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December 24, 2017 3:46 pm  #1

Midnight obs

A little bit of background, rough incident, we went to the movies and our car was crashed in the parking, my wife was mad at the driver. So, when we finally got home, I was very sleepy and she started preparing her dinner. I went to bed, don't know how much time passed, she came to me and asked me to hug her.

As soon as I had my arms around her, she started sobbing, both lips protruding closed, I caressed her cheek and surprisingly found it dry, guess all her tears were falling on my shirt, as she had her face leaned on my shoulder.

I soothed her caressing her hair, kissing her forehead, and when I kissed the cheek that was leaning on me I noticed I kissed a tear streak. I shifted my body closer to her and I wiped her tear streaked cheek, feeling her warm tears got me very aroused, I started kissing her on her pouty lips and her tears.

She asked me to being her toilet paper to wipe her snot, I hid my arousement as best as I could and went to the bathroom to bring it. When her crying subsided I found her very tired, so intercourse had to wait.

Have a merry Christmas.


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