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November 11, 2020 8:39 am  #1

Alternate Reality Obs (AROs)

I have a new idea for fiction, specifically a genre of fiction that I haven't quite seen explored on this forum before. It's kind of like alternate reality fiction where people would post what seems to be a real obs of a stranger (or even an actual real life friend) in first person perspective (like a real obs), but in the fiction section so as to not mix it up with actual obs. There doesn't need to be any continuous plot or narrative, or a set of characters, anyone can post their own "alternate reality" obs. It'll be best to keep them as realistic as possible (you're free to make up fake obs based on real life ones and slightly tweak them to your ideal preferences). I'm going to lay down some general guidelines on how I visualise this will work:

1. All posts (AROs) must be in first person, i.e., you must be the observer just like in real obs
2. Posts must be realistic enough to resemble real life obs
3. Posts can be inspired by real life obs
4. Posts can feature real life characters or completely made up characters
5. There doesn't need to be continuity in the posts, but if you want to make a series of posts, give it an appropriate title to distinguish it from other posts not part of the series
6. Since there doesn't need to be continuity, you, i.e., the fictional version of you who's observing the AROs, can be different things and have different roles in different posts
7. You can absolutely post self-obs (or rather, self-AROs)
8. You can have an active role in any of the obs (like comforting, wiping tears, etc) or be a passive observer (like in the recent real life obs I posted in the discussion section)
9. You can talk about fictional videos/scenes you watched as well in your AROs
10. Finally, don't forget to follow the other rules of this forum in your posts, therefore, any content that'd be normally inappropriate in other threads would be inappropriate in this thread as well

Also, it'll be helpful to either post all AROs under this thread, or at least include ARO in the title if you're creating a new thread.

BONUS: To mix things up, given that in other stories in the fiction, one person has started a story and others have continued it, we can do the same with AROs, with a twist that you are also switch your POV to any of the other characters in the ARO you're continuing (you can even rewrite the same ARO from the crier's perspective compared to the observer's perspective, or if it's a self-ARO, you can rewrite it from the perspective of an observer).

Looking forward to reading some interesting AROs! Will post one of my own soon.


November 11, 2020 9:56 am  #2

Re: Alternate Reality Obs (AROs)

Obs on a train - Part 1

This is an obs from a couple of weeks ago. I was taking a train to another city where I was meeting with a new business client. I boarded the train and sat down at my seat, and across from me, there was seated an attractive young woman, who seemed to be in her early 20s, close to my age. She had a very kind and friendly face, and gave me a sweet smile as I took my seat opposite to her. I smiled back to be polite. Then I just sat down, looking at my phone, waiting for the train to start moving. It was going to be a long 5 hour journey, and thankfully, the train wasn't crowded (partly due to the partial COVID restrictions still in place), and this girl and I were the only ones in that particular row of seats.

In about 10 minutes, the train started moving. Since it had open windows, and it was a reasonably warm day, both the girl and I were sitting at the window seats. The wind was blowing in her direction as she was sitting facing the front of the train whereas I was sitting facing the back, but it was still fine, I was comfortable. I put my earphones on to listen to some music on my phone, and she was reading a book. I was mainly looking out of the window, but I also occasionally glanced at her and looked around as well.

As I was repeating this process, looking out of the window (which was to my left), looking at the girl in front of me and looking to my right (where there was nobody, not even on the seats on the other side of the aisle), I noticed a teardrop run down her right cheek out of nowhere. As I focused my attention on her face now, I could see that her other eye was also on the verge of overflowing, and I hadn't noticed her eyes water earlier because she was looking down at the pages of her book. And soon enough, the tear that was dangling on her left eyelid also drop out of her eye, this one falling right down without touching her face.

I was intrigued, confused and concerned all at once. I certainly appreciated the tears, this had the makings of a good obs. But I was confused as there was hardly a hit of emotion on her face, and she seemed just as calm as she had when I'd first boarded the train. And I was concerned, as always when I see someone cry, since I thought something might be wrong. She was busy reading her book and didn't catch me looking at her, so I continued to look to see if more tears would come, and they did. A tear from her right eye ran down the same streak as the last one, this time making the streak go all the way down to her chin instead of falling down off the middle of her cheek, and a tear from her left eye ran about halfway down her cheek before falling off. Her eyes continued to well up, and the next pair of tears left her eyes almost simultaneously and ran in almost perfect symmetry down both her cheeks.

