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March 4, 2019 6:20 am  #1

Tears without a cause

Hi all, so this is in no way related to the other fic I'm writing. This was just a random idea that suddenly popped into my head and thought I'd write a new one based on it.

Part 1
A few college students are having a board games night. Some of them know each other, some are new. Lucy (21 year old arts student) and James (22 year old medical student) are both new, and they are the last to arrive.

James: Hi there, I'm James. Nice to meet you!

Lucy: Hi James, Lucy. Nice to meet you.

James: Looks like the other games are already full. We need to find something for the two of us.

Lucy: Do you play chess?

James: Of course! I love chess. Let's get a game going.

They get a chessboard and set up the pieces.

Lucy: I'm white so I go first.

And they start playing. After a few moves, they both go into deep thinking. It is James's turn, and as he's analyzing the position, he looks up and sees Lucy's eyes filling with tears. His first thought was that she might have made a huge mistake and regrets it.

James: Hey, everything alright?

Lucy: Oh! I knew this would happen. This is why I hate meeting new people. I have to explain why I start crying randomly to them every time!

Lucy's eyes are filled to the brim with tears as she's looking at James. A single tear races down her right cheek, followed immediately after one down her left. She awkwardly smiles at James.

Lucy: Short version, I'm not actually crying. Long version, I'll explain after the game. But don't worry, I'm not crying, I'm not sad.

Her face shows no sign of actual crying (no emotion, no trembling lips, nothing). And yet, for no apparent reason, tears are streaming down her face. She wipes her face with her hands but more tears fill her eyes and run down her face.

Lucy: (In a calm and friendly voice) Don't mind me, like I said, I'll explain once we finish the game. Rest assured that I'm not sad or crying.

James: Okay, if you say so!

They continue their game, and a few more tears run down Lucy's cheeks which she wipes away with her fingers. The game continues for about 40 more minutes and Lucy is starting to tear up again. James looks at her awkwardly.

Lucy: Don't worry. It's the same as before. I'm not crying.

James: Can we call it a draw? I don't think either of us can really win in this position.

Lucy analyses the position for a few seconds, her eyes swimming in tears, and agrees.

Lucy: Well, I think you're right! Draw agreed!

She smiles as she shakes James's hand, as the tears force their way out of her eyes and gush down her face.

Lucy: (Wiping her face) Okay, let me explain why I'm "crying". I have this medical condition (don't worry, it's absolutely harmless), that makes my brain randomly think I'm emotional when I'm not and that makes my eyes uncontrollably water out of the blue.

James: (Surprised) Oh! I've never heard of that before!

Lucy: (Still in tears) Yeah. It's extremely rare. The doctors said that there are less than 100 known cases worldwide of this condition. Some common triggers for the tears are watching/reading something that excites me, playing a game (like now), even just talking to people. It's like anything that excites me in the slightest makes my brain think that I'm actually intensely emotional, and it basically tells my eyes to produce tears. I've had this condition practically since birth.

James: Oh! That sounds hard. I'm sorry you have this.

A couple more tears run down Lucy's face, which she wipes.

Lucy: Well, I'm used to it. I just need to keep myself hydrated all the time. It's not that bad otherwise. Of course, when I'm meeting someone new who doesn't know that I have this, it is a bit awkward explaining to them, but I've done it countless times now that it's not as awkward for me, though it probably is awkward for the other person. Sorry if this is a bit awkward.

James: No, no. No problem. I understand. You just can't help it. You said it makes your eyes water uncontrollably. Does that mean you can't hold back the tears even if you tried?

Lucy: Yes. It's strange because if I'm actually crying, like really crying due to real feelings, I can control my tears. But when my condition is triggered, I have absolutely no control over it. All I can do is wipe the tears and hope it stops soon. Thankfully, one of these "crying" sessions usually doesn't last longer than 5 minutes. But yeah, I can't control my tears when I get triggered.

By now, a few more tears have run down Lucy's face and she hasn't bothered to wipe them.

James: So, how many times in a day on average do you "cry" like this?

