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Introduce Yourself » So I finally decided to make an account » November 19, 2023 4:10 am

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Hi there.

To answer you first question, I think STEM career paths does attract more people who prefer logical reasoning over feelings and emotions, so the two may be correlated. However, I know some people in my cohort and in different STEM fields that are quite emotional, so it does depend on the person too. 

Now moving onto your second question. It's been over a month since I started practising crying on cue, and I've gotten to the point where I could pull tears out of the blue in less than 10 seconds. I actually video recorded myself to observe how the tears fall. At first, large round teardrops would start to form within my eyes and barely hangs on the underlashes; when the weight of tears becomes too much, they fall rapidly (rarely touching my cheeks) and make this weird trajectory that almost looks like they're flying off my face at an angle. Sometimes when I'm not crying so hard, the teardrops would stream down my cheeks and gather at the tip of my chin, leaving shiny streaks on the cheeks. The tears on my chin would then drip off of my face like how water drips from a leaky faucet. 

I started doing this just for fun, but I think I'm starting to get addicted to crying. It's not great because I would cry several times a day for no apparent reason to the point that my eyes are almost always red and puffy. Needless to say, this activity is taking a toll on my mental health. I am slightly concerned that continuing would result in a loss of control over my negative emotions and cause me to spiral into depression. I have decided to give it a break for now, but maybe this "skill" will become useful someday. 

Introduce Yourself » So I finally decided to make an account » October 29, 2023 4:11 am

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Hi there, I'm Raven. A longtime lurker of this forum who finally decided to make an account. Below is a little about me:

Sex: F

Orientation: Heterosexual with bicurious tendencies
Age: 23
Location: USA
Interested in: both male and female crying (as long as the individual is good-looking lol), crying sounds, shaking voice, lip curling (to a lesser extent), long lashes filled with tears, self-obs(?)
Interest in the forum: crying fictions and videos
Your own crying: I'm generally very uncomfortable showing my emotional side, let alone crying in front of others. For a very long time I thought there is something wrong with me due to my lack of ability to cry and/or empathizing with people when they cry. Looking back, this definitely has to do with the sense of shame associated with having this fetish. But I've always had the fantasy of being emotionally comforted and comforting someone when they cry (e.g., wiping/kissing away tears), although this "someone" has to be specifically a person I am interested in. Didn't think about this until recently, but I got curious after seeing some tutorial videos on how to cry on cue and had the idea of trying it myself (when I am alone, of course). Turns out I'm actually pretty good at it... I would look myself in the mirror and practice breathing in and out slowly, play some calming sad music, and naturally my eyes will start to water and tears will begin falling. It's an experience that both feels therapeutic (?) and turns me on big time. In terms of crying out of actual emotional distress, it doesn't really happen often, and I rarely have the mental capacity to think about it when that happens.
Other fetishes: not really
[color=#000000]Yourself in general: Graduate student in a STEM field. I love reading science fictions and watching movies, Jodie Fo

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