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Crying Discussion » Wife obs » January 13, 2018 7:52 am

We got home early afternoon, I was thirsty, so I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, as soon as I took the first sip my wife approached me and asked me for a hug, I left the glass at the table and hugged her, she started sobbing with her face in my chest. I felt her ragged breathing while holding her tight to my body, also feeling her heaving shoulders and abs. I started caressing her left cheek with my right hand, feeling thick cold tears on her warm face, at first I was caressing near the eyes, then I started stroking further down her cheek, all the way to her chin and wiped her tears from her whole cheek.
​She lowered her face and I responded lowering my body, resting my chin on her shoulder, she responded the same way, her face was next to mine, so I snuggled my cheek against her right cheek, feeling her tears on my cheek.

When we were face to face I could see big, thick tears, staining her face.
​A few minutes passed when she asked me for paper to wipe her nose, she also wiped her eyes as mascara was starting to stain below her eyes. A fresh wave of tears came, this time I saw a dark streak rolling slowly down her right cheek, I gently wiped it away while soothing her verbally. Later on, she asked me for her towel, and she wiped her whole face again. Another wave of tears sprang to her eyes and fell freely down her face. I wiped her face once more, she asked me to go where we had planned to go, I asked her if she needed me to stay, she said no and went to the bathroom and continued crying there. I went to change clothes and at least for 35 minutes she was still sobbing, she was crying on and off I don´t know how long, when I left she was sobbing in the toilet.

​Nothing to worry about, it was job related. By the way, this is one of her crying fits that has turned me on the most.

Crying Discussion » Unusual wife obs » January 11, 2018 9:44 am

truffle wrote:

If anyone did that to my wife (except for one of her family members) I would be a little bit irritated.

Well, he has helped us a lot with our issues, he has even cried because hr cares for us.

Crying Discussion » first self obs of the year and another one for wife » January 11, 2018 6:47 am

I am having some issues with my wife, we started talking about it, she started to cry, I was driving, she was talking through her tears, then started sobbing for a few seconds, when we arrived to our destiny I replied and we continued talking, eventually I started crying, talking through my tears, I wiped my eyes to prevent tears falling, wobbly voice, not quite sobbing, then we hugged, when we broke the hug she told me she loved me and wiped a tear from each of my eyes with her fingers, then she wiped another pair with toilet paper while she told me she still had feelings for me.

Crying Fiction » Roleplay DC based story written in POV » January 7, 2018 2:36 pm

Wonder Woman´s POV

​I was surprised how he switched mood and left just like that, as I was drinking a glass of juice I walked around the apartment, thinking how this situation would change my relationship with Kal, I clearly saw he was crying on his desk and I am pretty sure he noticed I saw him. I turned the TV on and saw Priscilla Rich on screen talking about a physical contest in Paradise Island. I was startled that my family´s home was involved, so I rushed home to change clothes to something more suited for a physical activity.
​I got home and pulled out of the closet a white t-shirt, pink mid thigh shorts and white tennis shoes, and went straight to enroll in the contest.

​When Priscilla saw me, she seemed to become enraged, just looked at me and seemed to be very bothered.
​I returned quickly to Kal´s apartment and took a seat at the sofa. Shortly after, Kal arrived, he didn´t seem to expect me in, I saw his eyes turn very sad when he saw me. I didn´t know why, I just got up and brought him a glass of water and invited him to sit next to me.

​He accepted my invitation and sat in the sofa, I asked him what was bothering him, anything wrong? He was reluctant to talk, but managed to open up. He told me how he felt about Lois and how my presence reminded him when there was a woman waiting for his return. His eyes started to well with tears, I reassured him by placing my hand on his shoulder affirming it was ok, I told him "whatever happens here will stay here". At this moment I perceived he opened up and relaxed.

​I said to him I clearly understood how he was feeling, as I had already experienced it. I started to blush and confessed to Kal he was the first person who I told I cried at least once a week because I missed Steve and I felt better and lighter after crying. I opened up and told him he was the only person besides my beloved Steve who ever saw me crying, he didn´t know what to saw, he was in shock. I asked him how was he coping with

Crying Discussion » Midnight obs » December 24, 2017 3:46 pm

A little bit of background, rough incident, we went to the movies and our car was crashed in the parking, my wife was mad at the driver. So, when we finally got home, I was very sleepy and she started preparing her dinner. I went to bed, don't know how much time passed, she came to me and asked me to hug her.

As soon as I had my arms around her, she started sobbing, both lips protruding closed, I caressed her cheek and surprisingly found it dry, guess all her tears were falling on my shirt, as she had her face leaned on my shoulder.

I soothed her caressing her hair, kissing her forehead, and when I kissed the cheek that was leaning on me I noticed I kissed a tear streak. I shifted my body closer to her and I wiped her tear streaked cheek, feeling her warm tears got me very aroused, I started kissing her on her pouty lips and her tears.

She asked me to being her toilet paper to wipe her snot, I hid my arousement as best as I could and went to the bathroom to bring it. When her crying subsided I found her very tired, so intercourse had to wait.

Have a merry Christmas.

Crying Discussion » Unusual wife obs » December 20, 2017 8:02 am

Yesterday around noon my wife, a mutual make friend and I were talking, when, long story short, my wife started crying, it was like the book definition type of cry, face slowly becoming sadder, tears gradually filling her eyes until they overflowed down her cheeks. When this climaxed, our friend got up, hugged her and kissed the top of her head. The unusual part is, when the hug was broken, he clumsily tried to cup her face, but managed to wipe some tears from her face. I just sat watching the scene, honestly feeling weird I was not the one wiping her tears, but thinking on posting the obs.

Crying Fiction » It’s Fine (m/m) » December 17, 2017 5:22 pm

Touching story, seems as two teenagers, closer friends, ashamed for crying in front of each other. Keep it up, well written.

Crying Discussion » So I cried today » December 16, 2017 3:39 pm

@NeedHerSobs. Are you better now, is there anything I can do to help? Have a blessed day.

Crying Discussion » Wife obs from almost midnight » December 15, 2017 2:31 pm

My wife arrived around 11:15, she seemed disappointed and frustrated, she sat at the table and started talking about some issues she is having with a friend and then an issue we are having as a couple. I was caressing her hair and nuzzling my face on her hair and cheeks. She started crying, a steady flow of unchecked tears, I felt her tears on my cheeks as I was nuzzling, then I started kissing her tears and the streaks left as well as wipe the other cheek with my fingers.

​This did not last more than five minutes, I remember caressing her chin and felt tears dripping on the table, I wiped her chin, continued nuzzling, feeling her tears on my cheeks, kissing her tears and wiping her other cheek, I honestly felt very turned on, as this was nothing serious I did enjoy her tears. She was talking through her tears, normal voice, not wobbly or ragged breathing, it was like her normal self just with a steady flow of tears streaking  her face.

Crying Discussion » Airport Obs » December 14, 2017 6:24 pm

When she is standing they fall on her shirt, around the breast area; but if she is sitting, the tears land on her thighs. That is until I start wiping them from her tear streaked face, like I have told you before, sometimes when we are talking something serious, I don't touch her until we have gotten to a point, that is when you can get a good obs of tears landing on her clothes; if she is crying for an emotional reason that does not need to be discussed I make sure her tears are not wasted, I kiss and wipe them away.

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