Lucy: It depends. Some days, it happens less than 5 times in a day. On a really bad day, it happens like every 30 minutes or so. On average, I "cry" about 10-15 times a day. It sometimes happens when I'm asleep as well, if I'm having some exciting dreams. Sometimes I wake up with tears streaming down my face, often I just sleep through it and wake up to a really wet pillow!

James: Haha! I see. Isn't there any medication or something that you can take to control the tears?

Lucy's eyes are drying up now. She blinks and sends the remaining tears down the same pathways as the previous ones, but still doesn't wipe her cheeks.

Lucy: No. Since this condition is super rare, there's no medicine for it. Hope they discover something for it in my lifetime!

James: Yeah. I'm actually studying to be a doctor. Maybe I'll discover a drug for your condition!

Lucy: (Smiling) Haha! That'd be lovely! I study art, and I've painted a few self-portraits of me with tears in my eyes.

James: Oh! I'd love to see them sometime! And I'm an amateur photographer. I've been thinking of taking a series of creative photos. Maybe I can photograph you and even write about your condition in my blog to raise awareness.

Lucy: That sounds great! I don't mind modelling for your photo shoot, and especially if you can write about my condition and raise awareness, that'd be lovely!

James: Sounds good! We should plan a day and time for the photo shoot.

Lucy: Let us do that. We can add each other on Facebook and exchange numbers. Besides my own artwork, I've never thought of using my tears in a creative, artistic way. Thanks for your ideas.

James: My pleasure!

And as Lucy pulls out her phone to add James to her contact list, she finally wipes her now mostly dried cheeks. They exchange their contact info and add each other on Facebook. Then they say goodbye and go their separate ways for the night.


March 4, 2019 6:37 am  #2

Re: Tears without a cause

Wow that was incredibly written...I could picture every detail. I hope there's more to come.


March 4, 2019 12:36 pm  #3

Re: Tears without a cause

Part 2A
James is at home, getting ready for bed. He gets a text. And then another. And then a couple more. He checks his phone, wondering who it is that is texting him this late at night. It's Lucy. She's sent some images and a text saying, "That's some of my self-portraits. Hope you like it. It was nice meeting you today. Looking forward to catching up more and doing that photo shoot! Good night."

(Thinking to himself) This girl is really nice. Let's check out her artwork.

He downloads the images. And sure enough, they are beautiful sketches of herself with tears in her eyes and on her cheeks.

James: She sure knows how to draw! These pictures are beautiful! Maybe we can strike up a good friendship and a good partnership, and maybe I can even study her rare condition. Tears without a cause! Well, at least I now know something that my classmates probably don't.

He responds to Lucy's text. "Hey Lucy. Yeah, it was wonderful meeting you. Your artwork is really good. Yes, we really should do the photo shoot sometime this week. I know some great spots with great scenery and lighting especially for photographing tears. Hope you'll like my photos as much as I like your drawings. Good night. See you soon. J"

With that, he decides to lay his phone aside and go to sleep.

Part 2B

Lucy's phone buzzes. James has replied to her text. She replies, "Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed my drawings. I have more. It'll be great if I can show them to you in person. Good night again."

She's about to hit the bed when she feels the all too familiar feeling in her eyes. Her eyes start to well up with tears. Since it's a part of her and she's lived with it all her life, she doesn't really think much of it. But her mind does wander to James.

Lucy: (Thinking to herself) Never thought I'd come across a medical student who'd be interested in my condition. Every doctor I've seen has just told me that it wasn't going to have any serious effect on my health and that I should just keep myself hydrated and stay calm for the most part to minimize the chances of my eyes starting to cry out of the blue. Well, he might be interested for a while and that interest might soon wear out. And this is strange, but I'm actually kind of excited about doing the photo shoot. Maybe that's why I'm crying now, because I'm excited about it. I've never had my tears properly photographed before (except for my own silly selfies), and they are such an integral part of my identity, so it'll be nice to see how that turns out.

