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May 17, 2020 4:24 pm  #1

Hereditary--Alex Wolff and Gabriel Byrne with bonus Toni Collette

Alex Wolff cries several more times than I remembered! I mostly remembered the car scene where he sits, in shock, his eyes slowly filling with tears, one spilling down his face. He also does several other scenes in which he gasps and cries, usually in the unguarded, undignified way that children cry. Many people make fun of the way he cries. They say he sounds fake. I think they're not used to seeing unrestrained crying like a panicked child, and it makes them uncomfortable. Hell, sometimes it makes me a little uncomfortable, but I credit the actor instead of attempting to cover my discomfort by making fun.

All clips below are of Alex except the one marked for Gabriel.

1. In the car
2. Under the bleachers
3. Bedroom conversation (with a bit of Toni in here as well)
4. Seance gone wrong
5. Attempt to reassure
6. At the stoplight (Gabriel's scene. Quick and very sweet)
7. A horrible discovery (be aware there's a quick shot of a charred body in low lighting)

My personal faves of Alex are 1, 5, and 7.

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