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Crying Fiction » texting about crying » Yesterday 10:01 pm

H: sorry, going to have to take a raincheck on tonight, i'm not fit for human company today LOL.

C: that's fine! i was pretty tired from work anyway. are you doing okay?

H: so me and jason broke up like. last week, right? i told you that whole story.
H: it was amicable and all that, we both knew way before we made it official that it wasn't really working? we're just not right for each other as anything more than friends, yknow how it goes sometimes.
H: but he just finished moving all his stuff out to his buddy's place last night.
H: i have no joke no exaggeration been crying for the entire. day.

C: aw, honey

H: i'm fine! i'm literally fine i didn't even want him to stay, it's so nice to have the place to myself again.
H: i guess the fact that it's such a big change is what's getting to me.

C: do you want to talk about it?

H: i don't know what's even there to talk about, i'm just a mess.
H: this isn't the kind of breakup that people cry about. it's literally fine.
H: (i say, when my pillow looks like this)
[a picture of a pillow with several visible wet patches in various stages of drying]

C: maybe talking through the day will help you process it?

H: maybe
H: i guess it started last night, the couch was getting all piled up with his stuff so we were still sharing, and then he left last night and it was so... quiet. and still. and empty. i was curled up on on the far side like there was still someone with me but i knew there wasn't.
H: i get crying about that, it was. weird. and lonely.

C: yeah, that makes sense.

H: i haven't cried myself to sleep since i was a kid. speaking of weird!!
H: but then i woke up this morning and i just.
H: rolled over on my back and looked over at the other side of the bed and got all choked up just seeing the empty pillow.
H: i was fine for a bit, i got up and made coffee and had breakfast and then in the shower (cause i still thought i could get my life together enough to go out tonight, LOL) i started crying again
H: it was l

Introduce Yourself » self-introduction » May 9, 2023 4:33 am

lazy_cat wrote:

which are your most favorite scenes?

it's hard to decide! i'd have to say scenes that take their time. when there's sufficient buildup, and then you get to watch the character tear up and break down, and then seeing where the tears fall, how other characters react, how long it takes them to pull themselves together. (also any scene with big, unchecked tears.)

Crying Fiction » Interactive Fiction: Crying on Stream » May 8, 2023 9:02 pm

Anya is still standing in the middle of the room when the door opens, her partner stepping inside and closing the door behind himself. He pauses, taking in the filming setup, clearly not as accustomed to being on camera as Anya. Then he steps up beside her, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her against his chest, murmuring soothingly, his voice too low for the microphone to pick up his exact words, just the low rumble of his voice.

"Nick," Anya sobs, burying her face in his shoulder, gripping the hem of his shirt in her hands as he holds her, one palm in the center of her back, the other sliding down her side to her hip and the top of her thigh, clearly taking in the way her body trembles against his.

Nick keeps his eyes closed as Anya sobs against his shoulder, his cheek resting against her hair as he comforts her. He only lifts his head when her sobs soften and she shifts away. There's a visible patch of damp where her face was pressed into his shirt.

As Anya hiccups through her quieting sobs, Nick cradles her face in his hands, wiping the tears from her cheeks with his thumbs, before leaning in and kissing the last of the dampness from under her eyes. "Thank you," Anya murmurs, her voice husky from sobbing. Nick kisses her, then kisses her forehead, squeezes her sides, and steps back.

Nick leaves the room, closing the door behind him again, and Anya sits back down in front of the camera. Her face is red and flushed, her eyes watery but not overflowing anymore. She takes a sip of water, smiling at the camera. Her eyelashes are clumped together from crying. "Hope you all enjoyed that. Any more requests for me?"

Crying Discussion » scared of being hated because of this fetish » May 8, 2023 8:48 pm

i think the most important thing is to stop thinking about your fetish as a weird or shameful thing. people generally don't control what they're attracted to, only the way they react to it. treating yourself like you are (or might be considered) a bad person simply for your fetish is just going to make you feel worse about it. it's a self-destructive loop. if you're not hurting real people, you're not doing anything wrong.

i'd say to start by telling your friends that you like VNs where the characters cry. you don't even have to explain why. and if they're unnecessarily judgemental about that, well. they're not being very good friends.

Introduce Yourself » self-introduction » May 8, 2023 8:27 pm

hello!! welcome to the forum. i'm a fellow fan of animated crying, it's a less common angle of the fetish, i've found, but it's a big favorite of mine.

