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Crying Discussion » Saying Hello - Webcam model (BBW) who caters to this fetish » October 30, 2016 6:22 pm

I do. I don't get off on it, but esp. if I've had a suck day, it's nice to have someone make me feel better. 

Other and Related Fetishes » Hiccups » October 29, 2016 10:26 pm

Sorry that this is an older response to your post, but since we just "met" in the other thread, hope you don't mind me responding here. 

I get this request quite a bit. I also have super high pitched squeaky/mouse hiccups, but don't get them when I cry. It's usually after I drink something carbonated or alcohol. I do have a client who will tip me to drink in free chat, and just sits and waits for me to do it. It's usually just one or two, but sometimes I get as many as ten. He always tips me after each one, which is sweet. 

Wish I could do it on command. Would love to make a video of it. I've tried getting my phone out to take video, but they're usually over by the time I get to the record button.

Crying Discussion » Saying Hello - Webcam model (BBW) who caters to this fetish » October 29, 2016 10:18 pm

Thank you for the welcome, Need! 

Thanks, Tor. Added it back in. The soundless preview clip is scheduled to go up in a couple of hours, so if you have twitter, you can take a look at it there. If not, no worries. If it causes you problems to have it back up in my sig, feel free to delete it again. Last thing I want to do it have the board taken down, I like chaos, but not that kind. LOL

Also, on a side note, happy to answer questions about camming or making clips if anyone has any.

Crying Discussion » Saying Hello - Webcam model (BBW) who caters to this fetish » October 29, 2016 8:59 pm

Thanks Phoebe and Cair! 

Once I get a request from multiple people about a certain fetish, I like to do research and connect with the larger community when one exists. I think it not only helps me be better at what I do, but also to try and understand what might differentiate the different facets of the kink. 

I'm also part of boards for the sissy community, foot worship, hypno play, and looners, but I only get to go check on them once a month since I try to alternate every weekend when I have free time. I think it's in bad taste to join a board just to be all "hey, look at me! Buy my stuff!" I was actually directed here when discussing wanting to do more research in free chat with one of my clients who enjoys the crying, but not going to name him/her just because I really value keeping people's info private. They made it sound like a pretty active community, which is why I started to worry. 

I'm actually kind of at capacity right now with my weekly appointments. I can't do the crying every day, because it takes so much out of me, so I literally just started making clips for sale this week. I'm hoping it will help curb the demand a little and also cater to people who can't afford a full session. On my end, it's tough to get worked up for only, like, two minutes of camming. I had to start making appointments in advance, and require a 15 minute minimum, since I can't go back to regular camming right after. Takes about a half hour for it to NOT look like I've been crying. LOL. Plus, all I usually want to do right after is go lay down and take a nap. Well, re-hydrate, THEN take a nap.

I'll also admit, I have yet to totally master the art of "pretty" crying. If it's not a full on cry, I can only cry out of one eye. Some of the clients I've had love it and are fascinated. Others get mad, even tho I try to warn them ahead of time. Honestly, I'm fascinated by all kink, but this one just has so many facets to it. Some people want a back story, others want to just jump

Crying Discussion » Saying Hello - Webcam model (BBW) who caters to this fetish » October 29, 2016 6:19 pm

Thank you for the response! I was told everyone here was super friendly, and was starting to get worried when no one said hi. Thought I might have offended someone.  I'll be happy to post a link to it once I post ten times! (See, I read the rules! lol) 

It's fine you had to delete my sig. It's werid, tho. There's no nudity on either my website or my twitter, so not sure why it would ding. Better not to get in trouble, tho.  

Crying Discussion » Saying Hello - Webcam model (BBW) who caters to this fetish » October 29, 2016 2:23 am

Hi everyone! Was looking for an "introduce yourself" thread, but didn't see one. Thought I would pop over here and post. That's me in my avatar in case you were wondering. 

I'm Scarlett Black, and I'm a cam model. I cater to some very specific fetishes, and crying is one of them. I actually DO cry on cam, but have to make appointments with those clients since it take a little while to work up to it, and my regular clients don't like to see me cry. 

I have to say that I love it, and I just made my first clip of me doing it. (I posted a soundless preview on youtube if you run across it. Just put it up earlier.) 

Anyway, one of my clients suggested I come over and introduce myself. I think my favorite clients are the ones who try to comfort me... to an extent. You know the guys who say they wish they were there to hug me are partially saying that so I'll cry even harder. LOL. Brats! 

Anyway, hope you don't mind me popping around. It's one of the fetishes that takes a lot out of me, but I always feel so much better after! 

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