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Introduce Yourself » Self-introduction!! » September 22, 2021 4:08 pm

I wonder if 20 tears would be enough to form a compact, unified puddle from it...I guess it would. But that must be so much difficult to estimate, considering pretty much nobody ever did such a study or experiment about that...even though I kinda' tried it myself actually, funny enough, which unfortunately hasn't been much conclusive so far...

Crying Discussion » Which surfaces do you remember your tears falling on? » September 22, 2021 3:47 pm

Same. Loving this above most of all about crying contents, but "sadly" , not a really easy thing to witness, find out and observe in my daily life, whether IRL or even on the internet...such a rare thing, IMO. Besides that, my favorite area to obs, if only I'd have this opportunity more often, is over furniture surfaces (tables, desks or chairs, rather made of polish wood, smooth stone, refined metal, hard plastic or even better with reinforced glass) or some really smooth floors that don't instantly absorb small water sources such as tears (which aren't visible that easy, most of time, TBH).
Also, I would really like to obs tears dripping over naked stomachs (preferably on lower parts, below the navel and around it) and belly buttons, which I used to witness myself long ago as a kid at summer vacations from one of my 2nd or even 3rd degree older cousins, I believe so...
For the rest, I like watching it from fabric things too, such as clothes of course, pillows, handkerchiefs and so on, as long as it's not just a single drop or something really minor to notice...and also filling containers (glasses, bowls, etc...), I like that too.

Crying Images » Picture of my tear soaked lap » August 17, 2021 5:16 pm

Outstanding ! It's basically like you'd just spill a whole glass of water on yourself, actually...

Introduce Yourself » Hello » April 3, 2021 10:45 pm

Worry wrote:

Amans lacrimae wrote:

Welcome Worry, I hope you find yourself comfortable here in this community, you are free to share whatever you like and if any question feels uncomfortable just say so and we'll understand.

I have a couple of questions for you.
How do you usually cry(a few tears/streams of tears, hide face in hands/wipe tears from face/allow tears to fall unchecked, cry silently/snivel/sobbing and shaking, no facial expression/mild chin tremble and lopsided lip/pronounced lip curl and chin tremble, normal voice/breaking voice/shaking or wavy voice)?
Do you cry alone or look for someone to cry to?
How do people react when you cry (become uncomfortable, comfort you verbally, hug you, wipe your tears)?
How do you react to others crying (comfort verbally, hug, wipe their tears)?

Very much depends on the situation. Generally I have big tears and a lot of them. I only tend to cover my mouth because I can't breathe through my nose so my mouth has to be open and depending on how upset I am I push on my chin to stop it from trembling. I don't really remember clearly what I sound like because I don't talk unless someone tries to comfort me, I can hold myself back until someone says "Are you ok?" Or "What's wrong?" Then my mind goes fuzzy because it's not easy to hold back tears and explain why I'm upset and then sobs. I know my voice breaks a lot and changes to a more weak version. I prefer to be alone when crying because then I have to worry about how I'm making others feel and if I look like a mess. Alone I don't have to wipe my face and worry about my makeup. I just focus on my thoughts. When other people cry I try to do for them what I want people to do for me, get them tissues and listen, let them know they don't have to say anything and let them go somewhere private if they need or just let them spill their heart out.

Hi, welcome there, Worry !
Did you notice any time you used to cry once alone, so while you weren't feeling the need to

Crying Discussion » Crying Only Fans? » January 14, 2021 5:37 am

cryinggirl wrote:

Thanks for your responses! I have also considered the possibility that I might need to appeal to other fetishes/post different kinds of pics/videos, and I think OnlyFans might have an option where you choose which subscribers see what types of posts? But I will have to look into it more.

As for posting crying videos on this forum, I hadn't thought about it, but I might just do that before going to OnlyFans so those who have expressed interest can see if it's really something they want to subscribe to/pay for. Plus critiques and advice on what you would like to see more of/less of would be great! 

I hope to post one on the video section this week. 

Sounds great Way to go ! Can we send you private messages for critiques and advices about it or would you like it better to keep them on the main board, just here ?
Thanks in any cases for you proposal btw ^^

Crying Discussion » New and I want people to watch me cry » October 22, 2020 5:51 pm

PittyParty wrote:

What kind of crying are you guys into?

Unchecked straight falling tears, which you can see them landing and possibly gathering together into some small puddle.

Crying Discussion » implausible crying fantasies » August 19, 2020 4:24 pm

repressedjudie wrote:

Hey all! Thought this would be a good topic for conversation: what's your unrealistic, implausible, or unlikely crying fantasy? What combination of factors (gender, appearance, type of tears, relationship, cause, etc.) would make the ideal crying scenario for you, but are unlikely to occur for one reason or another.

Mine is sitting with someone, ideally a young, pretty woman, who doesn't want to be comforted with a hug, just have her hand held, so I can watch her cry. The unrealistic part comes in with the fantasy of this theoretical woman crying for long enough, with enough tears, and without wiping her eyes, that the tears make a puddle on the desk or table.

I think I watched Alice in Wonderland too many times as a kid...

Oh, man ! You said it. This is exactly what kind of fantasy I'm also in to...
On the realistic part, it wouldn't necessarily have to be a woman young or pretty (but definitely female), in my mind. Not old like a granny-look though, or scaringly ugly either, but still I can imagine quite a large possibility palette about that.
About the relationship, it would be someone I just met very recently and we would have sympathized fast enough so I could talk freely about anything, pretty much, but no attachment strong enough to put any kind of stakes between us either. She wouldn't like or need to be comforted by any physical contact, no hug or hand, because it wouldn't be for a serious reason, just a casual need to let herself go without any sorts of complex about it.
And for the rest this would be literally what you said on the last part

Crying Discussion » very teary obs about bf » March 16, 2020 3:45 pm

prettytears wrote:

 im open to any comments or questions too   i have a few female obs as well if you guys want to hear more from me in the future!


Hi there ! Very nice obs

So I'm wondering something about it : do you know if it already happened to you or some girl you may have witnessed, once or several times, to cry with so many tears that it made a puddle (more or less big) over a desk or a table, for example ?
Thanks for your shares and answers !

Crying Discussion » Friend tender obs » June 30, 2019 4:55 pm

Hey, thanks ! I appreciate your thoughts Excellent obs btw ;)

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