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Introduce Yourself » Hi there, this is my introduction » January 18, 2021 7:16 pm

Uncryable wrote:

Sex:male (sadly)



Location:Germany (therfore my english might be... Let's say horrible, my highest apologies)

Interested in: Tears, especially in high volumes and unchecked. Sobbing is also slightly arousing, but it's definitely not my main turn on. The highlight of a good cry are tears running down someone's neck or dropping off someone's chin, but I prefer the former.

Interest in the forum: obs, crying fiction and just exchange of experience.

Your own crying: sadly, as my name is to imply, I am unable to cry, since ages...
The last time I cried was in the age of 6 or 7 (I don't know for sure, because it's so long ago, but I know for sure, that it was within the first two years of my school).
Because the last time I cried was so long ago, I really can't say anything about me crying, but I hope, that I will be able to cry in the future.

Other fetishes: snot (I know, it's disgusting)
I only find it arousing, when it's clear and caused by crying.
I like it, because it is a great indicator of some crying very hard and uncontrollable.

Yourself in general:
I am depressive and therefore I'm getting treatment in Form of medicine and psychotherapy.
I hate no one except for myself.

Other: I am autistic (diagnosed, not selfdx) that may be one of the only things of my person, I can accept.

Warning: I am often misunderstood, so don't be shy to ask, when someone seems unclear.

Note: I might not be able to share many ob's, because I rarely am able to see someone crying, but maybe I'll try to share some of my memories.

Welcome Uncryable, I too didn't cry since I was 5 or 6 until I broke down at 29. I have a question, why do you say you a male sadly, would you rather be female?
What happens when you see someone crying, what do you feel?

Crying Discussion » Crying Only Fans? » January 14, 2021 8:11 am

cryinggirl wrote:

Probably PM, I might just PM those who are interested instead of posting actually. I just watched a crying video of myself and it is a bit embarrassing/vulnerable, and definitely an ugly cry (but I know that's also something that people like!)

You know there is no such thing as ugly crying, an expressive face is extremely aesthetic. Most girls look beautiful with a lip curl and several tear streaks down the cheeks.

Crying Discussion » Crying Only Fans? » January 13, 2021 6:32 pm

I'd love if you posted your crying videos here, in the video section.

Crying Videos » Maxi the racing car crying... » January 13, 2021 6:40 am
 I had never seen a car crying. Welcome, by the way, feel free to introduce yourself in the corresponding section. Have a great rest of week.

Links » New Poll » January 4, 2021 9:44 pm

truffle wrote:

Might I suggest rewording that last question? I don't think the general public will understand what a "self obs" is. Maybe say something like, "please share a story of a time where someone comforted you the way that you like"

Anyway, I'm going to have a couple of friends/relatives fill this out too. I love polls.

Thanks for the observation, I did as you suggested.

Links » New Poll » January 4, 2021 3:46 pm

I'll be absent for a while, a lot of work, but I'll leave a poll here, let's see what you guys think. Happy New Year.

Crying Discussion » Crying on cue: stories behind the scene » December 30, 2020 4:33 pm

TorNorth wrote:

Bollywood actress Amrita Rao discussing an emotional scene:

Scene in question:

Lovely, I loved how she cried non stop for a while after the scene ended. It's been a while since last time I read something similar.

Crying Fiction » Truth or Dare » December 26, 2020 12:25 am

Kylie's POV:

Connor calls me and asks me to check when I have time for a reunion with Ty and Abby, I check my schedule and agree on a time and date, I tell Abby and she tells me it's a double date, I get really excited, this is something not usual, especially in home, since the reunion will be in the guys apartment. Abby and I get busy choosing what to wear for the date, she decides to wear a sexy short dress and I, not trying to contrast too much by hiding most of my body, I went along her line and chose a white puff sleeve top, a cute pair of mid thigh shorts and comfortable, yet cute sandals. The day arrives, we get ready, almost on time, for some reason we couldn't get ready faster, anyways, we reach the guys apartment a few minutes later than scheduled and went up two stairs at a time, I was teasing Abby, I could see her underwear from a couple of steps behind.

