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July 20, 2018 12:06 pm  #1

Beautiful tear streak

I was at a conference, it was emotional, to say the least and not give too much, and there was this girl (from other obs) who, when I saw her, had a single tear streak on the middle of each cheek, I was about 15-20 feet away, so I could not approach her, I could only watch her tears falling unchecked down her cheeks following the only streak that ran all through her face. I waited until there conference ended to walk up to her. She hugged me (already know she likes my hugs) and I kissed her on the cheek and  swiped my thumbs on her cheeks, I could still feel her skin sticky from previous tears. She smiled, I wished she was closer to me when crying so I could wipe her tears again, I am pretty sure it will happen.

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