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Crying Fiction » Crash and Cry » May 12, 2023 9:34 am

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Adam's POV

At some point we fell asleep. When I woke up I carried her to her bed. I was about to go sleep on the couch, when she pulled me closer to her.

I laid down next to her, resting my arm over her stomach. It felt like we were teenagers again, falling asleep in the same bed together.

The next morning, she was up before me. She sat in the kitchen, with coffee in a mug in her hands.

"We've run out of food, so I'm going to go shop," she said.

"I'm your guest, you're going through things. I'll go get what you need, just make me a list," I offered.

"No," she shook her head. "I just need to get out and clear my head. This will help."

I was hesitant to let her go, but I trusted her. Sometimes you need that outdoor air. She got dressed and left.

When she eventually came home she looked rough as ever. I’d already made dinner so we sat down to eat, but we pretty much ate in silence. She rarely even looked up from her food. I asked if she wanted to talk and she brushed me off. Once we’d finished I asked him if she'd like me to draw her a bath.

I dimmed the bathroom lights and put some relaxing music we both enjoy on the speaker. I got the shower nice and hot and had her climb into the shower. While she bathed, I changed her sheets.

When she came out, she was quiet. She hardly said a word during all this and she looked like she could cry any minute. I wasn’t sure what to say, I didn’t want to pressure her into anything so I just looked her in the eyes, smiled and said “It’s ok”.

After she dried herself and got dressed, we both sat there for a while, not speaking. I didn't want to interrupt her thoughts. I kept running my hand up and down her back, across her cheek and her head.

We climbed into bed and I put the TV on, I was half watching it and half playing with her hair. I asked if she wanted to talk about anything and she shook her head. I could tell she was really upset despite trying to hide it.

Maybe 20 mins later, I could see her liter

Crying Fiction » Crash and Cry » May 2, 2023 7:34 am

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I don't remember what happened next, it's like I totally blacked out. The next thing I remember, I was sat in Adam's arms, totally blank. I was staring into space, and I guess I had cried so much I was too tired to go on. It was getting dark, and we were on the floor. I was leaning on Adam's chest, my face tucked into his neck. I'd cried all day until I was numb.

But I guess he was just getting started, because the only thing I remember was his arms wrapped around me, his hands in my hair, and his sobs. I had my arms around him, my face buried in his neck. I'd lost my soulmate, my boyfriend, and here Adam was weeping for me. Nothing made me feel more loved than in that moment.

His cries were quiet, but they echoed in my apartment. His arms gripped my shirt, his chin pressed against the top of my head. His chest heaved with every sob, and his hands shook.

I was numb, and here he was, feeling all of my pain so deeply. My legs were wrapped around his hips, and eventually I needed to pull away. I needed to see his eyes. But nothing prepared me for his tears. His cheeks were stained with tears steadily streaming. His eyes were bloodshot and swollen. Tears overflowed and rushed down his cheeks as he looked at me, a crease in his eyebrows.

"You okay?" he asked me.

I shook my head, no words could be spoken. His sharp intake of breath startled me as fresh tears made their way down his face. He pulled me in for a bone-crushing hug as he cried for the both of us. I pulled away, desperate to dry his tears.

I reached up and held my thumbs under his eyes, in an effort to catch the tears he shed. I thought it would calm him down, but it seemed to invite larger tears. His breath hitched as he held his eye contact with me.

"I lost my boyfriend, my love. But I never expected you to cry this way." I said, slowly running my thumbs down his cheeks. It proved to be futile, for every tear I dried, 3 new streaks appeared.

He took a breath, shutting his eyes to steady himself.

Crying Fiction » Drowning » February 19, 2023 8:52 am

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Part 2
(Content warning, mention of sexual activity, but nothing explicit)

Their heart-to-heart seemed to open up a new side of Ryan. The emotional side.

After they talked, they spent the night in each other's arms, talking, and even doing more. She was surprised to find Ryan's eyes full of tears as they explored each other's bodies. She'd never heard of someone crying during, and now, here was the love of her life on top of her with tears streaming down his face.

She stopped, worried something was wrong. "I'm just happy, that's all," he smiled as more tears poured down his cheeks.

When they were done, he laid his head on her chest, tears still streaming. She felt the tears land on her bare skin as she ran her fingers through his hair. His arms snaked around her back, squeezing tight.

After a few moments, Ryan spoke with a husky voice. "I know I've shared my pain with you before, but I never really shared my happiness with you before. It feels like my whole life has been leading to this moment here with you. I'm just so happy, and these tears are an expression of that," he said.

She welcomed his emotions and whatever he needed to do to express what he was feeling. After a few moments, she felt him squeeze her tighter as he buried his face in her neck and began sobbing. She rubbed his back and pulled him in closer, which only invited him to sob deeper cvs. Gasping for air, he pulled away and sat up.

