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October 17, 2020 12:18 am  #1

Conn's first time crying in front of Jess

As requested, here's the obs from the first time I cried in front of Jess.
Conn's perspective
This was about a month and a half after our first obs, and Jess and I'd grown really close, especially after we'd confessed our dacryphilia to each other. Anyway, I was opening up to her about something deeply personal and as I was sharing, I choked up and my eyes began to water. Instinct told me to quickly blink my tears away, but at the same time, I knew Jess would love to comfort me, so I looked at her with my teary eyes (I believe my lips were quivering as well, I can't cry without expression and without choking up like she can). Jess immediately wrapped her arm around me, and that made me let out a sob, and the sob made me blink, which sent a tear down my right cheek. She wiped it immediately with her fingers, and wiped my other eye as well, and drew me in for a nice, tight hug. I was trying hard to control my sobs and my eyes were closed, and a couple of tears slowly left my closed eyes and ran down to about halfway down my face. I did quickly regain composure, and didn't feel anymore tears coming, so I drew myself out of the hug so that Jess could wipe my tears before they dried up, which she did, and we hugged again for a couple of minutes and I finished my story without any more tears (though I choked up a couple of times).
Jess's perspective
He's said everything, one thing I'd probably add is that him crying was unexpected and I was a bit shocked, and I think the shock prevented me from crying (what he shared was sad enough to make me cry, and seeing him cry made me sad as well, so to this day, I don't know how I didn't cry, I can only attribute my lack of tears to my shock of seeing Conn in tears).


October 17, 2020 12:47 am  #2

Re: Conn's first time crying in front of Jess

I knew you were expressive but I didn't know you had trembling and pouty lips, interesting how, in the middle of feeling your own emotions, you thought about Jess, and how she had confidence in you that she didn't hesitate to wipe your tears from the moment they started rolling down your cheeks.

I know it's a hardware built-in condition to not cry, or if crying, to immediately regain composure, no wonder you shed only a few tears.

Jess, I believe you, seeing someone cry for the first time can be quite a shock, especially a male or someone who you know rarely, if ever, cries. I feel it would have been more intimate had you cried with him as well, but I understand what you were feeling.

Thank you for sharing.


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