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Crying Fiction » It’s Fine (m/m) » December 17, 2017 6:30 am

short indulgent story i’ve been sitting on for a week or so. tw for implications of abuse, mentions of suicide. also some language, but i don’t think anyone cares much about that. the dynamic between briar and crow can be read as either romantic or closely platonic, either way.

“…you know it’s okay to cry, right?”
“Ha- no, no, it’s fine. I’m… fine. Don’t worry.”
Briar glanced at Crow, fidgeting with the cuffs on his sleeve.
“It’s- It’s okay to not be okay. We both went through something traumatic. I mean… something like that…” Briar ran his thumb over a deep purple bruise on his cheek, eyes welling up slightly. “…We’re safe now. It’s okay. You don’t have to be strong anymore.”
Crow snorted, laughing and turning away from Briar. “That what your therapist tells you? Got any other inspirational quotes you found on fucking Tumblr? It’s fine. I don’t… I wasn’t pretending to be strong. I am strong.” He paused, as if to reassure himself. “…I am strong.”
“…okay. I… trust you. But…” Briar sighed, propping himself against a nearby tree. “…well, never mind.”
Crow fell silent, staring off into the distance. He rubbed his arm, feeling ghosts of bruises that had since healed.
“I’m fine, Bri,” he replied sharply, a hint of shakiness to his voice. “Ha- better than fine. Great, even.”
“I- …if you say so.” Briar curled in on himself, his next words coming out barely louder than a whisper. “Crow? …why did it have to happen? Why didn’t anyone do anything about it? Drew, he… it took him trying to fling himself off of the roof of the dorms for someone to even care about it…”
“I don’t know, Bri. But that fucker’s in jail now, and he’s staying in jail for a long time. So. It’s fine. We’re… fine. We can’t undo the past. It’s not our fault.” Another pause. “…not our fault.”
“…sorry,” Briar whispered, “‘m sorry for bringing thi

Introduce Yourself » i’m here now, i guess » December 10, 2017 9:05 pm

Sex: ftm, he/him pronouns

Orientation: bisexual

Interested in: i don’t have a big gender preference but sometimes i lean a little towards males, other than that it doesn’t really matter. i have little interest in my own crying other than one or two notable experiences. my interest in crying is more sexual than emotional. what interests me about it is the loss of control that often comes with intense tears, especially with those who are normally stoic or reserved.

Interest in the forum: i joined mostly for discussions and the videos, also because i’ve been a long time lurker and i guess i would’ve done this sooner or later anyway. this isn’t really something i can… talk about, in real life, so it’s cool to be a part of a community like this.

Your own crying: how often i cry really depends. it fluctuates massively. sometimes i don’t cry for months, other times i cry five times in one day. i’ve never shared images of myself crying anywhere but i have considered doing it. probably not on this board anytime soon because i’m a minor, but yknow.

Other fetishes: power dynamics, physical restraints. hints of sadism, i guess. can’t get into this too much without getting nsfw.

Yourself in general: i’m an artist, a writer, an amateur coder (i’ve made a few small games and am working on another one now). i like indie rock, stereotypical hipster music, video games, and uhhh.... not much else. i’m learning guitar. very into activism and social justice. i’m not a very interesting person, haha.

in the interest of protecting my privacy if anyone i know irl happens to stumble across this by some odd chance, i’m going by saturn here instead of what i go by irl.

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