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April 16, 2019 6:05 pm  #11

Re: Fictionalizing fantasies

The week before the competition

Amy and John decide to hang out together outside of work for the first time. They also have intentions of practicing Amy's crying on cue abilities and John's photography skills. They meet at John's apartment.

John: Welcome! This is where I live. I know it's a bit small, but since I live alone, it's perfect.

Amy: This is lovely! Thank you so much for having me over, John.

John: My pleasure.

They both talk for a while over some coffee. Their conversation ranges from work to sports to politics to all kinds of things about life in general, and of course, tears.

John: Is there anything more you can tell me about your strange hobby?

Amy: You mean crying?

John: Yes.

Amy: Well, as I've already told you, it's a fascination I've had since I was a child. One of the ways my mom would discipline me was to make me sit absolutely still until she said I could stand up. One day, while sitting still (I was a naughty kid and had to be disciplined regularly, haha), I sat so still that I didn't even blink my eyes. I was about 8 years old at that time. And I realized that my eyes were watering and soon, I had tears running down my face. I was baffled by this. I couldn't wipe them because I was supposed to sit still, and I had no clue why I was shedding tears because I wasn't crying, and that scared me and I began to actually cry. When I explained to my mom what happened, she told me in terms that an eight year old could understand that if we don't blink for a while, our eyes water. This was news to me. So, the next time I was made to sit still, I deliberately refrained from blinking so that I could test and see for myself whether it was indeed the case that our eyes water if we don't blink. And surely enough, my eyes watered very easily and I had tears streaming down my face in no time. It also gave me this strange feeling, this kind of sensation that I couldn't explain then, and can't explain now. But basically it felt so good to feel the tears gently stream down my face. I was so intrigued by this that I started making myself cry by not blinking even when I wasn't made to sit still by my mom. Every opportunity I'd get to be alone, I'd open my eyes wide and stare into oblivion till I had tears cascading down my face. Even at that age, I was quite a profuse crier and could produce a lot of tears. And over the years, I figured out that my eyes were extremely sensitive and would water for a variety of reasons, the most obvious one being yawning. I started noticing this since I was about 10, that whenever I'd yawn, my eyes would fill up with tears. And then cold weather, windy weather, onions, all of these things I realized brought tears to my eyes very easily. And then puberty hit and I became an emotional mess and would often cry for no reason. And let me tell you, if you think you've seen my tears, my friend, you haven't seen anything. When I cry emotionally, it's like opening floodgates. I've seen quite a few people cry in my life, including girls my age, and if we were to have a competition on who would shed the most tears, I'll comfortably beat them all. My tears just run like tap water when I cry. And interestingly, I hardly sob, so when I cry, it's just silent tears, but a lot, I mean a lot, of silent tears. So, yeah, I guess that's about my obsession with tears. And by the way, I still feel that same good feeling when I cry emotionally.

John: Wow! If there's anything stranger than fiction, what you just said qualifies!

Amy: Haha! You know what, if you're up for it, I can make myself emotionally cry on cue now, and I'll let you judge whether you've seen anyone shed more tears in your life. What do you say?

John: Well, sure, why not. I mean, that was sort of on the agenda for today, as well as me practicing taking photos, so I guess I'll bring my camera as you get ready.

Amy: I'm always ready to have a good cry!

John goes and fetches his camera. He turns it on and sets it up.

Amy: Are we good to go?

John: Good to go!

Amy stares blankly at the camera, seemingly lost in thought. And lost in thought she is, with her mind concocting some of the saddest possible scenarios her life could take, and her expression starts to go from blank to downright sad. But faster than her change of expression sprang tears into her eyes. She stared into the camera, her eyes filled to the brim with glistening tears. Within seconds, two tear drops ran down her cheeks in synchronized fashion. Moments later, more tears followed suit as she began to snivel. Then a tear started running down her face almost every three seconds. John looked at her awestruck and dumbfounded, unable to believe what he was seeing. Amy blinked, sending several more tears down her face in different directions. The tears also didn't stop at her chin. At the rate they were flowing, they ran all the way down to her neck. And in spite of crying so profusely and intensely, she let out not a single sob. She was sniveling, and her face was in agony, and her tears were pouring, but not a sob.