A teardrop fell off her chin and fell probably on her book, and this prompted her to quickly brush the tears off her cheeks with her fingers as she turned the page of her book, still not showing much expression, though she sniveled just a little. As she turned the page, she briefly looked up and out of the window, and I could see her eyes glistening with tears in the sunlight that was now shining through the window into her eyes. A couple more tears ran down smoothly down her cheeks as she slowly turned back to her book, but slowly enough to catch my eye, and I took this opportunity to ask her if she was alright.

So, I asked her if she was alright, and almost as if she'd been snapped out of a dream, she covered her face with her hands, wiped her face with her fingers, drew out a handkerchief from her handbag and wiped her tears and replied, "Oh, yeah, sorry, I have sensitive eyes and the wind always makes my eyes water. There's little I can do about it, so I generally just let my tears run. Don't worry, I'm fine." She smiled as she said the last bit and continued to wipe her eyes with her handkerchief. I asked her if it hurt her eyes to which she replied that it didn't really bother her much as she was quite used to it, and admitted to actually liking the feeling of tears running down her face, and said that she hoped her tears didn't make me feel uncomfortable or awkward. I smiled and said they didn't, that I understood, and that I'd asked her if she was alright just out of concern as I thought she was crying. She smiled again and reassured me that everything was alright.

She then started talking more about her tears and sensitive eyes, and shared a story about how at school and at college, every year when they'd have an outdoor photoshoot of the entire class, she'd be the one with teary eyes in the photos. She then talked about how because of how her eyes constantly water, sometimes, when she was actually crying, it'd take even her close friends a while to recognise that she was really crying, and shared how on several occasions, she's used this to pretend that she wasn't crying when she actually was. I listened, quite intrigued that this random attractive young woman on a train was not only letting her tears flow in front of me, but was enthusiastically talking about her tears with me.

I must add that as she was talking, her tears didn't stop coming, her eyes kept filling with tears, though she kept wiping them with her handkerchief and only a few tears made their way out of her eyes during our conversation. The tears and conversations aren't over yet, so stay tuned for the next part of this obs.

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November 11, 2020 11:08 am  #3

Re: Alternate Reality Obs (AROs)

Obs at a train station

Like Cray my obs is train related sort of, but it's at a train station not actually on a train

First some background, it was in March this year, I was down in London doing the Tube Challenge where you visit every Underground station in one operating day, I'd been looking forward to doing it for so long I was glad to just get to do it finally.

However my attempt had gone slightly off the rails a bit about four hours in. I'd been on an Overground train and missed getting off at Queen's Park because a Revenue Inspector wanted to check my Oyster Card so I'd gone one further stop to Kilburn High Road. To make matters worse I was about to reach the 90 minute journey time limit on my card so I had to tap out at the ticket barriers and back in again to continue my journey

I arrived back on the platform a bit frustrated I won't lie and found a bench to fill my logbook in and consider my next move. Yes in order to do this properly you have to do paperwork.

However because of this an opportunity presented itself. A gorgeous dark haired girl approached my bench and asked me if she could sit down, I moved myself and my papers out of the way so she could and got a really nice close up view of the black knee High boots she was wearing

I noticed from my Witness form, I hadn't had a signature for about 80 minutes so I looked up to ask the girl if she would sign my form. She turned to me and I noticed as she did so her eyes were full of tears. She held out her hand as two overflowed her eyelids and stood under her lash for a brief moment. When she took my form the right tear fell first then she turned her head and the left tear fell as she studied the form

My heart was beating a lot, and I mean a lot. I'm never lucky at catching obs and here I had one right in front of me. And because neither of her hands were free she wasn't wiping them either

She turned back to me and I noticed the two tears on her cheeks were now on the same level on the face, in the middle just above her mouth. When she asked me what she should put in the Contact Details box they continued slowly trickling down to her chin.

I told her phone or e-mail whichever she was comfortable and she wiped away her tears and filled  in her row on the form. When she gave it back to me another pair fell this time together and stopped half way down.

I thanked her and she said no problem. I would have dearly loved to see another pair fall but my train had arrived and I had to go. It wasn't until I was on the train I realised I didn't know why she was crying and the small window that I had didn't allow me to talk to her

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November 11, 2020 9:47 pm  #4

Re: Alternate Reality Obs (AROs)

Nice one! I like how you didn't provide details about why she was crying, etc., and it wasn't this perfect obs with lots and lots of tears, which are rare.

