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January 18, 2019 4:51 am  #1

Fictionalizing fantasies

Hi all. So I thought I'll give writing some fiction a go. I don't have any set plan in my mind as to how exactly this is going to go. I'm just going to type whatever comes. It'll all be based on some fantasies I've had and my many real life obs of different girls. A disclaimer before I begin, all the characters in this story are fictional. Any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. With that out of the way, here goes:

Setting: John is a 25 year old man. He works at a tech company. He has a new coworker, 22 year old Amy. Amy's a junior fresh out of college and John's boss has charged him with training Amy and helping her settle in. John is very good at his job, and Amy is very bright as well. And they're both single.

Day 1:

Boss: John, this is Amy, our new recruit. Amy, John. He's one of our best. He'll be your mentor. John, you're in charge of bringing Amy up to speed on what we do and training her.

John: (Grinning as he shakes hands with Amy) Hello, I'm John. It's a pleasure to meet you. (Looking at his boss) I'll teach her everything I know and make sure that she's as good as the rest of us.

Boss: Good. I'll leave you two to it.

Amy: (Smiling) It's nice to meet you, John. First day at my new job! This feels like a dream come true! So glad that the boss is really friendly.

John: Yeah, pretty much everyone here is very friendly. Less drama, more work done!

Amy: Yeah! True.

John: Would you like to grab some coffee before we start?

Amy: Sure, that'll be great! Thank you.

John: No worries.

They both go and get a cup of coffee each and John takes Amy to the training room.

John: This is it. Are you excited to start your career? I was pretty pumped though a little nervous when I first started.

Amy: I was nervous this morning but after seeing how friendly everyone is I feel pretty comfortable.

John teaches Amy the things he's supposed to teach her, and they also make some small talk in between and slowly begin getting to know each other. It's evening, and they're almost done for the day.

John: So, with that, I guess we can call it a day. Any questions?

Amy: No, everything's pretty clear. Thanks, John. You're a good teacher!

John: Oh! That's nice of you to say. Thank you. And you're a pretty fast learner. It's a pleasure working with people like you!

Amy smiles and then she yawns. As she yawns, her eyes being to water. She doesn't look away or haste to wipe her eyes. Instead, she continues yawning, without even a hint of embarrassment, as her eyes continue to well up all the more. She looks at John with her eyes dazzling with tears and says,

So, is that it? Can I just leave?

John: Yes. See you tomorrow morning. (Noticing her teary eyes) Do you need a tissue or something?

Amy: (Now she seems slightly taken aback and blinks, her fingers rushing to her eyes to ensure that the tears don't cascade down her face) No, that's alright. I'm fine. My eyes usually water quite a bit when I yawn (Before she could finish the sentence, she yawns once again as more tears spring to her eyes, which she once again wiped away with her fingers as she smiled at John).

John: (Grinning) Hope I didn't bore you too much.

Amy: (Laughing) No, not at all. I always get like this after a long day's work. Anyway, goodbye, John. See you tomorrow. Have a wonderful evening!

John: You too!

P. S. That concludes, well, "part 1" of this story. I haven't really planned this, so it might contain some inconsistencies, but the point is not really to tell a compelling story but to write something that has tears and crying.


January 18, 2019 5:52 am  #2

Re: Fictionalizing fantasies

Fast forward a couple of weeks. Amy is still in her training (it last's for a couple of months) and John is still training her. They're getting used to each other and have become quite friendly with each other. It's 3 o'clock in the afternoon on Friday, and both of them are a little worn out. They decide to take a break for a few minutes and just make some small talk.

John: You look really tired. Let's take a break. What do you say?

Amy: That sounds good! I must admit, I am a bit tired. Looking forward to the weekend.

John: Yeah. Me too.

Amy begins to yawn, as her eyes begin to glitter with crystal clear tears that slowly filled them up. By now, John was used to seeing her eyes water on pretty much a daily basis for the last couple of weeks. And he hasn't really acknowledged it except for the first time he asked her if she wanted a tissue. He didn't acknowledge it this time either, but Amy started an interesting conversation.

Amy: Do your eyes ever water when you yawn?

John: Well, sometimes. It happens very rarely. And even when they do, they just get slightly watery and don't really well up like yours do.