As she's pondering over all this, a few tears run down her cheeks. She wipes them and rests her head on her pillow and turns off the lights. A tear drop sneaks out of the corner of her right eye and kisses her pillow. Another tear rolls out of the corner of her left eye and takes it course down her nose and falls off from her nose and onto the pillow. She buries her head in the pillow and falls asleep, not before drenching her pillow with her tears without a cause.

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March 4, 2019 2:40 pm  #4

Re: Tears without a cause

Part 3
James and Lucy have organized a photo shoot. They are going to a nearby lake that has a lot of trees and grass and the scenery is just perfect, asking to be photographed.


Lucy: Yeah! I've already cried three times before I came out. Hope the tears come out and we can take some stunning pictures!

James: Yeah! I've never photographed someone's tears before. It does feel a bit strange. Hope you have no qualms about it.

Lucy: No, not at all. In fact, I've taken a few tearful selfies over the years. Here, you can have a look.

Lucy gets out her phone and opens the gallery, where she has all kinds of photos, selfies, photos of her artwork, photos of her family and friends, and some miscellaneous pictures. She scrolls a bit and finds a selfie of herself staring expressionless at the camera, with tears on both her cheeks. She shows it to James.

Lucy: See. My condition is a part of who I am. I'm actually not ashamed of my tears. Except for the awkward conversations where I explain it to people, it's something that makes me unique.

James: That's an interesting way to look at it. It's nice to see that you're positive about it.

James takes a look at some of Lucy's tearful selfies. She's smiling in some of them.

James: (Thinking to himself) Well, I'm not the best photographer in the world, but I've got an amazing camera and I can do so much better than this. She's probably going to enjoy the pics I take of her.

James: Can I take some normal photos as we wait for the waterworks to come on?

Lucy: Sure! I'm cool with that.

Lucy poses for some pictures - in front of the lake, in front of some trees, sitting down on the lush green lawn, and James clicks away, taking some really good pictures. He's getting her in the frame for another stunning picture when her eyes begin to water. Seeing the tears, he furiously takes around 10 photos in quick succession, hoping to get a perfect shot of her with tear filled eyes. Lucy smiles.

James: Stay there. Don't move. I've got this.

He moves a little closer to get a better view of the tears, as a lone tear, unable to resist the pull of gravity any longer, gently makes its way down her right cheek. Lucy stands still as James captures the moment when the tear rolls down her cheek. He gets a couple more as the next tear sets off on a one way trip down her left cheek. Lucy's eyes are full now, and there is a pretty, thin and shiny tear streak on each of her cheeks. James takes a few more pictures.

Lucy: Can you take a video as well? Maybe slow-mo? I'll wipe my cheeks and you can shoot a video of the next tears that run down my face.

James: Sounds good! I can do that. Just hang on for a second.

He changes his camera's settings so that he can shoot a video in slow motion. Once he's done, he focuses the camera on Lucy.

James: Ready?

Lucy: Yeah, just let me wipe my face real quick.

Lucy gets out a handkerchief and wipes her eyes and her face with it. She then quickly looks at the camera and signals to James to start shooting. James turns on the recording as fresh tears spring up into Lucy's eyes. They teasingly dangle on her lower eyelids for a few seconds. And then almost simultaneously, two lovely teardrops cascade down her face, one out of each eye, and come to a perfect halt at her chin. A couple more tears follow their predecessor, and this time, the tears don't stop at her chin but go further down until her neck. She gives a broad smile as more tears run down her cheeks along the same path. James looks at her to see if she'd had enough. She catches his glance and proceeds to wipe her tears with her handkerchief and smiles again at the camera, at which point James stops the recording. She shuts her eyes and a couple more tears roll down, which she ignores. She looks at James.

Lucy: Do you think that's enough?

James: Well, we can go on if you want.

Lucy: No, I think that's fine. Can I see the pictures and the videos?

James: Let me get my laptop out and connect it real quick so that we can see the pictures in high quality.

Lucy: Sounds good! I can't wait! I know it sounds silly being so eager to see pictures of yourself crying, but yeah.