John: (thinking to himself) Surely this can't be real. I must be dreaming this, and unfortunately will probably wake up any minute now.

But John wasn't dreaming. What he was witnessing was happening in front of his very eyes. There sat in front of him Amy, weeping, shedding a volume of tears that he'd only dreamed of in his wildest fantasies. He'd watched her cry for long enough, long enough to last a lifetime. It was time to take action. He walked up to her and put his hand upon her shoulder. She didn't seem to mind and kept on crying, so he knelt beside her and started patting her on the back. Amy turned to him and smiled through her tears. John awkwardly smiled back and wrapped his arm around her. Amy seemed comfortable enough and went in for the hug. And as they embraced, Amy buried her head in his chest and kept crying as profusely and tearfully as she'd been for the last five minutes, and John's shirt quickly got soaked in salt water.

John: (holding Amy and rubbing her back) There, there, it's okay, you can stop crying now.

Amy pulls away from the hug and stares John in the face, a couple more tears making their way down her now wet face, as she smiled.

Amy: Well, what do you think? Have you ever seen anyone shed anywhere close to as many tears as I did, oh, wait, am currently shedding? (she changed her words mid sentence because another tear just ran down her left cheek)

John: Well, that'd be a no. I haven't seen anyone cry so much before. Are you okay?

Amy: Yeah, I'm fine. I just have a very imaginative brain and a very sensitive heart!

John: And very tearful eyes!

Amy: Very, very tearful eyes. I'm sorry if I drenched your shirt.

John: That's alright. And here, look, I have taken some very nice and vulnerable pictures during your crying session.

Amy: Awesome! They look great!

The photos ranged from her initial tear filled eyes to her final wet face with multiple tear streaks. And she had a really mournful look in pretty much every photo.

John: Well, if we keep this up, we'll win that competition next week.

Amy: Yeah, hopefully! Can I have some water? I don't want to get dehydrated with all that tear shedding.

John: Fair enough. Let me go and get a glass of water.

John fetches Amy a glass of water, she drinks, stops crying, and they have a much quieter rest of the day, with the highlights being Amy yawning occasionally, her trademark tearful yawns. Only a single tear rolled down her right cheek after one of her yawns. John was still recovering from what he'd witnessed, until it was time for Amy to head back home. They said goodbye, and John just kept replaying in his mind the stellar tear fest he'd witnessed. It was an event that would be etched forever in his memory till his last breath. And the hug and the tear drenched shirt made it all the more special. He was starting to take a serious liking to Amy, and not only for her tears even though that was a main reason. Part of him wants to post this obs on Crying Lovers, but he checks himself, wondering whether Amy might be a member herself.


April 20, 2019 12:15 am  #12

Re: Fictionalizing fantasies

Wow! This just keeps getting better! Looking forward to the next part. It's great that even though your first preference is tears in eyes, you're still wonderfully describing unchecked tears running down the face! Love it! Keep it coming.

Tears of joy are beautiful.

May 6, 2019 4:10 am  #13

Re: Fictionalizing fantasies

Contest Day - Intro
The day of the competition has finally arrived, and John and Amy arrive at the venue.

Here we are. There are a lot more people than last year.

John: I see. Well, I'm still confident that we can win. I've seen a lot of girls cry in my life but you beat them all when it comes to the quantity of tears shed!

Amy: Haha! Thank you! Who knew being a crybaby could win you contests!

They both laugh.

Amy: Let's get in line for registration.

John: Good idea. Let's do it.

Amy and John join the line for registration. In a while, a couple of others join the line behind them and are whispering to each other.

Amy: (whispering) The guy behind us, he participated last year. I don't remember if he won a prize or anything.

John: (whispering) I see. Have you talked to him?

Amy: Well, he congratulated me after the results were declared, but so did a lot of other people. I don't remember his name.

As they were whispering back and forth, James starts to speak.

James: Hey, you're Amy, right? The winner from last year?

Amy: Yeah. I remember seeing you last year. I'm sorry, what was your name again?

James: I'm James and this is my friend Lucy. We're entering the competition together this year.