She sat up and rubbed his back as he buried his face in his hands, his sobs a reminder of the pain he carries in his heart. A reminder of the unshed tears that will always exist beneath the surface. Wracking his body, his stomach muscles convulsed and the bed bounced up and down with his sobs. As fast as he began crying, his tears came to a stop. He ran his fingers through his hair, breathing deeply.

The remainder of tears streaming down his cheeks made him feel both happy and sad all at once. He was used to that fe

Crying Fiction » Drowning » January 6, 2023 8:49 am

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Princess_Lucky1731 wrote:

This story gave me goosebumps. I coul feel every emotion and detail like I was right there feeling it with them. This is by far the most intense story I have every read. It was absolutely breathtaking! <3

Thank you! This was based on an actual friend I had when I was 15 who went through some of these things. I was in love with him, but we were online friends and he disappeared and I could never find him again. This is my fantasy of what I wish would happen if I had found him today.

Crying Fiction » Drowning » January 3, 2023 11:31 am

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*content warning* this story covers mental illness, death.


"I can't believe we finally get to live together!" she said whirling around the apartment with him. He stood there with his hands in his pockets leaning against the wall smiling at her.

"I've dreamed of this for so long, and now that it's happening, it feels surreal. I can't wait to spend our lives together," he said as he wrapped her up in a hug and buried his face in her neck.

"We've finished unpacking the last of my boxes, so what do you wanna do?" she asked.

"I don't know, what do you wanna do? Maybe we can just hang out in my room — I mean our room and talk." he responded.

"Our room. That has a nice ring to it." she smiled.

They were always in sync. They had their fingers intertwined and sat on the floor together in their room facing each other.

Hours talking together passed and the sun was turning the sky pink. "I looked for you in everyone I met, Ryan," she said. "After we met, it was 2014 and I knew when I met you I loved you. I don't think you knew how much you meant to me and how scared I was of losing you. Even with all the challenges with you going into rehab and my family unable to afford the internet, we still found ways to chat when we could. I love you for that. But why did you leave me?"

He looked at her, a wistful look on his face. "I loved you too, but I was confused. I'd discovered I was bisexual, I was still in and out of hospitals and needing surgeries for my heart. I wanted to get away from my mom, and everything else. And most of all my schizophrenia had done nothing but convince me everyone was better off without me. I didn't think you'd miss me the way you did or that you'd look for me for 9 years. We were 15 and 16 when we met online. I didn't know I mattered like that. And I'm sorry. I'm so sorry I left you like that and that we lost so much time, because I really loved you, Jessica. I love you."

She took a deep breath, looking down at her hands

Crying Fiction » Chat OpenAI prompt » December 5, 2022 7:57 pm

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I thought this would be interesting to share. There's a new chatbot that can basically write anything you ask it to known as Chat OpenAI (Google it, you can try it for free!). I tried it out to see if it would write as good stories as we write on this forum.

Here's the prompt I put into it: Write a long story about a man crying many tears. Give details about the tears and their paths as they fall down. Sad ending.

Here's the story it put out:
The man sat alone in his bedroom, staring at the wall in front of him. Tears streamed down his face, and he made no effort to wipe them away. He had been crying for hours, and it seemed like the tears would never stop.

As he sobbed softly, the man watched the tears fall down his face. They were thick and heavy, and they left tiny wet trails on his skin. He felt like he was being consumed by his own sorrow, and he didn't know how to make it stop.

The man's tears fell in different patterns as they rolled down his face. Some of them fell straight down, following a direct path to his chin. Others curved slightly to the left or right, creating tiny rivers that snaked across his cheeks. Still others pooled in the corners of his eyes, gathering in small, round pools before finally spilling over.

For a long time, the man sat in his bedroom, shedding endless tears and watching them fall. He felt completely alone, and he didn't know how to make the pain stop. He tried to distract himself by turning on the television, but nothing could break through the cloud of grief that had enveloped him.

As the night wore on, the man's tears began to subside. He started to feel a sense of calmness wash over him, and he realized that he was beginning to accept what had happened. He didn't have all the answers, and he didn't know what the future held, but he knew that he would be able to get through this difficult time.

But the man was wrong. As he finally got up from his seat on the bed, he stumbled and fell to the floor. His heart was racing,

Crying Fiction » Lean in » November 29, 2022 7:54 am

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Part 2 (thanks for the idea @Amans lacrimae!)


He sat there sobbing, leaning his head against the wall behind his bed. Burning tears rushed steadily down his cheeks in streams that broke apart and came back together. He'd given up on the tissues, enjoying the feeling of tears flowing.

After a while, he felt his tears begin to slow down and taper off. He looked over at the clock. 1am. He'd been crying almost 6 hours. "How much pain have I suppressed?" He thought to himself.

The more his tears faded, the deeper his heart ached. He'd run out of tears to cry, but all that cleansing of nearly 2 decades of pain meant that he had to face the emptiness inside. He sat staring at the wall, an emptiness growing deeper through his heart. He should feel cleansed but all he felt was still deeper pain. He heard people felt better after crying, but he didn't.

