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July 24, 2017 1:34 pm  #1

Bit late, my turn...

Sex: Male

Orientation: Straight

Age: Mid-Forties!

Location: Northern United Kingdom

Interested in: Primarily female crying with the focus on her tears. I love to watch tears roll down an attractive woman's face - it's a huge sexual turn on for me! Being intimate with my wife when she is crying, wiping / kissing her tears and occasionally making love while she has tears streaming from her eyes is the best thing ever! However, because I love the way tears move and flow I can be turned on by unchecked male tears - which includes my own tears! I have watched my own tears roll down my cheeks in the mirror and taken the odd picture! I'm also interested in the science and social aspects of why we cry and the huge variety in ways people show emotion.

Interest in the forum: Along with Wounded Puppy I launched the first Forum - a good number of years ago now! Unfortunately our web hosts shut that one down and TorNorth kindly launched Forum v2.0. Having this fetish is a lonely business - their is not many of us about - I wanted a place where we could get together and share our love of tears, crying and all that is associated with it. I think it's achieved that, and although still small, it's proved to be a very resilient forum.

Your own crying:​ Until relatively recently I guess I was your typical male crier. At times I went years without crying. Then a few tragic life events occurred and tears flowed more frequently during these events but reduced in between. But due to a massive traumatic event the last couple of years have seen my crying frequency explode! I can honestly say I've cried more times, with more tears and in front of more people in the last two years than I have in my whole adult life! I have learned to accept my new crying frequency (which has reduced somewhat in the last few months) and with people I trust I'm comfortable crying openly in front of them. I have posted 'cropped' images of me crying but would not put unedited pictures up on the open forum. Would consider picture swap behind the scenes with trusted individuals!

Other fetishes: Like someone else mentioned, I too get turned on by a woman with great legs in knee high boots!

Yourself in general: I'm going to duck this question... if I put my hobbies up there's a risk I'd blow my cover!


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