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Crying Fiction » Best friends » May 26, 2023 9:47 pm

After he takes care of a few more of my streaming tears and streaks with loving kisses he delicately takes my hand and walks me to his car, opens the passenger door, quickly gets into the drivers seat (not forgetting to put on his seat belt) then finally I feel him drop his right hand on my left thigh making my quads jiggle in his hands.

I nearly get lost in my intrusive thoughts as he drives until I finally feel him give my thigh a couple pats making them jiggle in his hands. It was then I finally realized my tears were falling both on his hand as well as my leg. I then heard him say in a loving tone that we were almost at his house and as soon as we arrived he would take care of my tears properly.  He added that I'd be able to sob freely there. Then he reminded me how much he loved me.

As soon as he finished speaking my mind just kept repeating that I'd be able to sob freely. It was the only thing that kept me going as my abs and throat ached and my eyes burned from the effort of trying to keep my sobs.

I then felt him slide his hand along my thigh as he wiped a few of the river of tears that were now on my thigh as he finally began to park. I looked out the window as he got out of the car and realized we were in front of his house. He then opened my car door, took my hand and led me inside his house throwing his keys on the side table, never even closing the front door.

Finally feeling secure we were in a private place I couldn't hold it in anymore and I just let myself collapse to my knees...

Crying Fiction » Movie night » May 26, 2023 9:32 pm

Anna's pov:

As soon as we both reach the point I see William close his eyes as he leans in and begins to kiss under my eyes. I see a smile forming on his face as he finally opens his eyes. I'm curious as to what he's thinking as he repositions himself back in his seat.

As William is getting dressed I hear him confess that we had a fan watching us as we made love and he knew she was there as he saw her right before we started round two. I immediately began to feel my face flush. I had never had anyone watch me as I made love before.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked in a half surprised half angry tone.

"Would you still have consented to making love with me if you knew?" He asked questioningly.

I admit that was a thought I had never had before so as William started the car again I sat silently for a moment giving it some real thought. I mean if that was something he was into I couldn't just throw the idea away right away, could I?

Crying Fiction » Movie night » May 26, 2023 9:22 pm

Seeing as how I was a bit tired from all our love making, when Jackson began to cry and Jarrod asked if I minded if he tended to him I quickly agreed.

"Yeah, I think a rest would do me good; beides I only want Jackson to get the best parts of me and right now I have already given them to you." I said with a smile as I finished catching my breath.

Crying Fiction » Best friends » May 25, 2023 10:01 pm

I am getting lost in the comforting feeling of him kissing my tears when I hear my husband return for the rest of his things. I try to ignore his presence when I hear him harshly tell me that I must have a very considerate friend if he's willing to kiss my tears as in all the yrs we were together he never even kissed them.

I feel my heart drop and another lump beginning to form in my throat when my boyfriend surprises me and speaks up. He tells my husband just as harshly that I'm not the first friend whose tears he's wiped. He explains that his close friends are happy to have him wipe their tears. He continues telling him he should have done so to me when he had the chance. And that he has no idea what he's lost. I then feel him lovingly wipe my tear streaks from my cheeks with the backs of his fingers.

I'm taken aback. I don't know what to say or how to feel, so I just stand there and indulge in the feelings of him taking care of my tears while I listen to my husband angrily walking back to the front hall and back out the door, slamming it behind him.

"C-c-can we g-g-go to y-y-your place f-f-for a b-b-bit?" I begin asking through hitched hreathing. "I j-j-just don't t-t-think I c-c-can stay h-h-here right n-n-now." I finish through more hitched breathing.

Crying Fiction » Movie night » May 25, 2023 9:45 pm

Anna's pov:

As soon as I finish deciding, William quickly starts to shift positions climbing on top of me (not without a bit of effort). He pushes my knees apart so he can fit in between; holding the back of the seat with both his hands. I begin stimulating his member getting it ready for round two. Soon it is ready and I guide it to become one with me.