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November 12, 2020 8:05 am  #5

Re: Alternate Reality Obs (AROs)

Obs on a train - part 2

After a bit of conversation, about her tears and other stuff, I asked her where she was travelling and she told me her destination, and I was disappointed to find out that she would be getting down in less than an hour. The tears were great, especially given the rarity of obs, but I was also enjoying the conversation. We chatted about random things for a few more minutes during which a couple of tears ran down her face, which she quickly wiped away.

Then, I let her get back to her book and I put my earphones back on, listening to some songs, and glancing every now and again at the girl in front of me, who was now back to letting her tears flow unchecked. This continued for the next 40 minutes or so, and I was amazed that her tears flowed quite consistently during that time. Though I wasn't staring continuously during the whole time as that'd have been creepy, I did look every few seconds, and I counted about a total of 35 tears leaving her eyes, excluding the ones she'd been crying before and during our brief conversation.

Then, her time to get down finally came, and she looked at me with her tear stained face and smiled and said goodbye, one last pair of tears trickling down her face before she wiped her face clean with her handkerchief. I said goodbye too and we even waved each other goodbye as she got off the train, and I spent the remainder of my journey reminiscing about the absolutely stunning obs I'd just had.

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November 14, 2020 6:05 am  #6

Re: Alternate Reality Obs (AROs)

obs of a friend

a friend i hadn't spoken to in a while texted me on a saturday, asking if i wanted to hang out that afternoon. surprised, i said yes. i don't usually like unplanned social events, but i hadn't seen her in a while, and it wasn't like i had any other plans. i drove over to her apartment, and she was waiting on the sidewalk for me (which i appreciated, since i'm very easily lost in unfamiliar places.

i could immediately tell that something wasn't quite right. she didn't look like she had been crying or even that she was about to, but something in her face suggested she was feeling upset. i asked how she was feeling, she said that she was fine (translation: not feeling great, but not in the mood to talk about it) and we went inside.

we sat on her bed and started talking, catching up and exchanging pleasantries, when she suddenly stopped talking. i asked if she was okay, and she sighed and asked if we could just sit together. slightly relieved (small talk is hard, y'all) i said that was fine, and propped up a pillow to lean back against the headboard.

she leaned back with me, leaning against me slightly, her thigh and shoulder pressed to mine. after a moment, she took my hand, lacing our fingers together. i turned to look at her. her eyelashes were wet and clumping together, her eyes glossy with tears. the tip of her nose was starting to go red. "nothing's wrong," she said, in that choked-up about-to-cry voice. "just. a lot of things are. stressful." i nodded and squeezed her hand, and her chin quivered, mouth contorting slightly as she started to cry, breathing wetly.

i reached over to take her other hand, so she wouldn't wipe her tears as they fell. i'd seen her cry before, and she cries beautifully. this time was no exception. the first tear fell from her right eye, rolling down her cheek and neck. i let my gaze drop, and saw the tear soak into the collar of her t-shirt. another tear followed the path of the first, making the damp spot on her collar bigger. a tear fell from her left eye, not touching her cheek. instead, it fell onto my arm. i must have shivered, because she laughed wetly, pulling at her hand as if to let go and wipe her eyes. i squeezed her hand and murmured that it was okay, and that just made more tears fall.

we sat there for a while, her crying and me holding her hands. she was very quiet, just breathing damply. with the way her head was angled, the tears from her left eye fell onto my arm and into her lap, leaving dark stains on her grey leggings, while the tears from her right followed the line of her face and soaked into her shirt collar. sometimes, a tear would run from the inside corners of her eyes, across the bridge of her nose or down her cheek. her mouth was twisted, her lip curling out just slightly.

what seemed like all of a sudden, she started to cry harder, her lip curling as she sobbed. she leaned closer to me, her tears falling from her cheeks and onto my jeans. her face was at the perfect angle for me to see the tears welling up and falling from her eyes. i squeezed her hands tightly, and she sobbed even harder, shutting her eyes. the tears beaded on her lashes before falling in streaks down her face. she stayed there a moment, then fully leaned into me, burying her face in my shoulder and sobbing. i hugged her, of course. i could feel her chest heaving with each sob, and her shoulders shook. as she cried, she shifted herself so she was practically on my lap, clinging to me.