We finally get there, as we entered we both noticed the guys staring at us, they definitely loved what they saw, we walked towards them and Tyrell motioned us to the table, Connor came to sit with us and Tyrell went for the drinks, then the food, after eating a delicious dinner and drinking great home made drinks, we go take a seat at the large sofa, I was sitting between Connor and Tyrell, we had a good time, talking about school, hopes, projects, job, sports, regular chit chat, and at one point, Ty broke that atmosphere, patted my thigh, left his warm hand there, we all go silent, I turn to look at Abby, I noticed Ty had his other hand on Abby's thigh, she was surprised as well, so I didn't know what to expect. Ty leaned on our thighs and got up, he took a small box from his shirt pocket and took out a quite expensive diamond ring. He knelt and gave Abby a beautiful proposal, Abby was about to cry, I could see her eyes swimming in tears.

Abby said yes and stood up, the dam broke, tears flooded her face, I could see tears marking streaks in the inner corners, a few down the middle and a couple on the

Crying Fiction » Truth or Dare » December 24, 2020 10:42 pm

Abby's POV:

Tyrell asks me on a home dinner date, I thought it would be the two of us, so I chose a flirty outfit, a couple of days later I find out its a double date, Connor and Kylie are also invited, I think this could be fun, I really enjoy being around them, Kylie has been my room mate for over two years now and I have always liked Connor.
The day arrives, I choose a white sleeveless short dress, it shows from my mid thigh on, a pair of cute black sandals with a slight platform to gain height, and I let my hair loose, I know Tyrell likes it that way. When I get ready I see Kylie, oh my god, is she gorgeous or what, this girl is pouring out sensuality, she looks very sexy in a puff sleeved top that adds volume to her chest, a pair of cute pearl pin striped short shorts, same length as my dress, she is showing a lot of skin nowadays, and her calves are beautifully laced in a pair of light brown sandals.

Tyrell cooked a delicious turkey piccata, a lemon garlic pasta as a side dish and delicious nachos with vegetables and ground beef, I love the drinks he chose too, both alcoholic and non alcoholic, I really loved the cranberry carbonated drink he prepared, it matched the food quite nice. After our lunch/dinner, we sat on the sofa and started fooling around, having fun and chatting, until, all of a sudden, Tyrell patted my thigh, leaned on it and stood up, I didn't even have time to be surprised when he took a small square box, my eyes quickly filled with tears, these tears did not sting nor was there a knot in my throat, these were happy tears, I was extremely happy and I guess the only way my body would express it was through tears. Tyrell took out a diamond ring, honestly, I didn't care if it was diamond or a ring pop, I love him for who he is, how he loves me, how he cares for me.

Tyrell kneels in front of me and says a very gentlemanly proposal, I am still in shock, I felt the happiest moment in my life, all the tears that were contained in my eyes sprang a

Crying Fiction » Truth or Dare » December 24, 2020 7:07 pm

Connor's POV:

It's the long vacation period in school, we are about to start our senior year at the university, the weather is very hot compared to other summers. One day, Tyrell invites me to an intimate reunion, it will be Tyrell and Abby, and Kylie and me. I call Kylie, we all agree on the date and the day is come, I dress formal, my favorite red shirt, black cotton pants and I shine my black shoes, they were a bit dusty. When I get out of my room, I see Tyrell in a not so formal attire, he was wearing a cotton shirt and shorts, I never expected shorts on an important meeting, at least not coming from a guy, his shoes were cool though, I liked those fancy shoes. 

We waited a little while for the girls to arrive, the time was worth it, they both looked wonderful, Kylie had a lovely fancy white top, the sleeves neither long nor short, around the elbow, the top was kind of airy, wavy, I don't know how to describe it, going lower I see an almost her skin tone color, with faint stripes, pair of shorts that ended around mid thigh, which I noticed had that sexy jiggle I love when she walks towards me, I didn't bother to be discreet, my gaze went lower, seeing her shapely calves, ending in a kind of Wonder Woman style sandals, even the color, kind of light brown. Abby was a bit more daring, wearing a white dress that showed her whole arms all the way to the shoulders, I saw her hair slightly caressing her shoulders as she walked, around her waist a sort of karate belt that molded her waist, and that dress ended mid thigh, I noticed she has been working out since she started dating Tyrell, I saw her thigh muscles a little defined, I remember when on spring break her thighs were shapely but not toned, her thigh muscles jiggling as she walked towards us, and her calves were being held by laces from her black platform sandals.

Tyrell is quite a good cook, he even paired the wine and soft drinks with the turkey and the side dishes, after dining, we sat in the large sofa,

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