if only briefly. Can't really answer your question given that I am male but I have talked about crying with a woman. Both in term of my tears and her tears.

Crying Discussion » Celebrities you would like to see crying ... » March 11, 2016 3:40 pm

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Can't believe I've not thrown my hat into the ring with this thread... better start then! 

​- Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) - hate when the press say Kate in tears... eh no!
- Pippa Middleton - while were at may as well go for her sister (her rear almost crashed the internet after all)

- Nicola Sturgeon - an odd choice you might think - Scottish First Minister - as I don't find her attractive but she has said she has been moved to tears - a woman in power - I wondered what she looked like.
- Jennifer Aniston - I've not see a proper tear fall from her eyes and roll down her cheek!
- Annita McVeigh - BBC News 24 presenter- Katie Derham - Presenter - love her eyes!
- Amy Lee - Evanescence
- Myleene Klass - Singer Presenter
- Emma Watson - she's cried but I want to see tears roll down her cheeks from those beautiful brown eyes. 

​I'm sure I can come up with more... all of the above must have flowing unchecked tears down there cheeks to count!

Crying Discussion » Who have you told about your crying fetish in real life? » March 10, 2016 7:58 pm

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CairCair - you are absolutely right, there are times when it's no fun at all. I have experienced this myself - there's been times I've been in pain, dizzy and spaced out from the medication and generally feeling really rubbish! And then to top it all I'd start bursting into tears - really crying for 30+ minutes at times. And I could honestly see it far enough - would go as far as to say I hated it. But, I still got the sparks of enjoyment ever now and again. It took me a long time to decide if I wanted to come back to this forum - much sole searching was done - but it's still part of me so I eventually made the decision to come back. But, I only did this when I felt strong enough - and while my emotions are still all over the place for one reason and another I'm at a stage were I think the tears are helping me rather than pulling me under.

But, you are right and we must always remember that cry at times is incredibly traumatic for the crier - one reason why I always try and focus on the person that's crying first - tend to there needs - and think back on the crying in my mind later. 

Crying Discussion » Who have you told about your crying fetish in real life? » March 8, 2016 4:02 pm

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Diana wrote:

Hi Tristana, glad you've found our posts interesting and enlightening.  Your fantasy sounds great... I love guy-brings-up-a-sad-thing-from-the-past fantasies... a classic for sure! 

EDIT:  Oh, and my latest thing (I know... I change my mind every 5 minutes, it seems...) is that I think I want to explore my emotional depth in a public sort of way.  Just as a "general interest" in exploring emotional depth and range.  I wonder what workshops I could take that would acheive this?  That is where I would meet others who want to do the same thing with their emotions too.  And the deepest emotions we experience usually involve tears, so it seems suitable without having to call my 'thing' a fetish.  It's about getting more in touch with our emotions and appreciating them and sharing them (which is the interesting part)
with others.

Anyone know where to look for an outlet for this?  Is there an organized group out there who promote this sort of philosophy that I could join?  I really want to meet people.  Even women, just to embrace the identity and feel more comfortable with it.  It seems general enough that there should be lots of interest... yet where do I look??

Wow, if only somewhere like this existed! I'm I correct in saying however that you'd like to witness other people go to this emotional place and that's were you would get your main interest from. 

Or do you want to go to this emotional place, cry openly yourself in front of other people and experience things this way? Have you ever cried openly in public? I don't mean in dark cinema's or theatres but in public where several (a few - more that two say) people could see you were crying? They could visibly see tears rolling down your cheeks and hear the emotion in your voice. 

If you have, how did you feel, how did they react?

I must admit I can't think of anywhere like this other than acting classes, but this must b

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