Amy: (Laughing) Haha! My eyes are indeed one of a kind. They've been watering every single time I've yawned for as long as I can remember. And yawning isn't the only thing that opens the floodgates for me. A strong breeze, cold weather, why, even looking at my computer screen for long reduces me to tears! And of course, don't forget onions!

John: Oh! I see. You must have really sensitive eyes then.

Amy: That's a serious understatement!

Amy yawns again, and she smiles at John, her eyes now brimming with tears. She blinks, and her eyelashes get soaked with her tears, and a teardrop dangles on the lower eyelid of her left eye. She wipes her tears before they could run down her cheeks.

Amy: What makes your eyes water?

John: (Pretty intrigued by the direction of the conversation, having never spoken to anyone about tears before) I'm not really sure. Onions certainly do, sometimes. The only other time I have tears in my eyes is if I'm actually crying, and that happens pretty rarely.

Amy: I actually cry pretty easily as well. Who knows, one of these days, I might mess something up and end up bawling my eyes out!

John: Haha! Let's hope that doesn't happen.

They get back to their training and go on for about a couple of hours before heading home for the weekend. During the time, Amy yawns a few more times, each time her eyes tearing up. They finally say goodbye and go their separate ways, with no more conversations about tears. Little do they know that that was only the first of many conversations they'd have on tears. Amy has a secret, a clear, watery, salty secret. To find out what, read the next part.

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January 18, 2019 6:50 am  #3

Re: Fictionalizing fantasies

It's Saturday morning, and Amy is just getting out of bed. She's thinking to herself about the conversation she'd had with John about her watering eyes.

Wow! I never thought I'd have the courage to talk so openly about my tears to someone! I'm so relieved he didn't seem to think I'm weird. Maybe I should share my secret with him. Not quite yet, I don't want to make him feel uncomfortable. I should get to know him better. But I do hope I get the chance to tell him eventually. And then...

Amy's mind waders off into deep thought about her secret, something she'd never talked to anyone openly about. Amy had a great fascination, no, an extreme obsession, with shedding tears. She had a gift of summoning tears like nobody else. For practically every single day in the last 10 years, she has made herself cry on command. The fact that her eyes were hypersensitive really helped matters. She couldn't explain it, but she just loved the feeling of tears gliding down her face, gently caressing her cheeks on the trail from her eyes to her chin. She just couldn't get enough of it. Her love for letting her tears flow freely was only surpassed by her fear of doing it in front of people. Sure, she couldn't help it when her eyes water when she yawns, but having tears actually roll down her cheeks? As much as she enjoyed the feeling, she was terrified of letting anybody see her with tears on her face. And, even though she was quite a friendly and social person, for this reason, she often spent a lot of time alone, just so that she could sit down all alone and turn on the waterworks.

She gets out of bed, takes a shower, puts on fresh clothes, and sits down in front of the mirror.

Amy: Thank you, Dr. Henry, for recommending that I should wear contact lenses! It's a dream come true for a person like me (perhaps only me, I mean, are there really other people in this world like me who like, I mean, really like and enjoy shedding tears?).

She opens her left eye wide, ready to apply the contact to her eye. She looks into the mirror and effortlessly slides the contact into her eye. She closes her eye, and it stings ever so slightly, but she loves it as her eye begins to flood. She opens her eye again and looks directly into the mirror, and sees a pool of tears steadily forming in her left eye. She smiles, delighted. She stares into the mirror for a few more seconds and her eye is now full, on the verge of overflowing. She waits for a second, and lo and behold, a tear marches majestically out of her left eye all the way down to her chin. Amy's heart is pounding.

Amy: (thinking to herself) Wow! This never gets old! I'm the weirdest person in the world, getting so much pleasure from my own tears, but this just feels so good!

She then puts in her other contact, the same way she did the other. She closes her eyes for a moment (sending another tear down her left cheek along the same path as the first), then opens both eyes, and looks at herself in the mirror, both her eyes now glistening with beautiful tears. A single tear rolls down from her right eye and runs smoothly all the way down to her chin, waving hello to its counterparts from her left eye. She gets out her phone and turns on the camera and sets it in front of her to record her tears. Tear after tear stream down her face, as she stares into the camera, smiling, occasionally giggling, until she finally decides enough is enough and wipes her cheeks with her fingers, and turns off the recording. She massages her eyes for a few seconds and gets a tissue to blow her nose. She then looks again at her phone to save the video she's just recorded. And as she saves the video to a hidden folder on her phone, she sees the number of files in the folder - 5000!

