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July 9, 2017 5:47 am  #1

Hear someone sobbing obs ( f)

One of my workmates called me this week. I knew it was her when I picked up the phone and saied hello in a funny way like I sometimes do when I know the caller. On the opposite end my friend nearly couldn't talk because she was crying audibly. She was crying loud and talking, not stopping to calm down or get some more control over her voice but just going on. First I had to calm her down to get the point why she was crying. Shorty explained she couldn't come to work that day and wanted to inform me. Now I also like the sound of sobbing. There is no visual distraction looking for teases lipcurls  or anything else, just the sound. Later she called me again to tell me what was going on: this time she was composed, she had still a stuffed nose I could tell through the phone, but otherwise ok for the crying side. When she told me some more about what happened at one time she broke out in something like a wail. From one point to the other she did that, right out of a word. She kept on sobbing after that, some really loud and hard sobs I could imagine her body shaking from them. I wonder if she would have cried the same intensive way being opposite me...

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