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July 4, 2017 8:25 pm  #1

Simon Cowell cries (for real) on The X Factor (Cheryl Cole also cries)

Don't know if this 2015 clip is already posted somewhere but if so, it's not searchable by name so thought I would post it to contribute to the forum!  Although I'm not much into videos lately, this one hit the right buttons for me.  A celebrity (NOT in character) gets unexpectedly hit with emotion during a live taping, struggles to keep his composure, and desperately looks to a woman to help him cover it up.  Not all YouTube videos that say Simon cries show him crying, but  you can actually see tears shining on his face in this one.  It is obvious that he is crying and trying very hard not to.  He can't even take his turn to speak.  Love the end scene where Cheryl wonders whether she should go after him or let him be.  I wish she had gone after him.  Probably made the right call, though.   

It turns out the reason he was so moved by the song was because his mother had died a short time before the episode was taped.

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