Amy: Oh, nice to meet you, James and Lucy. This is my friend John. He's been kind enough to offer to take my photos this year. He is an excellent photographer!

James: That's great! I'm really interested in photography. I'd love to see your work sometime.

John: Haha! I'm just an amateur. I don't really have a portfolio or anything. I just take photos for fun. If you want you can check out my Instagram.

Lucy: So, Amy, as the defending champion, do you have any tips on how to do well in this contest?

Amy: Well, just make sure you have a really sad and melancholy expression on your face, and tears in your eyes and on your cheeks. That sounds simple, but it isn't all that easy. I can emotionally make myself cry on cue, so I can get both the expressions and the tears right without it looking fake. The reason some people don't win (or at least didn't win last year) was not because they didn't get the tears flowing, it was because they didn't have a realistic, sad expression to go with it. And also, the quality of the photo matters a lot, like the lighting, the background, and stuff like that. Get all of these right and you'll be in the reckoning for top 3.

Lucy: Thank you! I can make myself cry too, in a sense. Hoping to have a lot of fun.

Amy: Yeah. Us too!

The line has moved, and it's Amy and John's turn to register. So they pause their conversation with Lucy and James and register for the contest. Once they're done registering, they move on to say hi to a few other people, and it's James and Lucy's turn.

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May 30, 2019 4:17 pm  #14

Re: Fictionalizing fantasies

The Contest
The contest officially begins. The moderator reads out the rules and wishes the participants luck. Everyone scatters, trying to find the best spot to shoot the perfect, sad photo. John and Amy find a good spot, close to the same spot where Amy's previous year's award winning photo was taken.

This is a good spot. And it's pretty close to where most of my pics from last year were taken.

John: Nice. It is a good spot with a good view of the lake. The trees make a good background. Let's begin. Are you ready?

Amy: Always. Setup your camera and we're good to go.

John sets up his camera to perfectly capture every detail of Amy's beautiful face and gives her the signal to turn on the waterworks. She lets her imagination run wild, and soon, her face turns visibly distraught from sheer emotional pain. Her eyes begin to well with tears. John starts clicking some photos as Amy's eyes become submerged in tears.

John: You're doing a good job! Keep going.

The first tear runs smoothly down Amy's left cheek and makes it down to her chin, followed by its wet and salty counterpart from her right eye, which makes it way down her right cheek the same way, almost like a mirror image of the tear that just ran down her left cheek. Even though John was used to seeing Amy's tears by now, he was still awestruck by what he was seeing. The reflections in her eyes were perfect, with her tears reflecting the beautiful scenery around them, and the tear streaks on her cheeks were glittering as well in the soft light. More tears run down her cheeks, moisturizing the same paths their predecessors had taken.

John: Wow, Amy! You never cease to amaze me!

Amy's face was now really sad. She hung her head and closed her eyes, causing more tears to follow in the footsteps of her previous tears, and began to sob mildly. John quickly took a few snaps and walked up to her.

John: Hey, you alright?

Amy: (sobbing mildly) Yeah. Please, hug me.

John: (wrapping his arms around Amy) It's okay. Everything is alright. Let's take a break for a while so that you can calm down.

Amy: (still crying) Yeah. Sounds like a plan. I'm sorry, I just let my imagination run wild and it became too much to handle.

John: What did you imagine that made you so sad?

Amy: (wiping tears off her cheeks) I'd rather not talk about it. But trust me, I shouldn't have imagined something so horrible. I did it in hopes that we can get some really heart wrenching and candid pictures. Oh, I'm crying again.

Amy's eyes begin to water again and a couple of tears run down her face.

Amy: Go and take a few more pictures.

John: Sure.

John lets go of her and returns to his camera and takes some photos of Amy's fresh tears. He then goes back to her and hugs her again. Amy buries her head in his chest and sniffles. John gently runs his fingers through her hair. He feels a bit awkward, but at the same time special that Amy was so freely crying not just in front of him but actually in his arms. A few people glance in their direction, but don't pay too much attention.

John: Do you want to take a look at the pictures I've taken? Maybe if they're good enough, we can just turn them in and call it a day with the contest.

