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December 15, 2017 2:31 pm  #1

Wife obs from almost midnight

My wife arrived around 11:15, she seemed disappointed and frustrated, she sat at the table and started talking about some issues she is having with a friend and then an issue we are having as a couple. I was caressing her hair and nuzzling my face on her hair and cheeks. She started crying, a steady flow of unchecked tears, I felt her tears on my cheeks as I was nuzzling, then I started kissing her tears and the streaks left as well as wipe the other cheek with my fingers.

‚ÄčThis did not last more than five minutes, I remember caressing her chin and felt tears dripping on the table, I wiped her chin, continued nuzzling, feeling her tears on my cheeks, kissing her tears and wiping her other cheek, I honestly felt very turned on, as this was nothing serious I did enjoy her tears. She was talking through her tears, normal voice, not wobbly or ragged breathing, it was like her normal self just with a steady flow of tears streaking  her face.

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