Crying Fiction » Interactive Fiction: Crying on Stream » May 1, 2023 6:49 am

NeedHerSobs wrote:

You look so beautiful when you weep, Anya. When you're able to release and sob openly, I'd love to see how your belly convulses with the force of your emotions.

Amans lacrimae wrote:

As soon as I hear Anya read a request of showing her belly convulsing I gather the courage to ask, worst case scenario is a rejection, still, I ask: "Anya, if you decide to accept the previous request, would you mind showing a full body capture, I'd love to see you sobbing, especially your legs."

Anya's voice breaks into sobbing hiccups as she reads the messages aloud, but she manages to get through them. "You're all so sweet to me," she chokes out, smiling at the screen, and stands up from her desk, pushing the chair out of the way and stepping back to show her whole body, down to the middle of her shins. She's wearing bike shorts that hug tightly to her upper thighs, and a fitted t-shirt. She pulls the shirt up and ties it in a knot, revealing her stomach, already hitching slightly with soft sobs.

She hugs herself around the chest for a moment, squeezing tight, then drops her arms back to her sides and begins to sob in earnest, her face crumpled, fresh tears streaming down her cheeks, some landing on her shirt and some falling to the ground. Her thighs quiver and her stomach jerks as she sobs, quietly at first and then louder. After a minute of sobbing, she hugs herself again, her face now soaked with tears.

Crying Fiction » Interactive Fiction: Crying on Stream » April 14, 2023 10:19 pm

reptongeek wrote:

"Hello Anya. Could you tie your long hair back in a low ponytail? I love it as a hairstyle so much"

Anya obligingly gathers her hair back, pulling it into a ponytail. She plays with the ends for a few minutes, eyes half-closed, tears flowing steadily down her cheeks, dripping onto her hands and running down her arms where they're tucked against her chest, fingers combing through her own hair.

The crying slows for a moment, Anya's face streaked with half a dozen separate tear tracks she makes no effort to wipe away, a few stray tears dripping from her chin. She's still for a moment, then her expression crumples and she sobs, fresh tears flooding her eyes and streaming down her cheeks. It's hard to make out the individual tracks anymore, her face so wet with tears from constant crying. She breathes deeply for a few moments, tears still falling, resisting the sobs. When her breath is a little steadier, she leans in again, to read the next message aloud.

Amans lacrimae wrote:

"Anya, you look stunningly beautiful with several thick streaks adorning your cheeks, you know, you got the romantic side out of me. Are you alone or is there anyone at home with you? I mean, it would be a memory to keep forever if you had a brother o a cousin wipe and maybe even kiss your tears from your cheeks. Well, I guess that's too much to ask, but since you are sharing your tears to the world, I don't think you would mind people seeing you cry in person."

"I'm home alone right now, but my partner's getting home in a little while," Anya says, her voice breaking around the words. She picks up her phone. "I'll ask him. I'm sure he won't mind." She smiles faintly as she taps out a message on her phone. As she hits send, a huge tear splashes onto the screen, then another. She wipes the screen on her shirtsleeve, leaving a damp streak, and sets it down. A sob hitches through her, shaking her shoulders. "Any more requests, while we wait?"

Crying Videos » falling tears » April 14, 2023 3:20 am

i don't have a tiktok because i know it would consume my brain.... anyone have any more finds like these?

Crying Fiction » Interactive Fiction: Crying on Stream » April 14, 2023 3:07 am

Amans lacrimae wrote:

"Hello Anya, you look beautiful with unchecked tears rolling down your cheeks, do you think you could somehow make your tears roll down in multiple streaks? I'd love to see your beautiful face adorned with several thick streaks on each cheek."

Anya reads the message aloud, clearly struggling to keep her voice steady through the tears, a pair of tears falling from her eyes as she does. She straightens up, waiting for a moment as her eyes fill, then tilts her head to slightly the side, letting the tears that fall form new tracks. She blinks a few times, her breath hitching and her mouth crumpling slightly on a silent sob as the tears keep falling.

There are five streams on her cheeks now — the thickest streaks run from the middle of her eyes to her jaw, dripping steadily onto her shirt. Tears flow so heavily from the outer corners of both eyes that the individual teardrops aren't visible, trailing over her cheeks and down her neck on both sides. Her right eye has a third stream, right between the other two, the tears dripping off her cheek most of the way down. As she blinks again, the inner corners of her eyes start to overflow too, trailing down over her lips.

Crying Discussion » interest check: interactive crying fiction? » April 13, 2023 6:41 am

i've started it in crying fiction! can't wait to see what yall ask from her <3

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