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July 20, 2017 5:54 am  #1

John Travolta

Ever find 1 or 2 seconds of a crying clip but then can't find the full show?  I tend to start searching obsessively once I've been teased with a crying clip.  I just can't seem to let it go... I hate that!!
Anyone know where to find episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show besides on her website and YouTube??  

John Travolta cries at 3:56 in this mid-2000s appearance.  He has apparently cried on other Oprah shows as well.  I found him crying on Ellen too, but apparently that's not enough for me.
Oh well, will share my findings.  BTW, love the way Ellen handles it, haha.

John:  I'm holding back the tears.
Ellen:  Not really you're not (hands him a kleenex).
John:  OK.

From about 0:33 all the way to 2:00:

Oprah at 3:56.  Don't blink!  Aw, my goodness, I wonder what has gotten him like that??

Thanks for any Travolta help or leads!!  Including any movies where he cries.  He has had such a long career and I certainly haven't watched them all.   

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July 21, 2017 7:15 am  #2

Re: John Travolta

It took FOREVER, but I did finally manage to find a bit more of that episode.  He was just touched by the nice things Oprah was saying about him, that's all.  It had been driving me nuts not knowing the context!  Truthfully, I have always had a thing for famous actors crying in interviews...

Still looking for other episodes of Oprah if anyone out there knows where to find full episodes online.


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