Amy: Wow! I've made 5000 videos of myself crying! Am I the craziest person on earth or what?

She has been for the last one year recording some of her crying sessions. She scrolls through all the videos that she has, occasionally playing one. Every video is the same. A lovely young woman in her early 20's, staring into the camera, smiling sweetly, as tears fill her eyes and trickle down her cheeks. Due to the excellent camera quality on her phone and her very good photography skills, the videos were excellent and her tears are clearly visible on each one.

She watched the most recent one, the one she'd just recorded.

Amy: I don't think this one is good enough to go on my YouTube channel, but since it's my 5000th video, I probably will upload it.

Yes, Amy has a YouTube channel where she just posts videos of herself crying fake tears. While she's terrified of people seeing her tears in person, she has no qualms about people seeing her tears on a computer screen or on a mobile phone. She selects the video to upload it. As she's doing it, she thinks to herself:

Amy: What if John finds out about my YouTube channel? Will he think I'm weird? Should I tell him before he finds out by himself? Should I show him the videos? I've only known him for two weeks.

As she ponders over this, the upload is complete. She smiles to herself as she turns to the mirror again, and stares for a few seconds, as her eyes get flooded with fresh tears.

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January 18, 2019 11:14 am  #4

Re: Fictionalizing fantasies

Fast forward to Sunday. Amy's still at home. She's pondering over what to make for dinner. She decides to make some pasta, but she's also craving something else. Her favorite french onion soup! The thought of having some delicious french onion soup delights her for two reasons, one, she absolutely loves it and two, she'll have to cut onions, which means, that's right, more waterworks!

She grabs a couple of onions and a knife and sits down to cut them. She begins to slice the first onion. No sooner than the knife enters the onion that her eyes start to sting a little bit. She makes another cut with her knife, and starts to feel that ever so familiar feeling in her eyes. She continues to cut the onion, and her eyes definitely sting, but they grow more and more moist by the second, till after a few seconds, they look like two lakes.

(Thinking to herself) Ahhh! My eyes sting! But this is probably the only pain I enjoy.

And indeed it was the one pain that she found pleasure in. As her head is tilted a little to the right, the first teardrop, which comes out of her left eye, runs down her nose and falls. Immediately after, a tear fell out of her right eye. She straightens her head a little so that the subsequent tears would actually roll down her cheeks. Another tear ran down her nose out of her left eye, and a few seconds later, a tear rolled down her right cheek.

This is fantastic!

She tilts her head now a little towards the left so that her tears can adorn her left cheek as well. The stinging gets a bit too much, and she blinks, sending tears down four separate paths down her face - one down each cheek, and one down each side of her nose.

Amy: Wow, this is awesome! I really hope the day is not far off that I have a man to hold me and wipe my tears when this happens. That is my absolute fantasy! Could John be the one? I should try and yawn more in front of him so that he gets comfortable seeing my tears.

She finishes chopping one onion, and moves on to the next, more tears constantly streaming down her face. She sets her knife down for a moment and grabs a tissue so that she could wipe her wet face. She wipes her face and gets back to cutting the onion. Her eyes fill up quickly once again, and in perfect timing, a single tear runs down each of her cheeks simultaneously, in perfect symmetry. She grins, because she loves it when tears run down both her cheeks at the same time.

Amy: I wonder what normal people would feel like when they cry. Do they feel the same thrill, the same sense of awe, when tears run down their cheeks? Maybe if I could get close enough with John I could ask him.

With those thoughts, she finishes cutting the onions, not before a few more tears run down her cheeks. She wipes her eyes and her face with a tissue, and cooks dinner, and has a satisfying meal.

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January 21, 2019 4:27 pm  #5

Re: Fictionalizing fantasies

Beautiful fic SparklingEyes, hope you continue developing this story.


February 12, 2019 12:21 pm  #6

Re: Fictionalizing fantasies

Day 1, John's perspective

Amy smiles and then she yawns. As she yawns, her eyes being to water. She doesn't look away or haste to wipe her eyes. Instead, she continues yawning, without even a hint of embarrassment, as her eyes continue to well up all the more. She looks at John with her eyes dazzling with tears and says,

So, is that it? Can I just leave?

John: Yes. See you tomorrow morning. (Noticing her teary eyes) Do you need a tissue or something?

