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January 30, 2019 7:03 pm  #21

Re: Roleplay DC based story written in POV

Superman’s POV:

I went to watch the final round of the competition and I was shocked, I hadn’t seen anyone overpower Diana so easily, that masked woman really had something. I was worried of Diana getting severely injured. Well, the massacre was over, it took me a while to get to Diana because of the multitude trying to get out of the arena. When I finally get there I see Mera, unusually showing a lot of skin, Arthur, in front of Diana, with a shocked face, both hands on her shoulders, I stand still, a few seconds later I see his hands slowly go to Diana’s face, that’s when it hits me, she must be crying, which makes me think how she must be feeling, as she never cries in front of anyone, and I feel guilty, since we already have that bond, I should be the one wiping her tears. I decide to go to her.

I feel Arthur’s gaze, which I meet, we communicate with just that look, as I get close, he steps away to allow me to be with her. I take a look at Diana, her face smeared with tears as new ones continue to fall unchecked down her cheeks making new trails on her beautiful face. I am still in shock at this situation, I don’t know what to do or what to say, as I think this I notice Mera and Arthur are close to us, I then turn to see Diana once more, her cheeks are tear streaked again, all I can do is tenderly wipe her tears with my hands.

Having Arthur and Mera watching me wiping Diana’s tears makes me think this might be humiliating for Diana, so I decide to take her somewhere private. Since she can barely walk, I lift her in my arms like the princess she is and, before turning to leave, my conscience betrays me as I really like feeling her well toned thighs softly sinking in my hands and her calves jiggle against the back of my hand. So I take her out from the arena and fly her quickly to her house to be in a private place, she opens the door and we get inside.

I can feel she is very sad and I am trying to think something to cheer her up. I sit in a couch, still carrying her, so her head is resting on a pillow and her legs are on my lap, she is starting to get a clear mind now and she slowly lifts her upper body to sit next to me, instead she only shifts her hip forward to be next to me with her legs still on my lap.

I am surprised and try to understand the gesture, I can only think she left her legs there because she expects me to touch them, guess she is in need of physical contact. I take my chances and give myself the opportunity to feel again, I gently caress her inner calf, feeling her soft, shaped muscles covered by very smooth skin that reminds me of silk. She makes eye contact and smiles, so I am reassured and give her calf a little squeeze then glide my hand to the back of her knee, feeling her lower thigh pressing my hand against her calf and I give her a questioning look, she nods affirmatively.

I tell my mind to get over Lois and start anew, I am decided to do this, so I slide my hand to her inner thigh and lightly pat it, watching it jiggle, hearing a soft muffled slap and feeling her soft skin as well as her muscles jiggle. Without thinking any further, I instinctively reach both hands to her shorts and pull them down to her knees. To my surprise, she reacts pulling her legs away from me and planting them on the ground, reaching her boots to take them off, I loved to see her whole legs jiggle. When she takes the boots off, she finishes removing her shorts and reaches to take my shirt off and unzip my pants, I slightly raise my hip and take my pants off, I am getting really turned on at this moment.

Diana slowly gets on top of me, standing with both her legs on the outer side (my legs are inside) and slowly moves against me, I can feel her inner thigh muscles give in when she slowly contacts my thighs, then, when she gains speed and force, I enjoy her inner thighs jiggle when they clash against mine, but this time it feels different, after a couple of minutes in that position, I get up and turn her over, this time she is laying on the couch and I kneel inside her legs, holding her calves and feeling her thighs and calves jiggle with each thrust. I feel about to lose control and can see she is about to climax as well, I suddenly grab the front of her thighs, feeling them jiggle against my hand and her calves jiggle against my shoulders, soon we are both depleted and I can feel her mood a lot lighter and tears spring to her eyes and fall unchecked down her cheeks. We lay in the couch together, she shifts her body on top of mine, I feel her warm skin, I kiss a few tears from her eyes (it felt  nothing I had felt before) and cheeks, wipe the rest of her tear streaks, then both fell asleep.

