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July 27, 2016 6:57 pm  #1

Judging a Book By It's Cover

"Yes, Yes, YES" Dominic yelled in delight as his car crossed the line in first place. "Take that suckers!!"

On the sofa David and his friend Finlay just looked at each other. What was originally going to be a simple games night had turned into an ultra competitive competition that had drained all the fun out of the evening.

Steven slunk back to the sofa having lost his F1 race against Dominic racing round Monza. Finlay and David had lost their challenges through Assassins Creed and were on the point of wrapping up.

That is until a shy voice cut through the celebrations.

"Dominic would you like to challenge me?"

The voice came from Lynn, David's younger sister who had in fact been playing Doom earlier when the other boys had arrived but Dominic had rudely booted her off David's computer telling her 'we want to play modern games actually'

David had felt bad for his sister who had been relegated to the role of handing out drinks and snacks on Dominic's order - The other boys had tried to tell him this wasn't on but Dominic had dismissed their concerns by asking Lynn "You don't mind do you babe".

David hated him being familiar with his sister and reminded him that she was only 14, which seemed to work however his competitiveness increased in direct proportion to his drink intake and he had become rather insufferable. It was no great surprise then that he burst out laughing at Lynn's suggestion.

"You want to challenge me!!" he said "I think I need an emergency operation because my sides have split!"

"Well it is only fair." Lynn pointed out quietly. "You've asked everybody else."

"She does have a point dude." Steven acknowledged "And you have been using her as your slave the whole night."

Dominic thought for a few moments then told Lynn her challenge. First level of Doom, killing everything on the level on Ultra Violence.

"I'm going first" Dominic said arrogantly.

"Please do." Lynn graciously told him.

After changing Lynn's settings, Dominic set to work killing the occupants of E1M1 Hangar. After 1:45 of blood and thunder he triumphantly turned round to Lynn.

"Good luck." he said patronisingly.

Lynn took her seat and slowly changed her settings back. On the couch Steven and Finlay were a little worried that David didn't seem unduly concerned that his sister could be crushed by Dominic's superiority.

"This is going to be hilarious." Dominic confidently predicted. Lynn had finished setting up and returned to the main menu, the skull pointing at New Game.

"As long as you try your best." he told her with a smirk. What happened next was unbelievable to the four boys.

Lynn selected New Game and Ultra Violence so quickly it passed by in a blur. The first few enemies died in about five seconds, the third by a long distance shot. Then she moved into the second room, then the third collected a secret, killing the trooper behind the door, entered the final area blew up a barrel to kill some more enemies, killed two more in the third area whilst collecting two more secrets and finally exited after killing a final monster. Her final time was just 32 seconds.

The group was stunned by this display. David grinned from ear to ear and Finlay let out an exclamation; "Abushanazza!! That was fricking awesome." Lynn thanked him for his comment giving him a smile that made him weak at the knees.

Dominic however was not so pleased. Tears balled in his eyes as he looked at his conqueror.

"You're a speedrunner?" he asked Lynn who nodded in acknowledgment.

"You tricked me!!" Dominic cried tears streaming. "You bloody tricked me."

"Yes I did." Lynn informed him. "That's what you get for ruining my brother's games night and insulting me. Get Out" Dominic was happy to oblige swearing as he went.

"There's a moral to that story." Finlay pointed out when he had left. "For all of us."

"Indeed." Lynn agreed. "Would you like me to carry on."

"Please do." Finlay replied and this was echoed by the other boys.

As he watched his friend's sister murder her way through the second level, he reflected on the moral of the story; Never Judge A Book by It's Cover

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August 1, 2016 4:38 pm  #2

Re: Judging a Book By It's Cover

reptongeek wrote:

Dominic however was not so pleased. Tears balled in his eyes as he looked at his conqueror.

Very nice.  I especially liked this line ^

it's an unexpected and evocative way to describe someone who is on the verge of tears. 


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