John: (Thinking to himself) Wow! Her eyes are exquisite with those tears! It's been years since I saw tears in a woman's eyes, and this is a treat!

Amy: (Now she seems slightly taken aback and blinks, her fingers rushing to her eyes to ensure that the tears don't cascade down her face) No, that's alright. I'm fine. My eyes usually water quite a bit when I yawn (Before she could finish the sentence, she yawns once again as more tears spring to her eyes, which she once again wiped away with her fingers as she smiled at John).

John: (Thinking to himself) This is fantastic! Hope she yawns frequently, hopefully to the point her tears overflow sometime. This girl is crazy beautiful with those tears!

John: (Grinning) Hope I didn't bore you too much.

Amy: (Laughing) No, not at all. I always get like this after a long day's work. Anyway, goodbye, John. See you tomorrow. Have a wonderful evening!

John: You too!

John heads back home, unable to take his mind away from what he'd just witnessed. Since a young age, he'd had an attraction towards female tears. Unfortunately for him, the last time he'd actually seen tears in a woman's eyes was over 5 years ago. In the meanwhile, he'd watched thousands of videos of crying women on YouTube, but he'd always been craving to see some tears in real life. And now that he'd seen some real tears, he wasn't able to think of anything else.

John: (Thinking to himself) I hope that even after the training is over, she's assigned to my team. I want to see those tears everyday! Of course they'll put her on my team. That's why they're making me train her. That's the way it usually works. I hope she gets really comfortable around me so that she lets her eyes well up and hopefully overflow freely in front of me.

John lays down and goes to sleep, still fantasizing about Amy and her lovely tear-filled eyes.

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March 1, 2019 1:27 pm  #7

Re: Fictionalizing fantasies

Fast forward to the weekend already covered in Amy's perspective.

Saturday morning, John's perspective

John wakes up and checks his phone. After scrolling through his Instagram feed a little bit, he checks YouTube to see if any of his favourite channels had uploaded any content. He is just scrolling through recommended videos when he comes across a video that surprises him.

Amy! She's on YouTube! I'm going to watch this video and maybe leave a nice comment. What kind of videos do you make, Amy?

He taps on the video and it starts playing. Amy just sits there staring blankly into the camera. Within a few seconds, much to his surprise, her eyes start welling up with tears!

John: (Thinking to himself) You've got to be kidding me! Amy! You've actually posted a video of yourself crying on YouTube! Come on, I've seen your eyes well up several times in the last two weeks when you yawn. Do you let your tears flow in this video?

And as he was thinking this, a beautiful tear rolls down Amy's left cheek as she smiles at the camera.

John: Wow! Smiling with tears running down your face! You're amazing, Amy! Let's see if you have more such videos on your channel.

And John goes to her channel to check out her other videos, hoping to find more crying videos. And what he sees blows his mind. Several thumbnails show tears in her eyes or on her face. His heart starts racing.

John: What? So many crying videos! Where have you been all my life?!? I've watched thousands of videos of girls crying, how have I never come across one of your videos?

He watches a couple more videos and they're all the same, Amy, staring sweetly into the camera in beautiful 1080p quality, smiling every now and then, with tears filling her eyes and streaming steadily down her cheeks. Each video is a couple of minutes long, give or take a few seconds.

John: I'm going to log on from my PC and binge watch these. Wow, just wow! Should I bring this up on Monday? I don't want to embarrass her.

With these thoughts in his mind, John turned on his desktop and logged on from his secret YouTube account, and went straight to Amy's channel. He subscribed from his secret account and turned on notifications. Then he started watching her videos one after the other. He was totally amazed by what he saw.

This girl is too good to be true! I should ask her out soon. First, I should get her to trust me enough so that at least she'll let her tears run down her face when she's yawning. If her videos are this beautiful, what will her tears be like in person!

He suddenly gets a notification as he's watching the videos. Amy just uploaded a new video!

A new one! Wow! Let me check it out.

The video is 2 minutes and 12 seconds long, and Amy already has tears on her cheeks when the video starts. She's as usual staring into the camera with her lovely smile and her eyes full of tears. She giggles every now and then when a tear rolls down her cheek. Towards the end of the video, she wipes her tears with her fingers, like in many other videos. John is left speechless.

I don't know what to think. It seems like she enjoys doing this. I should at the very least strike up more conversations with her about crying. And maybe give her some boring tasks to get her to yawn more. This girl is a gold mine of tears!

