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May 15, 2017 4:47 pm  #1

Tears you don't feel

Today I had a conversation with two different men (sorry I pay more attention to men but I am sure, there are also women having the same) and both had tears at the side of their nose. They made me think about tears you don't feel, rollling down the nose (never saw those tears on cheeks, only on the nose, on cheeks tears are wiped away, maybe because they tickle). Sometimes I have these tears also. When I tear up sometimes I am not sure if the tears are still inside my eyes or started to roll down/pool under the eye. When I wipe the nose in such a situation sometimes I can feel the wetness and ask myself if the other person sitting opposite also sees the tears or if it is just me because I pay attention to such things. 
Both men I saw today were not crying. The first one was older and I saw his eye water, befor one quick tear escaped and run down the side of his nose and fell into his lap. Just one tear. He didn't pay attention, didn't wipe the face and I guess he didn't feel the tear. Shortly after the teartrack wasn't visible anymore. 
The second man was younger and I just saw the wetness when he turned his head slightly to the side and the tear was twinkling in the sunlight, which fell in through the window. No reaction either, no wiping, the tear just sat there and a few minutes later I couldn't make it out anymore. 
Have you experienced such tears?


May 15, 2017 6:00 pm  #2

Re: Tears you don't feel

Yes, and in several different situations...

​First me, when I was in hospital a while back and on some seriously strong pain relief medication propped almost upright in bed. I felt something drop onto the skin of my chest - I was topless, seriously hot these hospitals! I put my hand up to where I felt this and it was wet - I even looked up at the ceiling before I realised my cheeks were wet. I was crying and I hadn't even realised! I put it down to the medication until a told a female friend and she said "Oh, that happened to me when I lost my dad" - she had been eating dinner and only realised she was crying when she put her hand to her face and felt it wet with tears.

​My eyes sometimes water when it's cold and windy and oddly enough it's these tears that are more likely to roll down the side of my nose rather than down my cheeks. Sometimes I do still wipe these tears away, other times I don't bother.

​I wonder if this is more a guy thing but I don't know why if it is. Used to speak to an older guy on the train, he had watery eyes and frequently they would spill over and only occasionally would he wipe them away. I often had conversations with him has a tear slowly rolled down his cheek. He clearly was not emotional but I often wondered should I tell him - I never did. It almost felt embarrassing for me to point out he had a tear running down his face!

​Last one, we don't tend to get very snowy winters but one year we experienced very very cold windy and snowy conditions. Snow was coming down thick and myself and most of the neighbours were out clearing snow from the road. Almost everyone's eyes were streaming with the cold wind - male's and female's alike. The women were wiping away tears more than the guys. Everyone had gloves on and whether it was a combination of that and the cold numbing faces I'm not sure. The women were pulling out tissues that the guys didn't have to hand obviously. My eyes were watering too and I remember scratching my face wiping at tear away. So, after that noticing tears freely rolling down a number of male and female cheeks I just let mine fall freely also.

​Although clearly not crying it nice to know I've seen tears running down the cheeks of most of my neighbours both male and female - so I've a fair idea what they would look like crying! 


May 17, 2017 1:20 am  #3

Re: Tears you don't feel

Back when I wore a lot of foundation sometimes I didn't notice the little tears. However, I always notice them by the time they reach my chin because they start to feel cold.

I'm a woman and I think women are beautiful when they cry.

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