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October 30, 2017 10:01 pm  #1

Weekend obs

I went to an emotional event this weekend, since friday night I have seen and heard sobbing males and females alike, some allow tears unchecked, some wipe them from their face,most males and a few females wipe their eyes so no tears fall. Anyways, in one of the activities a complete stranger (female) in her late 20's low 30's hugged me and sobbed, I felt her shoulder tremble with each sob, I also felt her belly when she was sobbing, she was chubby.

When the hug ended, she said: "Thank you for making me feel this", I acknowledged and wiped tears from under her eyes with the pad of my thumbs, she cried with no tears streaking her cheeks, her eyes got wet and the wetness gained terrain on her cheeks the more she cried.

I don't like it when girls cry like that, but that is part of the crying I witnessed.

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