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August 8, 2019 9:39 pm  #1

Bus and school obs

Hey everyone, I've just recently discovered this forum and this is my first post! So sorry if i make any sort of mistake, and feel free to correct me and give me some writing tips and so on.
Reading posts here, i remembered a lot of share-worthy crying obs', but for now i'll post 2 of my favorite ones which i remember the best.

First one happened in 2014. It was the end of August, i was riding the bus with two of my friends from primary school, they were sitting on the very last row of seats and i, an idiot, was squatting on the floor in front of them. We were casually talking until at one point, the one sitting on my left side becomes silent as i continued talking to my friend on the right. Honestly, we haven't noticed that she stopped talking. Then, all of a sudden, two huge teardrops silently fall on her chest (the first one fell from the left eye, and literally a second later the other one fell from the right)...she was wearing sunglasses so we haven't even noticed that she was about to cry, we just saw the tears stain her pink tank top in a matter of seconds. She then proceeded to gently wipe them with her fingers while curling her lips for a few seconds. She then calmed down so there were no more tears. Of course, we asked her what's wrong and she told us that she's just upset that school's about to start, so we all ended up laughing.

Second one is from high school, i just remember standing with another best friend and two other girls in the school bathroom, she was leaning on the heater with her hands crossed looking slightly downwards. She was apparently upset over her math grade, as far as i can remember. It was obvious from the beginning that she was about to cry (she didn't have any sort of crying face the whole time, it was a slightly angry facial expression). Her left eye slowly got filled with tears and one unchecked ran down to the middle of her cheek and then slipped right onto her chest. It was a huge one so it kinda spread, leaving one bigĀ and a couple of small stains under the big one. She then lifted her head and leaned it to the left, and the light from the window above her shined a perfect light onto her tear stained cheek. That was the only tear she shed that time.


August 9, 2019 8:24 pm  #2

Re: Bus and school obs

Sure, i'll actually make a post at the "Introduce yourself" section because i would love to do so anyways, i just happened not to even realize that section was there. However, i can't wait to answer his questions, it seems like they're interesting.

Actually, i was pissed about the sunglasses too...however, it just made me more excited seeing the tears so unexpectedly, and also made me imagine how would they look while they formed in her eyes. That girl, who i have known since kindergarten, has really huge hazel eyes with big eyelashed and whenever she cried she would have a looot of tears form and then literally drip from her eyes.

For the second one, i don't remember a single detail about the right eye. All that i remember is that i'm 100% sure she had only one tear roll down her cheek which was the one from the left eye, and then she stopped crying completely but hadn't bothered to wipe the tear from her face.

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