At this point, her tears have almost stopped. Her cheeks are still wet with the tears that already ran down. She didn't bother to wipe them. James opens his laptop and logs in and connects his camera to it. Lucy draws closer to him so that she can take a look at the pictures. James, seeing that the tears were still on her cheeks, gets a strange feeling that he should wipe them.

James: Would you mind if I wiped your tears?

Lucy: (Somewhat taken aback his offer) Oh! Nobody's ever asked me that before! But sure, go for it.

James: Sorry, I didn't mean to... I just... I didn't mean to make you feel embarrassed.

Lucy: (Laughs) Oh, it's alright. (Moves her face closer to James) Here, my tears are all yours.

James gently wipes the tear streak from her right cheek. He runs his finger from the bottom of her eye all the way down to her chin. He then proceeds to do the same for her left cheek. Lucy smiles at him.

Lucy: Thank you! Do you know that nobody's ever wiped my tears before? Except my parents, of course, and that when I was a child. That was actually quite brave, but also very nice of you!

James: (Blushing a little) Oh, no problem. I just, I know you're not sad and you're not really crying, but still seeing your tears made me feel a bit... a bit... I don't know, sympathetic towards you.

Lucy grins as James fumbles for words and thinks to herself how nice he is.

Lucy: Haha! You're so kind! It looks like we're going to be good friends, doc!

James: Doc! Haha! I'm not one yet, but I soon will be. I hope. Let's take a look at the pictures.

They look at the pictures taken by James. And they are absolutely stunning. There were plenty of photos, each capturing Lucy's tears at different stages of their journey from her eyes to her chin and beyond. Lucy was delighted at the pictures.

Lucy: I must admit, when you said you were an amateur photographer, I was a bit skeptical. I mean, I expected some decent photos, but these are amazing! Thank you, James!

James: No problem! With your permission, I'll use some of these for my photography blog and medical blog and also write about your special condition in my medical blog.

Lucy: Sure! That's not an issue. In fact, if you're going to write about my condition, maybe you should formally interview me to find out more so that you can write more information. What do you think?

James: Sounds like a great idea! I actually have time now, but I think I also have to prepare some good questions to ask in order to find out more about this condition. Can we do the interview later tonight or tomorrow?

Lucy: Tomorrow might be better. I will also go through some of my old medical records to share as much relevant information with you as possible.

James: Awesome! Thanks a lot, Lucy! You're so generous! Thank you. I give you my word, these photos will be used solely for educational purposes and I won't sell them or post them on free image sites. I respect you and your privacy.

Lucy: Thank you, James. Thanks for the lovely time! It was a wonderful morning, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! See you tomorrow!

James starts packing up and Lucy gets up to leave. As she gets up, her eyes start to well up again. She taps James on his shoulder and points to her face and says,

Lucy: Hey, look, I'm crying again.

James: Oh, you poor thing. Don't worry. It's so sad to see you in tears that I believe it's enough incentive for me to try and find a cure!

Lucy: (Grinning) Haha! Well, good luck with that! You sure you don't want to wipe my tears anymore?

James: (Surprised and a little embarrassed) Well, if you don't mind.

James wipes the clear, saline drops of water that adorned Lucy's cheeks. This time, his right hand wipes her left cheek while his left hand wipes her right cheek. Lucy grabs his hands and looks straight at him with her tear filled eyes, and draws him in for a hug as more tears gush down her face. James is very surprised, but wraps his arms around Lucy and gently pats her on the back. The embrace lasted no more than a couple of seconds as they both let go of each other, Lucy, smiling sweetly through her tears. James was out of words.

Lucy: See you tomorrow, doctor!

James: See you tomorrow, artist!

They once again go their separate ways, with Lucy getting a few stares from people as she walks back home with tears streaming down her face. She ignores the inquisitive eyes that are on her and walks away, smiling to herself and wiping the old tear streaks to make way for new ones. James goes his way too, still stunned by that sudden hug. He was starting to like Lucy.

