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October 21, 2017 1:28 pm  #1

Wife obs from yesterday

Well, my wife has been on the verge of tears for a couple of weeks now, we went to see a professional for guidance.
​My wife and I seated on the couch, she was tense, gritted teeth and fists. When she was asked what´s wrong, she answered nothing. Then he told her you have a mess in your head that does not allow you to see clearly. That triggered tears, which started to seep slowly down her cheeks. We did not acknowledge the tears as a situation was being worked on. I just caressed her hair and shoulder. She was wiping tears at cheek level, the crying lasted for a good 20 minutes, it was constant but it was only a few tears falling, At one point she grabbed a tissue to clean her nose. Eventually she stopped crying, the meeting continued, she was feeling better, and the rest of the day her mood was more cheerful.


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