Amy: Let's take a look at them, but let's not turn them in just yet. I don't mind crying more.

John: Look, I don't want you to be sad like this. It's heartbreaking to see you cry like that. Just shedding tears is one thing, crying out of real sorrow like that is different. Don't put yourself through that.

Amy: Fair enough. I don't usually do it. It's just that I wanted to be as real as possible in the photos so that we stand the best chance of winning. But let's take a look at the photos.

Amy and John look at the photos and they're really happy with what they see. The photos have captured Amy's tear filled eyes with all the reflections in detail, her melancholy face, the tears running down her face, her quivering lips, everything.

Amy: Wow! These have turned out really well! Maybe you're right. Maybe we should choose a couple of really good ones from these and just turn them in. But first, maybe, we can just observe how other people are doing.

John: Sure.

They look around, and could see a few people trying to take some good, sad photos. There's a team very close to them, and the model being photographed is putting some kind of eye drops into her eyes to make it appear as if she's crying. They turn around to see a girl putting on some vapour rub under her eyes to make herself cry. One team grabs their attention, as the girl being photographed seems to be really crying with tears streaming down her face and has a very natural, beautiful and sad expression on her face.

Amy: Look, there's the team that was right behind us during registration. James and Lucy, if I remember correctly.

John: Yeah. It seems like you have competition. This Lucy seems to be a pretty good crier too!

Amy: Yeah! Maybe we should take a few more photos. We have 40 minutes left. We can take more photos for the next 10 minutes and spend the remaining time choosing the best ones and turn them in.

John: Alright. Sounds good. Let's go to that spot over there. Please just shed tears without making yourself too sad.

Amy: Sure. No problem.

Amy makes herself cry again, this time not emotionally, heeding John's advice. Her tears are nevertheless as exquisite as ever, and adorn her eyes and cheeks alike as John clicks away at his camera, trying to capture her tears at different stages of their lifecycle, from their conception in her eyes to their final destination on her chin, from where they then fell on to whatever was beneath them. Once he's got a satisfactory number of pictures, John signals to Amy that she can stop crying. Amy obliges, even though she enjoys the feeling of the tears caressing her cheeks, and walks over to John to take a look at the pictures, not bothering to wipe her tears.

John: Well, I've taken some good ones. Take a look.

Amy: These are really good. I think we should turn in one from the first batch of photos and one from this one. Let's now decided our top two picks.

John: Let's do it.

They connect the camera to John's laptop to make it easy to browse through the images and also so that they can get a clearer view of the pictures. Pretty much every photo is really good, so it's a hard decision to make.

Amy: Well, what do you think?

As they scroll through the images, one in particular catches John's attention. It's a stunning picture of Amy with a sorrowful expression, the surrounding scenery reflected beautifully in her glittering, tearful eyes, shining tear streaks on her cheeks, and a teardrop just about to fall off her chin.

John: This one is good. I really like it.

Amy: Wow! It is really good. Let's pick this one for now. We need one more. Wait, stop, this one looks good.

Another stunning photo, this time of two almost perfectly symmetrical tears in transit down her cheeks, her eyes still filled with tears, captures Amy's attention. John agrees that it's a great picture.

John: Yeah. You're right. This one's really good as well. Let's take a look at the others again just in case and finalize it.

They scroll through all the pictures one more time and decide that the two they've chosen are the absolute best in a series of absolutely stunning photographs.

John: Alright. Here goes. Let's turn these pictures in, shall we?

Amy: Yeah, let's do it. It'll be great if we could win. But if not, we still had good fun.

John: Yeah, that's right!

They copy their choices to a USB stick and go over to the moderator to turn their entries in. A few other teams are starting to turn in their pictures as well as the contest enters its final 10 minutes.

John: Alright. We're done. Now we just have to wait for the contest to officially end and then wait for the results!

Amy: Yes. And if I remember correctly, they announced the results within 15 minutes of the contest ending last year. So, we won't have to wait for long.

John: Awesome! Let's wait, then.

John and Amy wait for the contest to end and for the results to be announced. Amy's confident that they could win a prize, if not the first prize. They do, however, have fierce competition from Lucy and James.

