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Crying Discussion » New boyfriend obs » Today 1:26 am

andjyx wrote:

That’s the one. I remember mentioning him not that long ago on here…i can safely say that he is my dream crier; he likes being comforted, he has no problem completely showing his emotions plus he’s way taller than me which makes me feel even more protective of his vulnerability.
He does. He’s one of the best comforters i have ever come across. He can literally feel the change in my breathing and he knows i’m about to cry, and he’ll encourage me to do so because he doesn’t want me to hold anything inside. He’ll hug me really tightly, wrapping both arms around me and holding the back of my head with one hand. He’ll silently let me cry my eyes out, literally soaking his shirt with my tears and whenever i sob louder, he would say a single world “slobodno” which can be translated to something like “its okay, feel free to”. In the end, he’ll always wipe every last tear from my face. He is a truly irreplaceable comforter for me.

I'm glad you're still with him, so, he doesn't cry but when he cries he cries a waterfall of tears, lovely. I am amazed you had the courage to tell him you liked having your tears wiped. He seems to be definitely a keeper.

Crying Discussion » New boyfriend obs » Today 1:16 am

andjyx wrote:

Thank you. He is indeed an amazing crier, as in he has no problem sobbing, letting his tears run freely and being comforted.

Its definitely not the first time. I’ve done it only twice before though, as he isn’t a frequent crier. I definitely think he likes me wiping his tears; he does the same for me too, and he knows i love it.

Since he cries so openly, have you seen him cry in front of other people?

Crying Discussion » New boyfriend obs » Today 1:07 am

andjyx wrote:

Thank you! That is exactly what i absolutely adore about him; he has absolutely zero issue with showing his emotions in front of me. There were a couple of instances where he was the first one to bury his face in my shoulder and start crying, and we weren’t even aware that we’re in love with each other, let alone in a relationship when he first cried in front of me. I found that absolutely priceless.

So, this is the second guy who cried in front of you before you cried in front of him? Also, he is used to be taken care of. An ideal crier for most girls around here. Good source of obs. Does he comfort you the same way you comfort him?

Crying Discussion » New boyfriend obs » Today 12:35 am

Breathtaking, I am surprised at the amount of tears he can shed, to have his face smeared with tears.

Is this the first time you wipe his tears? How did he react when you did, plus, you also wiped a tear streak left.

Crying Discussion » Missed obs » Today 12:32 am

I feel you, in my condition I have a couple of missed obs, I couldn't move to comfort them.

Crying Fiction » Siblings » Yesterday 4:14 pm

Jason got back home, he changed to a burned yellow short sleeve silk shirt and a pair of khaki cotton pants, with a pair of brown suede shoes. Jessica didn't bother to change, she kept her tank top and denim boyfriend shorts with a casual pair of tennis shoes.
Rebecca arrives, as expected, Jason opens the door, stunned at what he saw, she is wearing a white, short sleeve crop top, a pair of mid thigh linen shorts, and a pair of kitten heeled shoes, that enhance her already fit legs.

Jason: "Hey Becca, come in". Jessica stands nearby.
Rebecca: "I thought we were going out somewhere." Jason motions a seat.
Jason: "Jess has something to tell you, let me know what you think".
Rebecca is feeling uneasy. Jessica comes closer and sits next to Jason: "Becca, I noticed last night how Dante looked at you, and you didn't back him off".
Rebecca: "I didn't mean to be rude to your boyfriend Jess".
Jessica: "That's why you acted like you liked it?"
Rebecca seems surprised and a little nervous. Jason: "Is it true Becca, you kept the door open for him to flirt with you? Are we not serious enough to see ourselves married in a couple of years?"
Jessica:  "I have been seriously been thinking about ending my relationship with Dante, this is not acceptable"
Rebecca's eyes slowly start to get full of tears, Jason is surprised, he has never seen her before like this.
Jason: "I think we should pause this relationship to think if it's really what we are looking for, if it's worth it, if we will be true to each other."
These words stabbed Rebecca's heart, she couldn't even control the strong wave of emotion that rushed through her body. Her face started to contort, her lips forming a pouty lip curl, her eyebrows frowned, her eyes still clear, suddenly released gallons of tears, wetting her entire face.
Jason couldn't see Rebecca like this, his heart won, he got up, approached where Becca was seating, knelt in front of her, his elbows on her thighs, and his hands went to her face, he softly

Crying Discussion » My first time filming myself crying » Yesterday 1:54 pm

I love the detail about thinking of him before letting yourself go, just lovely.

