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December 7, 2016 12:05 pm  #1

Steins;Gate Crying and RAGE

I have no idea where to post this, so move it wherever you need, but has anyone played this game or watched the anime adaptation?

I just finished Chapter 5 and my blood is still boiling over something that happened.

But I'll come back to that.

Steins;Gate has a great story and is one of the most interesting games I ever "played".  The quotation marks are necessary, since it's actually more of a Visual Novel; i.e. there's very little interactivity involved, and what little there is doesn't affect the story much if at all.   

I just want to talk about it here for two reasons:

1) there are a few crying scenes, two in particular stand out because the character is usually so composed and 'in control'.  I'll admit I did enjoy them.  She just needed to vent, and the main protagonist, who you'd think would be the last person she'd ever want to cry in front of due to his Tandyness* 
But just the way he comforted her and let her cry it out was a real tender sweet moment, and it let them grow closer as friends.  The crying itself was unfortunately not shown, though you could hear it in her voice, wobbling and sniffling (A testament to the amazing job by the VA's)  
There were several other moments too, including a reversal of the above.  If you guys want, I'll post the scenes in more detail. Though it might have to involve spoilers.

And then...

2)  Chapter fucking Five.

I was raging all night, turning my console off and just yelling at nobody.  My cats were naturally terrified >

Without spoiling too much, shit goes down and a happy party becomes a clusterfuck of betrayal and RAGE.

I TRUSTED this person, called them a FRIEND.... OMG Guys, I wanted this game to become an FPS, because I needed satisfaction!  

I still haven't resumed playing because I'm so mad!

Soooo, I'mma just remember the first moment, k?  Nice crying friendship.... Aaaa~aaahhhh

* A term I coined from watching Last Man on Earth. used to describe someone who is an annoying presence, often unbeknownst to them, and has no "off" switch, so to speak.

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