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February 27, 2017 8:12 pm  #1

Crying in Art and Animation

This particular post will focus on my specific lip-related focus, others are welcome to add their own stuff.

I'm always interested to know how aware people are of the lip curl, and a good way seems to be artwork. Most of the time the artist will focus on the tears, because that's considered the staple of crying. However, others might add more expression to the mouth. This will be more of a generic downward curved mouth than a proper lip curl. What I have here is some stuff from art and animation where the artist seems to be at least a little aware of the lip curl, which generally excites me.

One of the best examples that I found is paper art is from Neil Gaiman's "The Kindly Ones" graphic novel. Here it really does feel like the artist has deliberately tried to paint the lip curl. One particular thing that I love about these expressions is that the artist didn't "miss the chin". Normally the lip may hold the crying shape, but the wrinkled up chin will not be included, which to me makes the image look incomplete. Here are the images of elf girl Nuala and faery queen Titania crying - there are some nice tears too, as well as snot:

And here is a piece of artwork by Katherine Rahman entitled "Dacryphilia". Here once again there seems to be a pretty clear awareness of the lip curl. However, this is a case where the "chin" was missed. This actually reminds of Picasso's "Crying Woman":

Then we have this awesomeness (at least to me). These crying statues at Magdeburg Cathedral have simply incredbile lip curled expressions. I was awestruck the first time I saw these. I makes me wonder who this artist saw cry to base these expressions on:

Moving on the animation. There's basically no real examples of lip curl in animation. The crying expressions are generally generic. However, there's this crying scene in Pocahantas 2, which is pretty expressive. It's of suggestive of a lip curl without fully going there. I can't tell if the author is intending it or not. The "chin" is once again left out. I dunno, I just really like this moment:

It's unfortunate that I'll never get to show single most favourite crying artwork on this site. There was this fellow known as Joseph Farrell who (in the 70's I think) made some amazing BDSM artwork. Most of the women crying in those images sport incredible lip curls, and they are very realistic looking. It's actually rare to find BDSM artwork like that, and I really wonder if Mr Farrell had the same attraction to the lip curl as I do.  

Aaaand own.

I put off posting these for a long time due to sheer embarrassment. I'm extremely bad at any kind of artwork, and I've always regretted this. I like to think that I have a vivid imagination, and art has always felt like a way to express my interests, and not just in crying. Still, having always tried to draw things since childhood, I know I'll never be good at it. I think I'm a better writer than an artist, but crying is such a visual thing for me that written words simply don't feel enough. Still, when you have the kind of fetish such as dacryphilia, you might feel inclined to indulge yourself, and in these I've done just that.

This is a little series I made known as "Evil Women Crying". Basically, I took pictures of villainesses from TV and movies (mostly animated), traced the images, recoloured them, and tried to give them my ideal lip curled crying expression. Let me warn you beforehand: extremely self-indulgent silliness is coming up. I just hope this might inspire actual artists on this site to draw some crying pictures.



Ugly crying is pretty crying

February 27, 2017 9:03 pm  #2

Re: Crying in Art and Animation

Tornorth, I think you're a sight better artist than you give yourself credit for being.  These aren't half bad!


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