And John spent his weekend watching several of Amy's videos over and over again.

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March 29, 2019 2:43 am  #8

Re: Fictionalizing fantasies

The next day

Amy and John are back in office. It's lunchtime and they're both having lunch together. John is thinking of how he could ask Amy about her YouTube channel without freaking her out. Amy is thinking of how she could talk more about her tears with John and maybe shed a few in front of him without it being awkward.

What are your hobbies? What do you do during your free time? How did you spend the weekend?

John: I like reading. And just watching random videos on YouTube. What about you?

Amy: I actually make YouTube videos. But, be warned, my videos are extremely weird.

John: (Unable to believe that she's actually bringing up her YouTube channel) Oh, really? What kind of videos do you make?

Amy: (starting to look a little embarrassed) Well, you know how easily my eyes water, right?

John: Yeah. I've never seen anyone's eyes water as much as yours while yawning.

Amy: Yeah, and like I said, yawning is not the only thing that makes my eyes water. There are just so many things that brings tears to my eyes, like putting on my contacts, cutting onions, simply not blinking for a few seconds, a lot of things.

John just nods, not knowing what to say.

Amy: Well, I make videos of myself with tears running down my face. I know that sounds super weird, but I just do it. I've been doing it for over a year now. I know it sounds really strange that I would film myself shedding tears for no reason and post it on YouTube, but there you go. That's just me!

John: Well, I guess we all are weird in our own way. I have seen some videos on YouTube where people cry. But I don't think I've heard of anyone intentionally filming themselves cry just to post it on YouTube. But hey, I'm not judging you.

Amy: Well, I don't actually cry in these videos. I usually just refrain from blinking to get the tears flowing, and in most videos, I actually smile at the camera and put a line in the description saying I'm not really crying.

John: Cool. Maybe I'll check out some of your videos.

Amy: Sure. I'll send you the link to my channel.

Amy pulls out her phone and sends John the link to her YouTube channel. John couldn't believe what just happened.

Amy: Hey, I'm sorry if that was awkward.

John: No, not at all. It's fine. Is there any reason why you like making tearful videos?

Amy: I don't know. It's not really about the videos for me. It's about the process of shedding tears itself. Ever since I was a child, I've liked the feeling of tears flowing down my cheeks. I don't know why, I just like to have tears streaming down my face. And suddenly early last year, I thought I'd start filming it and posting it on YouTube. Maybe to have some memories for when I'd grow out of this weird fascination and look back and laugh at how weird I was!

John: Interesting. I can very remotely relate to what you're saying about liking the feeling of tears running down your face. A couple of years ago, I found out that the girl I was interested in actually got into a relationship with another guy. I was completely shattered when she told me this, and I remember I cried quite a bit. I was alone, so I just let my tears flow, and I remember that the feeling of the tears running down my cheeks was actually very comforting in that moment. And that's the closest I can come to relating to what you just said.

Amy: I don't think you're alone in feeling comfort in tears when you're emotional. I do cry emotionally as well, and in addition to the fact that I like shedding tears in general, I too feel that sense of comfort when I'm sad and my tears run down my face, and in a sense caressing my face. Sometimes, that feeling makes me cry harder.

John: I see. I really hope I don't make you cry emotionally.

Amy: Haha! You never know. You might someday.

They chat for a while longer and then get back to work. Now it's evening and it's time for both to leave. Amy is tired after a long day.

Amy: That was some hard work today, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! You're an excellent trainer, John!

John: Thank you. You're one of the best new recruits I've worked with. I dare say you're worth every penny the company is spending on you.

Amy: That's really nice of you to say. I do try my best and I'm enjoying this work, even though I'm still in training.

John: If you enjoy this, wait till you begin the actual work. You'll love it!

Amy: I hope so.

Amy begins to yawn, and tears spring to her eyes faster than a lightning bolt. She looks at John with her now tear-filled eyes and smiles.

John: Ah, well, here come the tears! Are you going to make a video and post it on YouTube?

Amy: Haha, no. I always film my videos when I'm home. And I try to make my videos at least a couple of minutes long, and when I yawn, it's usually only a couple of tears at most that run down my cheeks if I don't wipe them. Not ideal for making videos.

John: Fair enough!