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Re: Tears without a cause

I can't wait to read the next part. This is a daydream come true lol


March 6, 2019 4:35 pm  #6

Re: Tears without a cause

Love it, waiting for the next part. Is this how you wipe your girlfriend’s tears? I find this a very special way to do so, you start clearing the tear streak until you reach the teardrop.

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Re: Tears without a cause

Thanks for the response, guys. The way I wipe my girlfriend's tears varies, sometimes it's like that, sometimes I just run my fingers across her face, sometimes I use my thumb and gently rub it across her cheek. It depends on what position we are sitting (or standing).

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Re: Tears without a cause

Part 4
Lucy is at home, simply scrolling through Facebook. She suddenly gets an event invite from James. The event is called, "Sad Photography Contest". She clicks on it to find out more and reads the description.

"A yearly photography contest to see who can take the most heart wrenching photo. This is a team event where each team consists of the photographer and a model. The goal is to take a sad picture of the model and the winning team will get a cash prize of $200. The second and third will get awards of $100 and $50. Don't worry if you couldn't find a teammate. Just turn up and you'll be paired with a photographer/model on a first come first serve basis.

1. The main subject of the photo must be the model. Other people, animals or things may be in the photo, but should not be the main focus.
2. The model must be sad in the photo. Photos that lack a sad expression from the model will be rejected.
3. Tears are encouraged but not strictly necessary. Also, only tears without a sad expression will not be considered.
4. Any method can be used to bring tears, eg., actual crying, onions, tear stick, not blinking, etc., as long as the model consents to shedding tears and is not physically hurt in any way.
5. Abusing the model in any way, physically or verbally, in order to get them to cry is strictly forbidden and anyone who is found to be doing so will be disqualified immediately.
6. Photos must be timestamped and photos taken only during the competition hours will be considered.
7. All photos must be taken within the competition area. Photos taken outside the location will not be considered.
8. Each team can take any number of photos, but can submit a maximum of two. But a team can win only one prize, and therefore, if two are submitted, the best will be considered and the other discarded."

(thinking to herself) This sounds interesting. Maybe I should consider participating with James. I should text him and let him know I have received the invite and that I'm interested in participating with him.

She unlocks her phone and starts typing a text. "Hey James. Saw the event invite that you sent me on Facebook. It looks like an interesting event. I'd love to participate with you and be your model if you're entering. I'm sure that with my tears we can win something!" As she's typing the text, she gets excited which triggers her condition. Before she even finishes typing, her eyes are filled with tears to the brim. Because she's looking down at her phone, the tears, instead of running down her cheek, fall out of her eyes and land directly on her left hand. A couple more tears fall soon after as she finishes typing the text and hits send. She then lifts up her head and shuts her eyes, sending a tear racing down each cheek.

Lucy: (thinking to herself) I should practice making sad faces.

She gets up and walks to her mirror, more tears gushing down her face, and stares at herself for a second. Then she starts making some sad faces. She holds a sad face for a couple of seconds and then giggles.

I shouldn't be giggling. The rules clearly said that the model needs to have a sad face, otherwise, the tears don't count. I don't want my tears to be in vain. Come on Lucy, sad face!

As she tries to make a sad face in the mirror again, her phone rings and she takes a look. It's James. She answers.

Lucy: Hey James! How are you? I was just thinking about you.

James: Hey Lucy. I'm well. Yeah, I just got your text. It's great that you're interested in the sad photography contest. It'll be great if we could team up!

Lucy: Yes! Absolutely! Thanks for letting me know about it.

James: No problem. I actually participated last year and finished second from last. I was paired up with a girl who couldn't make a sad face let alone cry. But I'm hoping for better results this year because I have you!

Lucy: Haha! Poor you! Yeah, crying is not something that just naturally comes to people. I don't think I'll be able to get myself to cry if not for my medical condition that pretty much leaves me with no option but to let my tears flow. But yeah, we can put it to good use for the contest. You know what, I have tears gushing down my face as I'm talking right now.

James: Oh. Okay.

Lucy: Haha! Yeah. It's a pity you aren't here to wipe my tears. I'll try to make a sad face and send you some selfies. It'll be kind of like a practice for the contest.