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February 2, 2019 4:59 am  #22

Re: Roleplay DC based story written in POV

Wonder Woman’s POV:

As hot tears burn my skin I get lost thinking what just happened, I had never seen a woman so strong, so fast, perfect technique... as I am lost in thought I feel a pair of strong hands on my shoulders, ashamed knowing it’s not Mera anymore, I raise my eyes and see Arthur’s concerned gaze, which makes tears rush like a wave reaching the beachfront, I felt my face getting warmer as I felt my tears overflowing my eyes and slowly, as if not wanting to fall down my cheeks marking several trails, leaving streaks all the way down from my eyes to my chin and some even rolled down my neck being stopped by my shirt.

Feeling Arthur’s hands on my cheeks brought me back to the present, I feel his cold hands cup my face as he slowly slides his thumbs from the inner corners of my eyes all the way to my ears, wiping some tears and clearing my cheeks from the tear stains. I felt embarrassed and lowered my gaze.

I hear footsteps, I hope no one else comes, I wouldn’t like to have anybody seeing me cry. I tilt my head downwards and to the right, feeling tears rolling in different ways down my face, I smell the scent of Kal and breath relieved it was him, I lift my face to meet his eyes as, not surprisingly, he tenderly wiped my tear streaked face. Feeling his hands caressing my face felt like a mix of comfort, arousal, protected and, sensing Arthur ‘s and Mera’s gaze, embarrassment and shame.

Seems like Kal read my mind, he gave a look at Arthur and Mera and unexpectedly lifted me like a princess, I just felt my tired quads sink in his fingers and my calves shake like jello against his hand. As soon as he walked out of the room he flew me back home, I got extremely aroused when he kissed a couple of stray tears as soon as they left my eyes.

He landed at the doorstep and I told him where the keys were, he unlocked the door and placed me on the couch, sitting under my legs, I stay in the same position for a couple of minutes, waiting for him to make a move, he doesn’t, so, I lift my upper body and slide next to him, bending my legs but still on his lap. I felt him hesitant for a moment, but he understood my body language.

He started caressing my calf with one hand, carefully feeling it, its shape, its consistency, I turn to see him in his eyes and couldn’t avoid a smile. He became more confident and squeezes my calf and slides his hand through my calf stopping at the back of my knee, I playfully trap his hand between my calf and my thigh, he gives me a questioning look and I nod affirming. Kal expertly  slides his hand to my inner thigh and surprised me by gently patting it (I should start getting used to it), after a couple of seconds (seems he really enjoys making my thighs jiggle) he reached with both hands my shorts and lowers them to my knees. I react immediately by removing my legs from his lap and planting them on the ground to take my boots off, I never stopped seeing him, at this moment he stared at my legs, which jiggled at the strong impact with the floor, with this momentum I got up and finished removing my shorts and go straight to Kal and remove his shirt then unzip his pants.

Kal raises his lower body to remove his pants and underwear, I can see he is very aroused by now. I slowly stand with his legs inside and my legs a little spread, outside. I start to slowly straddle him (I am sure he will love to feel my thighs against him), at first the contact is gentle, I can feel my quads very hard as they tense to keep me in that position, and my adductor muscles caressing his quads.

As intercourse continues, I start moving faster and stronger, our bodies clashing with force, I can see his face, he is smiling as I feel my adductors jiggle as they encounter his hips. Suddenly, he grasps my jiggling vastus lateralis and biceps femoris (outer thigh muscles) and lifts me to position me sitting on the couch. This time he shifts position, he kneels in front of me, raises my legs by grabbing my calves, shaking his hands making my calves jiggle all over, at the same time as my inner thighs jiggle with the strong contact of his hips. My heartbeat is raising, my breath as well, I am flushing as I feel about to lose control. At that moment Kal strongly grasps my jiggling quads and I place my calves on his shoulders, which started bouncing immediately , I felt my calves and thighs jiggle like jello as I climax hard, I feel a very strong emotion that the only thing I can do is allow tears to roll unabashedly and unchecked down my cheeks.

After what seems like a moment, I shift my body on top of Kal’s, feeling his strong chest against my breasts, and as tired as I was, I felt goosebumps when Kal kissed my tears from my face and lovingly wiped the tear streaks left. After that rush of emotions we both fall asleep.

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