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November 16, 2018 9:08 am  #1

Contact lens tears

Hi all. Due to my experience with my girlfriend who sheds copious tears when putting in her contact lenses, I tried to find videos on YouTube of women shedding tears while putting in contacts. It's not that easy to find because not everyone's eyes water while putting in contacts, and my girlfriend is definitely an outlier when it comes to the amount of tears she sheds while putting in her lenses. Nevertheless, here are a few videos I found of women crying while putting in contact lenses.
- This is probably the best one I've found because for pretty much the whole video, her eyes are filled with tears! The most frustrating part is at around 1:30 when both her eyes are really full, but the video cuts off, but even then, in the next shot, there is a tear running down her cheek. But still wish that there wasn't this break at 1:30. Her tear-filled eyes are absolutely gorgeous!
- There is a close up of her right eye filled with tears. Earlier in the video, at around 2:30, her left eye is seen with tears for a brief moment.
- I like this one. Her eyes are watery and a few teardrops actually come out of her left eye. She wipes the first two away before they can run down her cheek but the last one actually runs down her cheek. Wish she'd be like my girlfriend and let the tears flow instead of wiping them.
- Same lady as in the last one. Too bad these are the only two videos she has of herself putting in contacts. She seems to cry quite a bit while putting them in. Her right eye remains watery and a tear runs down her cheek. At around 6:25, a tear runs down her left cheek as well. I'm sure her eyes would water much more if she didn't keep blinking. I think that's one key reason why my girlfriend's eyes water so profusely, she doesn't keep blinking after inserting the contacts, she actually keeps her eyes open.
- Her right eye nicely fills with tears. A teardrop falls from her eye before another runs down her right cheek.
- Nice watery eyes with a single tear running down her left cheek.

Something else I like besides the tears is that the fingers of some of these girls are wet, with what I think is the contact lens solution (it happens sometimes to my girlfriend as well while handling her lenses). I actually find that pretty attractive because it looks almost like their fingers are wet with tears which they wiped. Besides tears in the eyes, seeing wiped tears on a girl's fingers is something I find mildly attractive. My high school crush, the one who loved to cry on cue, would often use her fingers to wipe her tears (and she'd shed a lot of tears, therefore her fingers would get pretty wet as well), and I used to like that as well. That is not something I see often, though. With my girlfriend, it is usually me that wipes her tears. With my best friend, even though she uses her fingers to wipe her eyes when we're out in windy weather, the quantity of tears just isn't enough to make her fingers all wet. Anyway, that was a bit off topic. Feel free to share more contact lens insertion videos with tears if you have any.


November 16, 2018 2:59 pm  #2

Re: Contact lens tears

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