James: Haha! Sounds good! It's funny, I've seen you shed more tears than anyone else in my life, and yet I've never seen you sad!

Lucy: Well, I'll make some sad faces and send you selfies. Don't be alarmed when you see them, I'm not actually crying. And by the way, it'll be great if we could meet up sometime this week to take some practice photos of me sad crying.

James: Sounds like a good idea. I'll let you know shortly. See you soon. Bye, Lucy.

Lucy: See you, James!

James hangs up. Lucy smiles at her phone and thinks back to the moment when James offered to wipe her tears when they were doing their casual photo shoot.

(thinking to herself) I never thought having my tears wiped by someone would feel so good. I hope he does it more often. Now for the selfies I promised.

She opens the camera on her phone and makes a sad face. She takes a couple of selfies as fresh tears fill her eyes and run down her cheeks. She then smiles, takes another selfie, and sends them all to James. She wipes her face with her fingers as her tears start to slow down, and blinks, sending the tears that were left in her eyes slowly trickling down her cheeks, and wipes them. Her Facebook is still open on the event page, and she notices that there were some photos, which we clicks on, and there are a few photos from last year's contest, many of which feature young women of about her age with tears in their eyes/on their cheeks. The winning photo from the previous year was really good, and it was of a lovely young woman staring into the wild with a melancholy look, her eyes filled with crystal clear tears, shining in the sunlight, and a single, glistening tear streak on each cheek. It was a touching photograph, and Lucy hoped she could pose for a similar one this year.

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Re: Tears without a cause

Part 5
Lucy and James meet up for a practice session to take some tearful snaps in preparation for the competition. They meet at the same park where the event will be held.

Hey Lucy! Good to see you.

Lucy: Hey James! Good to see you too. Ready to take some awesome photos?

James: Yeah! Let's go to the isolated spot on the other side of the lake. If I remember correctly, that's still within the competition area and it's usually deserted unless there's something going on.

Lucy: Sounds like a good idea! Let's go.

They both head towards the spot that James mentioned. Like he said, there's nobody else there. The scenery is still beautiful with a lot of trees and the lake in full view. James starts setting up his camera.

So, are you ready to turn on the waterworks?

Lucy: I think so. In the last few days, I've been manually trying to stimulate my condition by just thinking some semi-emotional/exciting thoughts and it's working out well. I'll do the same now.

James: Oh, great! In fact, I've been thinking of asking you whether you could voluntarily trigger your condition or whether its always involuntary. Guess there's my answer!

Lucy: (smiling) Haha! Yeah. Though I don't really do it. When I was very young, say around 12-14, there are a couple of times my condition has triggered under stressful circumstances in school, and I used that to my advantage to pretend to actually cry (which kind of backfired in the long run because as more people knew that I had this condition, and on more than one occasion nobody believed me when I was actually crying). So, I don't use my condition like that to manipulate or get what I want, but hey, this is for a competition.

James: Fair enough! I can actually make myself cry really easily (well, not cry per se, but I can bring tears to my eyes and make them run down my face pretty easily), but I haven't really "used" it on anyone either. And even if I did, it probably won't work out too well for me because people have this idea that guys shouldn't cry.

Lucy: Haha! I know. I personally don't believe that. I believe it's okay for men to cry, but I guess that's just me! So, shall I bring on the tears?

James: Yes, go for it!

Lucy becomes silent and expressionless. She puts on a sad face and looks around for a while, deep in thought. In a few seconds, she could feel the moisture in her eyes. She looks down, and then back up at James with a sorrowful expression, her eyes now filling with tears. James quickly clicks a couple of shots before the first tear trickles down Lucy's left cheek. He quickly takes a couple more pictures as the second tear follows suit, this time down her other cheek. He takes a few more pictures as more tears continue to stream down her face, and her expression goes from a sad face to an actual crying face. She begins to snivel a bit as James took a few more photos, and she begins to sob mildly.

James: Hey, are you alright?