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June 3, 2019 8:11 am  #15

Re: Fictionalizing fantasies

Wow! This is amazing! Makes me wish that Amy was a real person who really posted videos of herself crying on YouTube. Really love your description of her tears!

Tears of joy are beautiful.

June 20, 2019 11:01 am  #16

Re: Fictionalizing fantasies

SparklingEyes wrote:

Wow, this is awesome! I really hope the day is not far off that I have a man to hold me and wipe my tears when this happens. That is my absolute fantasy! Could John be the one? I should try and yawn more in front of him so that he gets comfortable seeing my tears.[/color]

Amy: I wonder what normal people would feel like when they cry. Do they feel the same thrill, the same sense of awe, when tears run down their cheeks? Maybe if I could get close enough with John I could ask him.

[i]With those thoughts, she finishes cutting the onions, not before a few more tears run down her cheeks. She wipes her eyes and her face with a tissue, and cooks dinner, and has a satisfying meal.

I hope Amy gets her fantasy come true soon, also, let's see when she becomes comfortable enough yo ask John how he feels when tears run down His cheeks.


June 20, 2019 11:16 am  #17

Re: Fictionalizing fantasies

One of the reasons I haven't been continuing this is because I felt that it was getting boring and repetitive. Now you've given me a couple of ideas that I can explore. I'll continue this when I have time to sit down and think and write.

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June 22, 2019 4:59 am  #18

Re: Fictionalizing fantasies

The contest results
It was finally time for the results to be announced. The participants were waiting in eager anticipation to find out who the winner was. The announcements begin.

The third place goes to... Lucy and James for these beautiful submissions!

Everyone begins to cheer as Lucy and James walk up to the front to get their prize. Lucy gets excited and her tears start to flow. She quickly gets the prize and gets back to the crowd, explaining to people around her that she wasn't actually crying.

Judge: The second place goes to... Daniel and Sophie! Congrats, guys, your submissions are fantastic! The emotions are so well captured!

The two go up and collect their prize. They were both new to this contest, and were pleasantly surprised at having won a prize, though Sophie was a student at an acting school. The collect their prize and return to the crowd, and Amy congratulates Sophie (they'd made each other's acquaintance while they'd been waiting for the results to be announced).

It was time to announce the winner of the Sad Photography Contest. Everyone was waiting in eager anticipation to see who it would be. Amy's heart was racing in excitement. Could she successfully defend her title? The judge begins to announce the winner.

And this year's winner of the Sad Photography Contest is... Eric and Kate! Let's have a huge round of applause for our champions! They submitted this stunning, heartbreaking photo.

And as the winning photo was projected onto a screen that had been set up, everyone could see why they were the winners. The photo was astonishing. It showed the beautiful Kate, staring into the wilderness with a sad expression on her face. She was looking to her right. Both her eyes were glistening with tears, her left eye more than her right eye, and reflections of the scenery around her could be seen in her tears. There was a shining tear streak on her left cheek that ran all the way down to her chin, and a teardrop was falling off her chin and was caught mid-air in the photo. There was also a tear streak on her right cheek that appeared to have been left behind by a tear that'd just fallen out of her, and this tear that probably left the streak could be seen mid-air falling off her face. It was an awesome photograph, caught at the perfect timing when not one but two tears were falling down mid-air, and her eyes were filled with tears, and there were beautiful tear streaks on her face.

Everyone cheered as the winners went up to get their prize. Amy was disappointed and a bit shocked that they weren't able to win any prize. John was surprised as well. But looking at the winning photo, he could do nothing but admit that the other teams were simply better, though they themselves hadn't been bad by a long shot. He gently patted Amy on the back.

Hey, it's okay.

Amy: Yeah, I know. I'm just surprised that so many people are so good at crying and taking crying portraits. It's alright, all three teams are well deserved winners. We did well, they did better.

John: That's right. You know what, let's go to my place and have something to eat. Maybe if you want, we can take more photos and even videos if you're up for it. And don't be disappointed by this, I'd still say that you're the best crier I've ever seen in my life!

Amy: Aww! Thank you, that's really nice of you. Yeah, let's go.

The contestants all bid farewell to each other and congratulated the prize winners and went their way. Amy and John went to John's house as planned.