Crying Fiction » Siblings » August 2, 2020 5:57 pm

Next morning, Jessica is still feeling sad, she doesn't know if she should end her relationship with Dante or forgive him and let it slip. She gets up, goes to the kitchen for a glass of water, and decides to go to her brother's room, she needs someone to hug. Jessica enters Jason's bedroom and slips under the sheet, cuddling him, she puts her arm around his chest and places her thigh on top of his thighs, resting her head on his shoulder.

Jason, still asleep, felt weight on his body, he throws his free hand down to his legs (where he felt the heaviest weight). Jessica felt her relaxed thigh jiggle when Jason involuntarily pat it, this is a gesture he has when he comforts her, her buried emotions awoke and she started to get all symptoms that she would inevitably cyr, a knot in her gut slowly rising to her throat, temperature heating her face, tears started to gradually fill her eyes and she had to use all her will to stop the sobs that tried to escape her body, she didn't want to wake up Jason.

Jason felt wetness on his shoulder and a tremble next to him, he woke up, only to see his beloved sister cuddling with him, as she silently cried. He squeezed her thigh, letting her know he was awake, , slowly turned around, making sure he didn't remove her body from his, kissed a couple of tears from her eyes and with the hand on top wiped her cheek, clearing it from the first wave of tear streaks.

Jessica: "Sorry for waking you up, I am having thoughts that are making me extremely anxious, I don't know if I should stop dating Dante because of what happened last night, or I should forgive him and let it slip."

Jason: "What happened last night?"

Jessica: "He flirted with Becca, and it seems she liked it".

Jason: "So this also affects my relationship, I'll talk to Becca about it, don't rush on your decision, if you need to cry more, I'm here for you" I jiggled her thigh, showing her support.

Jessica: sat on the edge of the bed, placed my elbows on my thighs and covered

Crying Videos » My youtube playlists » August 2, 2020 4:50 pm

andjyx wrote:

cray stinger wrote:

I have these saved and noticed that you haven't added much recently. Do you have a new playlist? These are some of my most favourite ones.

Hey, yes i actually made 2 new ones, i have no idea how could i completely forget to post them here...i'm really sorry!

I loved the WWE one, the girls were shedding a waterfall of tears, their cheeks were marked with several tear streaks, and one of them had a nice lip curl and breaking voice. I pictured you Andjyx, from your obs, I think this is the way you cry, am I right?

Thanks a lot for your message, come more often, at least to say hello if you don't have time to post and obs.

Crying Fiction » Truth or Dare » August 2, 2020 8:20 am

Kylie's POV:

Connor and I spent the best night ever at the motel, it was full of surprises, that will stay in that motel and in our memories.  I slept until I felt Connor jiggling my thighs and calves. Remembering last night I tell Connor: "Do you know I'd love to have you right now, receive your most precious liquid and keep it with me."
He sounds confused and answered: "You want me to cry to you?"
I started laughing so hard at the answer he gave that I fell off the bed, still giggling on the floor. I noticed Connor had a boner, and I cleared it to him: "That's what I was talking about silly, I'd love to squeeze every single liquid ounce you have in there, I want you to make my body tremble with desire."

Connor blushes: "Princess, you know the only thing I don't share with anybody is tears". I just stare at him, he continues: "Don't get me wrong, I am not having sex with the first girl that passes by either, I mean..." He laughed nervously: "What I'm trying to tell you, I'd rather be seen by someone having sex than crying, if you know what I mean".

I continue teasing him: "So, you want to have me in public instead?". The thought of it made me put on a big smile on my face.
Connor defends himself: "I wouldn't want to say no, honestly, you are the most beautiful woman in the world, I would be the envy of everyone, but at the same time, I'd rather keep your body for just me, in the intimacy of the just you and me boundaries".

Hearing that I get up and jump at Connor, who catches me by my thighs and says: [color=#000000]"As much as I love having the sexiest girl alive naked in my arms, we have to get going baby, I'll make it up to you after we go see your dad. By the way, have I told you how grateful I am with you dad?"
Now I am the one who didn't catch it:  "Why would that be, you don't even know him?"
He answers, as serious as I've seen him: "He provided your

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