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July 5, 2019 10:02 am  #1

Stockholm Syndrome

Stella, Ryan and Mr. Carter were driving along a deserted road through the woods. Ryan was behind the wheel, and he'd worked for Mr. Carter for most of his teenage and adult life. He was a well built 27 year old man whom Mr. Carter had taken in and raised as his own son. Mr. Carter was a 53 year old businessman, a wealthy one at that, and had over the years established himself as one of the most respected and powerful men in the city. Stella was his niece, his brother's daughter. She was an exquisite 23 year old young woman with long hair and beautiful eyes.

Are we there yet, uncle Zach?

Mr. Carter: We're still about 20 minutes away.

Stella: Are you sure? Didn't dad say he'd meet us at the sanctuary? That's close, isn't it? Shouldn't take us more than five minutes if I remember correctly. Maybe I should call him.

Mr. Carter: There's no need for that. You're right, it should take us only five minutes normally, but there's a roadblock, so we need to take a detour which would take us around 20 more minutes.

Stella: Oh! I see. I'll call dad and let him know, then.

As she pulled out her phone, Mr. Carter suddenly grabbed it and tossed it out of the window of the car. Stella was shocked.

Stella: Uncle Zach! What are you doing?

Mr. Carter: Stop the car.

Ryan stopped the car. Stella tried to quickly open the door and make a run for it, but she couldn't, and Mr. Carter grabbed her arms and held her tight.

Mr. Carter: Tie her up and gag her.

Ryan got some rope and duct tape from the boot and tied Stella's hands behind her back and put the duct tape around her mouth so that she couldn't scream. She began to shake and tried to break free in vain, and tears of utter shock and terror flooded her eyes and started gushing down her face rapidly as she tried to scream.

Mr. Carter: Put her in the boot.

Ryan grabbed her lifted her up as more tears continued to stream down her face. She looked at him in disbelief through her tear filled eyes as he carried her to the back of the car. As he laid her down in the boot, he wiped her tears with his fingers and gestured to her, almost as if to reassure her, and before closing the boot, pulled something out of a secret compartment.

Mr. Carter: All done?

Ryan: Not quite.

Ryan pointed the silenced gun he'd pulled out of the boot at Mr. Carter and before he could blink pulled the trigger twice. Stella heard the sound of two muffled gunshots and a scream, and she became even more scared, not knowing what had just happened, her tears continued to flow, now drenching the boot of the car. A few minutes of silence followed, and then she could feel the car starting to move. She tried to scream with all her strength, but her lips were tightly sealed by the duct tape, and the only thing that came out of her were tears, which had now completely soaked her face. This wasn't what she'd signed up for when she'd agreed to hitch a ride with her uncle and her trusted friend of many years, Ryan.


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