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June 22, 2019 9:37 am  #19

Re: Fictionalizing fantasies

I was wondering when you were going to continue the story and here you are. I was expecting Amy to win the contest, so it's quite a nice twist. Looking forward to more.

Tears of joy are beautiful.

August 11, 2019 6:22 am  #20

Re: Fictionalizing fantasies

John's house
The contest is over and Amy and John head over to John's place.

Well, now that the contest is over, what do you want to do?

Amy: I'm hungry, let's have something to eat, shall we?

John: Sounds like a good idea. Let's see what we've got. I have some chicken, and some eggs, and also some onions, lettuce and tomatoes if you wanted to make a salad.

Amy: (delighted that there were onions) Oh, yes! Let's make some salad. I can cut the onions.

John: Sure. Do you cry much while chopping onions?

Amy: Haha! Yes, that's right! Just watch.

Amy grabs a knife begins to cut the first onion. As the knife slices through the onion, releasing the fumes, she beings to feel the all to familiar sting in her eyes. She turns towards John and smiles, as her eyes start flooding with tears.

John: Wow! You're eyes never cease to amaze me! How two tiny eyes can carry in them an ocean is beyond me!

Amy giggles as her tears almost completely cover her eyes, which are now beaming from the sunlight coming in through the kitchen window. John just stares in amazement, taking in every detail of her magnificent tear-filled eyes.

Amy: Do onions make you cry?

As she finished her sentence, the tears became too much for her eyes to contain, and two tear drops, one from each eye, rolled down her cheeks almost simultaneously in near-perfect symmetry, and she smiled even more broadly.

Would it be weird if I told you that your tears are beautiful?

Amy: Well, I think my tears are beautiful, so if you saying that makes you weird, then I'd be weird too!

They both laugh as tears continue to stream unchecked down Amy's face as she chops the onion. John went closer to Amy. His eyes begin to sting as he got close to the onions.

I'll stand here as you chop the onions and you'll know the answer to your question.

Amy: (looking him in the eye) Haha! Look, your eyes are starting to water!

And surely enough, John's eyes were starting to tear up slightly.

Aww! Don't cry

John wipes his eyes with his fingers and smiles at Amy. Part of him wanted to let his tears flow freely, while the other part was too embarrassed at such a thought.

Amy: (smiling) Come on, don't be shy to cry. 

John: Haha! I'm not really a tearful crier like you. But okay, let's see if I can get my tears to run down my face.

John stops blinking so that the onion fumes really get into his eyes. His eyes sting quite a bit, and they water even more. He looks at Amy with his tear-filled eyes, smiling, but slightly embarrassed.

Aww! So sweet!

John stares at her and a single tear leaves his left eye and runs down his cheek.

Amy: Awesome! Welcome to the club!

They both laugh, and John wipes the tear that had run down his face. He looks at Amy, and her face is still wet with tears, and a couple more tears run down the same path. He suddenly feels a great urge to wipe her tears. He wipes his eyes again, and then stretches out his right hand and places his palm on Amy's left cheek, and slowly wipes the tear streak on her cheek with his fingers. Amy was stunned, and her heart began racing. This was the moment she'd been waiting for for so long. And she was finally living it. A man she liked wiping her tears! She looks into John's watery eyes through her tear-filled eyes and smiles in delight. John moves his hand to the other side of her face and wipes the tears on her right cheek. Amy laughs happily, and seeing John's eyes were watering again, reached out with her hand and wiped his eyes.

Amy: You're so sweet! Nobody's ever wiped my tears before! That felt awesome! Thank you.

John: Haha! My pleasure. I've never wiped anyone's tears before, so that was a first for me as well!

Amy: Aww! Really? That makes me feel so special!

Amy wraps her arms around John, and he holds her in his arms, and a couple more tears run down her face as she closes her eyes. They hug for a few seconds and let go, and John, feeling more confident now, wipes the remaining tears off Amy's face.

They finish cooking, enjoy a nice meal, and chat for a while about random things, and Amy finally leaves, still thinking about how amazing it felt when John wiped her tears, leaving John also to replay the moment when he wiped her tears over and over in his head.

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