Unfortunately in our current position William can't touch or caress my thighs so instead he spreads my legs a bit more with his legs making my calves rest against his and my inner thighs against his quads. I let out a low moan as he starts thrusting slow and gentle. My inner thigs jiggle slightly against his hips and quads and my thighs wobble slightly against his. Before I know it he is gaining force, making my inner thighs jiggle against his hips and quads and my calves wobbling strong against his.

I can't help but get lost in the moment and I take my hands and place them on William's hips and outer thighs making him almost instantly fly over the edge. I feel his whole body tense as he begins to fill me up. I try to last just a bit longer as I can't get enough of feeling him inside me, but after a few sec I loose the battle, feel body tense as I bathe his member.

Crying Fiction » Movie night » May 25, 2023 9:34 pm

I guess Jarrod realized I hadn't reached the point yet as he asked me if I'd like him to help me finish, suggesting we try from the side this time. I immediately roll onto my side him behind me as he supports my thigh on his hand.

I moan in pleasure as Jarrod finally, slowly becomes one with me. He places his free hand on my breast leaving his other hand on my thigh. After only a min I feel my whole body tense as I finally reach the point and begin to bathe his member.

As I'm coming down, not yet even finished catching my breath I hear Jackson begin to cry...

Crying Fiction » Movie night » May 24, 2023 4:08 pm

Anna's pov:

I guess William was ready for round two as he, not even finished catching his breath,  dropped his hands on my thighs as he asked me what position I'd like next. I had to think for a min as there were very limited positions in the car.

"How about we reverse rolls...this time you on top of me." I ask thinking rather quickly.

Crying Fiction » Movie night » May 24, 2023 3:58 pm

As soon as we hit the bed Jarrod begins kissing and wiping my tears while simultaneously kissing my curled lips. I then feel him slowly becoming one with me. He immediately brings his hands to my abs, sliding his hands down to my thighs. My thighs jiggle in his hands with every hard sob.

Through my sobs and tears I can't help but smile at Jarrod never feeling an overwhelming sense of love like I do right now. I guess he felt the same as he whispers that I have no idea just how intense my sobs feel right at that moment. He then pats my quads as the backs of my thighs are resting on his hips. I then feel him increase his rhythm and force of his thrusts as my thighs jiggle in his hands and my calves jiggle against the sides of his abs. Only a few sec later I feel him begin filling me up with an unimaginable force.

Jarrod then looks deep into my eyes with all the love he can while he swipes the backs of his fingers on my cheeks. Although I haven't reached the point of no return I can't deny this is the best most intense love making session we have ever had. I can feel the love and emotion coursing through my body which only began to bring a fresh wave of tears to my eyes, this time of love.

Crying Fiction » Best friends » May 24, 2023 3:43 pm

I feel him cupping my cheeks as he whispers that its ok and he's got the situation under control.  I then feel him swipe his thumbs across my cheeks encourageing me to let my emotions go.

As hard as I try to fight, I take another deep breath trying to reduce the lump now forming in my throat, but I know its useless. I force myself to close my eyes and let my tears flow freely down my cheeks and over his hand.

I open my eyes, startled as I hear my husband approaching.

"I'm going to take these boxes to my car I'll be back in a min for the rest." I hear him say as he opens the door and walks outside clearly ignoring my tears.

Crying Fiction » Movie night » May 22, 2023 6:51 pm

Anna's pov:

I guess William got the hint as he drives to what seemed like a deserted area. I watch eagerly as he closes the windows and quickly removes my dress. I guess he was as eager to become one with me as I was with him. I was so turned on I quickly responded in kind undressing him just as quickly.

William spares no time jumping into the passengers seat and helping me on top of him before he even had a chance to get comfortable. I feel him place his hands on my thighs as I help him enter me. I quickly begin riding him, making my thiggs jiggke sensually in his hands and in only a few quick thrusts I feel his whole body tense as did mine as we both reached the point, him filling me up as I bathed him.

Still catching our breath I gave a quick glance into the backseat to check if Annabelle was still sleeping. Seeing she was I turned back to William giving him a big smile essentially asking if he was interested in round two without saying anything.

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