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August 13, 2018 12:11 am  #1

Becoming an unlikely fan of a TV series due to crying scenes

Just a random question here: Have you ever become a fan of a TV series that you normally wouldn't have, purely from the promise of crying scenes? By which I mean, you ended up watching not JUST for the crying scenes, but for the story and characters and everything else?

The only show I can definitely say I've done this with is Pretty Little Liars, a popular show but not one I would normally have been compelled to seek out. I guess after becoming aware that it was quite crying heavy at some point I just dived in from the beginning. While I think the quality of the show suffers over time, becoming laughably implausible, I did find it oddly compelling.

So - just wondering if this is a normal thing or not. Most of the time I'm happy to just watch crying scenes on their own. As you may know I'm a fan of crying scenes in soap operas and foreign telenovelas, and it's simply impossible to watch the sheer number of episodes in any of those, let alone finding subtitles half the time. 

But, on the flipside, I'm a bit of a crazy hoarder / completionist and like to find every crying scene in something, even after exhausting the 'main' ones. Only sure fire way of that is to watch something from the start. It's also nice to have that deeper emotional attachment to characters and plotlines.

I dunno, I'm considering watching that TV series Reign, a show I hadn't even heard of till I saw crying scenes from it recently. I don't know if that's a good idea or if I'll just find it boring.

Anyone else have any examples of this, or any crying-centric shows you'd recommend as actual shows to get invested in? I'll throw out Doctor Who as a recommended show (if you're into sci-fi) which happens to contain fairly frequent crying scenes from the female companions.


August 13, 2018 12:19 pm  #2

Re: Becoming an unlikely fan of a TV series due to crying scenes

I did buy Pretty Little Liars simply to watch crying scenes. All of the girls cry multiple times during the shows run.

Sometimes I haven't watched a TV series because of that. The Ghost Whisperer for instance has loads of crying scenes with Jennifer Love Hewitt but I've never watched it

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August 13, 2018 11:30 pm  #3

Re: Becoming an unlikely fan of a TV series due to crying scenes

For me it usually happens the other way around, where I already like a show and then I'm pleasantly surprised by a lot of crying scenes. For example I was a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries, and the frequent tears from beautiful actors and actresses were just an added bonus.

There's one exception. I only started watching Supergirl once I saw Melissa Benoist cry. 

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August 14, 2018 7:10 pm  #4

Re: Becoming an unlikely fan of a TV series due to crying scenes

Ah yes, Vampire Diaries should really be on my watchlist as well, it seems to all be on the UK Netflix
Does Melissa Benoist cry a lot in Supergirl?

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August 15, 2018 1:20 pm  #5

Re: Becoming an unlikely fan of a TV series due to crying scenes

Yes. Two right off the bat that I can remember watching after seeing some crying scenes were Buffy and Lucifer. I loved Spike and watched a few eps where he was emotional from earlier seasons. I asked my friend - who was a die-hard BTVS fan - if he had any other crying scenes and she said yes. This was before you could find anything on the internet, so I went to a Buffy chat board and actually BOUGHT about 20 video tapes of the whole BTVS series up to that point! LOL. This was up to the end of Season 5...then I watched it faithfully every week and cried my eyes out when it finished! Even got so into it that I went to a few BTVS conventions just to meet James Marsters!  

I got into Lucifer after seeing a scene, I think that was posted here, where Lucifer cries and his mom comforts him after *****spoiler warning***** he kills Uriel, his brother. That was the first time I had ever seen Tom Ellis or Lucifer, and I loved it! I was very impressed and dove right into the rest of that season, then when we got Hulu, I went back and watched all the seasons. I was one of the front runners to #SaveLucifer and am proud to be a Lucifan! LOL... I am really hoping that this season (if you have been following, you'll know what I am talking about) is full of angst and Lucitears! Fingers crossed! LOL...Anyone else a Buffy or Lucifan?? 


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