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July 12, 2019 4:11 pm  #1

Tears of joy obs

This is a very recent obs. I was hanging out with a group of friends at one of my friends' houses. I was sitting next to two female friends when I suddenly heard them talking about crying. I turned around to see the girl next to me dabbing at her eyes with a tissue. I asked her if everything was alright, and she smiled at me and said yes, and that they were just talking about stories and incidents in their lives that made them cry happy tears. I joined the conversation and asked her if she could share one such story with me. And she did, it was a cute story, and much to my delight, she started crying as she was sharing it, and she was smiling and laughing at the same time with tears in her eyes. It was a short obs, but still I could see her tears clearly. The tears didn't run down her face, but her lovely smile and her willingness to share kind of made up for the lack of running tears. Or maybe my preferences are starting to grow, which, though I doubt it, might be starting to happen as I'm finding myself enjoying Tik Tok videos with just tear filled eyes if the girl is smiling. It was a totally unexpected obs, and though I've known this girl for a while, this is the first time I've seen her in tears, and I'm so glad it was happy tears!

Tears of joy are beautiful.

July 14, 2019 7:03 pm  #2

Re: Tears of joy obs

That's a nice obs! And it's good to see that you're starting to appreciate the beauty of tear filled eyes. By the way, what did she do with the tears that filled her eyes? Did she just blink them away or did she wipe them with tissues/her fingers?


July 18, 2019 10:40 am  #3

Re: Tears of joy obs

She did a bit of both. She was blinking, and also wiping her eyes with the tissue she was holding. I have a couple of new obs of this girl, which I'll post separately. She's amazing!

Tears of joy are beautiful.
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July 20, 2019 2:50 pm  #4

Re: Tears of joy obs

Lovely, a friend that cries at the drop of a hat, I'll be waiting for more obs of this girl.


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