He lays down his camera and goes over to her as her tears continue to flow incessantly.

James: Is everything alright?

Lucy: (still sniveling) Yeah. Don't worry, I'm fine. I think I went too far with thinking something emotional that my brain triggered not only my tears but actual crying. Yes, I'm legit crying, but no, not for any real reason. I'm fine.

James gently pats her on the back. She smiles at him through her tears.

Thank you. Even though I'm not sad, it's still comforting. Here, wipe my tears.

James puts out his right hand and gently wipes the tears off Lucy's face. No sooner than he finished wiping than a couple more tears slowly made their way onto her cheeks. She giggled as James once again wiped away her fresh tears, and this time, he ran his fingers across her eyes as well, wiping them. His fingers are drenched in tears.

Lucy: I don't know why, and this probably sounds very weird, but it just feels so good when you wipe my tears, when your fingers brush across my wet cheeks. It's, it's just an amazing feeling!

James; Haha! I'm glad you like it.

He sees her eyes starting to water again, and puts his hand out to wipe them again. This time, Lucy grabs hold of his hand and draws him in for a hug. James, surprised, wraps his arms around her and gently pats her on the back. Lucy wipes her tear filled eyes on James's shoulder. The adrenaline rush of the moment serves to further trigger her condition, as more tears begin to flood her eyes rapidly. She lets go and wipes the tears that were now rapidly cascading down her face.

James: Are you sure you're okay?

Lucy: (Now looking slightly embarrassed) Yeah. I'm alright. It's just the adrenaline of the moment that got to me and triggered my condition. I'm fine.

James silently watches as she wipes more tears away as they made their way down her face. He grabbed a few tissues from his backpack and handed them to Lucy.

James: Here, this'll help.

Lucy: (Takes a tissue and wipes her face) Thanks. And I'm really sorry if all this was a bit awkward. I...

James cuts her off.

James: It's alright. As an aspiring medical professional, I acknowledge that you're not responsible for this medical condition that you have. And it's actually encouraging to see you look at the bright side of it and use it creatively for good. And I don't mind holding you in my arms and wiping your tears if that makes you feel good.

Lucy: Thank you! I've never met anyone so understanding of me before. Thank you, James. Now, you did take a few pictures. Let's see how they've come out.

James pulls out his laptop and connects the camera. He took seven photos earlier. He and Lucy look at them. And every single picture is astounding. The first one shows her eyes glistening with tears. The second is similar, but the tears are on the verge of overflowing. The next one shows a single, shining tear streak on her left cheek, her right eye still on the verge of overflowing, and the next one is similar, only the tear on her left cheek had ran further down, and a tear was just bidding adieu to her right eye. The next one catches a glittering tear falling midair from her right eye, and the last two show both her cheeks now wet with tears, and her eyes welling up again. Her expression grows progressively sadder with each photo. Lucy and James both stare at the pictures, amazed at how well they've turned out.

Lucy: Wow! These are spectacular! You're such a talented photographer, James!

James: Thank you! And you're a fantastic model, Lucy. Stunning expressions and beautiful tears! If you can do this again on the day of the competition, we'll win, I'm sure!

Lucy: Yeah. Let's hope I can get myself to actually cry again like today. You know, even though I didn't cry for any actual sad reason, it feels really good to have cried because it's been a while (I guess three or four months) since I last cried emotionally. It actually feels so good and refreshing!

James: Good for you!

Lucy: Well, I need to get to work in an hour, so I guess I have to leave now, James. But thanks for the photography session, and thanks for wiping my tears!

James: Thanks for coming. I had a good time as well. I really enjoy spending time with you, Lucy. See you soon. Have a great day!

Lucy: You too!

James and Lucy part ways, both thinking of the other and the moments they'd just shared together. They were both thinking the same thing, that this could be the start of a serious relationship, and a tearful one at that.

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Re: Tears without a cause

I love how straight forward Lucy admits crying and asks James to wipe her tears, then, unabashedly tells him how she likes when he wipes her tears. Looking forward for future released, also from your other fic, you keep us in suspense.


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