"Maybe I need to cry more." As if nearly 7 hours of thick, plentiful tears wasn't enough. So he tried to conjure up more tears. Shutting his eyes, he opened his floodgates once more. As if on cue, more tears gushed from his eyes. Gasping, he continued to sob silently.

At some time in the night, he fell asleep in tears. He woke in the morning with puffy eyes, a stuffed nose, and a heavy heart. He felt embarrassed about the night before. "Guys don't cry," he tried to tell himself.

But he couldn't deny that he enjoyed it, and sometimes you need to. He vowed to never go so long without crying again. He vowed to cry when he felt like it, and encourage his tears when he needed to.

Reaching over to his phone, he saw several texts from his girlfriend. She wanted to meet with him today. His heart leaped at the thought that maybe they could resolve it. After all, he'd spent all night nearly bawling and drowning in his tears. Maybe she'd be happy.

He texted her and set up a time to meet around noon. Getting up, he saw his face in the mirror. Swollen, red eyes, a sorrowful pain shine

Crying Fiction » Lean in » November 27, 2022 3:52 am

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This fic is my male version of Catharsis by repressedjudy, I hope they don't mind!!


"Guys don't cry," he whispered. "If that's the case, what have I been doing for the last 30 minutes?"

He blinks as another rush of tears cascade down his cheeks. He doesn't bother drying them or rubbing them away, like most guys do. In some ways, he's relishing in the tears. He likes the way they taste, the warm feeling they bring as they trickle down his cheeks, even the blurry, burning flood they create when they pool up in his blue eyes.

"I've never heard of a guy crying for 30 minutes, and enjoying it. I'm royally fucked up."

*60 minutes earlier*

He'd gotten so angry he nearly broke his knuckles after punching a metal pole. Not his finest moment. His girlfriend and he had the worst argument, and he felt they were breaking up. What were they arguing about? None other than crying. She told him she'd never seen him cry and that it was unhealthy. He told her not everybody cries at the drop of a hat like her whiny ass.

She left in anger, he punched the pole. After going through the conversation in his mind, he started to realize she was right. He was hurt, so why did he punch a pole instead of feel the pain? He couldn't remember the last time he cried. So he set off on a mission. "I need to cry ASAP," he told himself.

He tried scrolling through photos, nothing. Thinking of his old dog, nothing. He thought about his deceased mom, still nothing. The fact that he couldn't cry made him feel tearful, but still nothing came out.

That's when he started Googling movies that make men cry. Titanic? No. Shawshank Redemption? No. Marley and Me? Bingo.

He settled in on the couch and put on the movie. He grabbed a box of tissues and held them in his hands, trying to invite the tears to come. Halfway through the movie, and while his heart ached, he didn't cry. Even at the ending, tears swam in his eyes, but he couldn

Crying Fiction » Catharsis » November 26, 2022 11:21 am

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Absolutely stunningly beautiful story. I'm not one who's into females crying, you can tell as all my stories here are about guys crying. But this story is mesmerizing and both sad, beautiful, and heart wrenching. You're really great at giving specific details about tears without being repetitive and I thoroughly enjoyed this! I'd love to see a male version of this as well!

Crying Fiction » Loss » November 6, 2022 7:55 am

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We'd been together for a year and had finally moved in. He was a perfect guy, a college athlete and graduated college with a 4.0. Me, I was pretty normal, except that I got the guy that every other girl wanted.

We were happy, genuinely and truly happy. We spent every free moment together, and when we were out it was as if no one else existed. Just us. We'd both been through trauma, and we were the only ones who understood each other.

It was a lazy Saturday, one of those days you hang out at home in your pajamas, bake cookies, and fall asleep in each other's arms watching movies while it rains.

We watched action movies and sad romantic movies too. We watched the Notebook, and he'd never admit it, but I saw those tears roll down his cheeks at the end.

After napping together, I woke up to him staring out the window. He looked deep in thought, and I saw pain in his eyes. He looked heartbroken. Maybe he was thinking about his trauma, I don't know. But generally when trauma came up he'd tell me, and often even wake me up when he needed to talk about his pain.

Despite his trauma, he never seemed to cry about anything. It wasn't that he suppressed anything, he just simply hadn't experienced anything sad in the year we were together. Both of our lives were good.

He had his elbows rested on his knees, hands clasped together, deep in thought. I sat up and gently rubbed his back. He always seemed to open up when I did that. The pain on his face seemed to etch deeper.

"What's on your mind?" I asked.

He sighed and turned to me, crossing his legs and fiddling with his fingers. I grabbed his hands and began rubbing circles with my thumbs. His eyes grew darker and his brows creased as he spoke. "I guess I'm sad, and I feel like my past is affecting our present."

"In what way?" He looked up at me, with the deepest sadness I'd ever known. "C'mon," I told him. I got up and guided him into our room. We turned off the tv and sat on our crimson bed.

"I'm afraid." He spok

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