Amy yawns again. Now her eyes are really full, on the verge of overflowing. She gently shuts her eyes, sending her tears running smoothly down her cheeks. She opens her eyes and giggles.

John: (Amazed by what he was seeing) Hey, don't cry.

Amy: I like the feeling of tears running down my cheeks, that's why I just let them flow without wiping them.

Amy wiped her cheeks with her right hand.

John: That's the first time in my life I'm seeing tears run down someone's face while yawning. In fact, that's probably the first time I'm seeing tears run down someone's face when they're not crying.

Amy: Oh, really! Well, I mean, of course, tears caused by something other than emotional crying are rare. To be honest, I haven't really seen anyone else (besides myself) shed non-emotional tears. The only exception was my roommate in college. Whenever she'd cut onions, she'd be in tears. So, yeah, I'm just the odd one here.

John: Well, it's alright. I don't mind. Tears are a part and parcel of life, and some people shed more tears than others. I don't mind if you shed tears. And if you're sad and need someone to talk to, I'm here.

Amy: Thank you, John. I appreciate that.

Amy and John say goodbye and go their separate ways. Amy yawns once again, and her eyes get drenched with tears once more. She yawns again, causing her tears to reach the tipping point and gush down her face. She is delighted and gets into her car and drives home, the tears on her cheeks slowly drying on the way.

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March 29, 2019 3:25 am  #9

Re: Fictionalizing fantasies

A few weeks later

John and Amy have become very good friends. Amy has finished her training and is now fully a member of John's team. They can't really talk about tears during working hours since it's no longer just the two of them. But they still bring up the topic when they're alone with each other, and Amy has shed a few more tears in front of John. She's learned that John is an amateur photographer. There's a competition coming up in a couple of weeks which she won last year. She's thinking of entering again, this time with John. The following conversation unfolds after work when the two are just chatting.

Hey John, since you're into photography, there's an interesting photography contest coming up in a couple of weeks.

John: Oh, really? Tell me more.

Amy: Okay, I'm not making this up. In fact, I'll send you an invite on Facebook. It's called the Sad Photography Contest. The rules are that you enter as a team of two - one photographer and one model, and the photographer must take a sad picture of the model. The saddest photo is declared the winner and the winning team gets an award of $200. And, of course, tears are welcome and I won last year!

John: Wow! Are you serious?

Amy: Yes! Absolutely. I didn't really have a teammate last year, so I was paired up on the spot with a lady who was quite good at taking photos and we won the first prize. It'll be great if we could participate together this year. We might win again, you know how I can get my tears to flow!

John: Sounds good. When is it?

Amy: It's next Saturday at the park. It's a day off, so I don't think we'll have any trouble participating.

John: Excellent. Let's do it! Do we need to register online or something?

Amy: No, you just go and register on the spot. There is a $5 registration fee per person or $8 fee for a team. So, if we go together, it'll be $8 to participate.

John: No problem. I'd love to participate.

Amy: Awesome! And, you've seen me cry while yawning, and you've seen my YouTube videos, but let me demonstrate live my crying on cue skills!

Amy stares blankly at John, with a sad expression on her face. In not more than 10 seconds, her eyes are glittering with tears. She makes a sadder face as a single tear rolls down her right cheek. It is soon followed by a tear down her left. She keeps her eyes open, and more tears well up in her eyes and stream down her cheeks. John is dumbfounded. After a few tears run down her face, she smiles and blinks, sending a couple more tears down the same path as their predecessors. Amy laughs. John looks at her speechless.

Amy: Do you think we can win?

John: Oh. Yes. Wow! How did you do that? You're not really crying, are you?

Amy: Haha! Not really. But it sure looked like I was, didn't it?

John: Yeah. I was a bit worried for a moment.

Amy: Haha! I'm sorry.

Amy smiles as she wipes her cheeks with her fingers.

Amy: Practice makes perfect! We have a competition to win!

John: Yeah. And it looks like I have an excellent teammate! Let's win this!

They talk for a little while longer and go home. John couldn't get the image of Amy unashamedly letting her tears flow in front of him out of his mind. His mind keeps replaying her beautiful tear-filled eyes and tears streaming down her face.

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March 29, 2019 3:49 am  #10

Re: Fictionalizing fantasies

Keep it up, I honestly like your stories. I loved how Amy allows her tears unchecked. "She is delighted and gets into her car and drives home, the tears on her cheeks slowly drying on the way".

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