she stopped sobbing so hard after a few minutes, but she kept hugging me. to my surprise (and delight), she was still crying when she leaned back. her eyes were red, tears occasionally trickling from each one. she wiped her neck with the back of her hand, but didn't wipe her face, head bowed slightly.

i took her hands again. she squeezed, and i squeezed back. i asked if she wanted some water, and she pointed to a bottle on the nightstand. i handed it to her, watching her throat bob as she drank. when it was empty, she tossed it off the bed and looked at me. "is this okay? if i just cry on you, i mean?" i said it was fine, that that's what friends were for, and she laughed in a choked voice and laid down with her head on my thigh.

while she got comfortable, i checked the shoulder of my sweatshirt. there was a damp spot where her face had been. when she settled, i started to play with her hair gently. she hummed softly, and stayed there, her chest occasionally heaving on a breath that could have been a sob. she laid there until she dozed off, tired from crying.

it was a good day.


November 14, 2020 9:34 am  #7

Re: Alternate Reality Obs (AROs)

Meeting an online friend for the first time

So, there's this girl I've been friends with on Facebook for a while (we are both admins of a science group), and while we started out just talking about group admin stuff, we developed quite a good friendship overtime. While neither of us was actively planning to meet, we were quite content with our online friendship, it just so happened that I had to travel to her hometown for a science conference, and so we decided to meet. She jokingly said that she'd probably cry when she saw me in person as she was a crybaby who cried for everything, and while I hoped that she actually would, I wasn't sure and didn't want to get my hopes up, though I was quite keen on meeting her.

The day finally arrived, and I reached our planned meeting spot, and as I looked around, I suddenly heard a female voice calling my name, and I turned to see my friend face to face for the first time. She ran up to me and gave me a hug, and I hugged her back, and as we both let go, her face was lit up with a huge smile. She told me how excited she was to finally meet me in person, and said that she was going to cry as her eyes started watering and she giggled. I put my arm around her, and she giggled more as her eyes filled up with even more tears. She smiled and pointed to her eyes and said, "Tears of joy! See, I told you I'm a crybaby!" A single tear ran down each of her cheeks, and she reiterated that they were happy tears, that she wasn't sad, just glad and excited to see me.

She then wiped her cheeks with her fingers and then proceed to wipe her eyes which were still damp, and spent a couple of seconds completely wiping her eyes and her face, and then looked at me, smiled and said, "Welcome to my hometown! I don't think you'll ever get a more tearful welcome anywhere else!" We both laughed and talked and she showed me around, and we both attended the conference and had a really good time over the next few days, and she did tear up when I was leaving, though there were no running tears. It was good to finally get to meet my online friend, and it was beautiful to see her cry tears of joy.

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November 14, 2020 6:11 pm  #8

Re: Alternate Reality Obs (AROs)

Unexpected encounter with lifelong crush

I met this girl almost 15 years ago, I had a crush on her since the first time I saw her, we have been friends since then, she moved out of state a few years ago.

I go out for a walk, near the beach, I head towards a good coffee place in the shore, as I go in, I see a familiar face, to my surprise my long time crush is sitting, alone, in a corner, her face sad, she is wearing a short sleeve t-shirt and a knee length skirt. I go and sit in front of her, only the table is between us, I am very happy to see her, happy tears start to well my eyes, I tell her how happy I am to see her and ask her how is everything. 

Her face grows sadder still, she tells me she is happy with her young children, but also tells me she had a big fight with her husband, I see tears starting to fill her beautiful hazel eyes, I lean towards her and caress her cheek. Her face becomes sadder and her voice starts to break. I stand up and go sit beside her in the couch (the café has couches in the corners and tables in the middle), and, as I soothe her hair with one hand, I start caressing her cheek with the other hand, telling her it's ok to show her feelings.

Tears are already forming on her eyelashes and her voice breaks constantly, I say: "It's ok princess, you can let go, I won't judge, as always, I am here for you, feel free to allow yourself to feel, there is no shame in crying, even Jesus cried". As I say this, I place both hands on her cheeks, caressing them, even caressing her lips as they begin to curl. A few seconds later, big, warm tears start to roll down her beautiful cheeks, some falling on my fingers, as I am still caressing her cheeks. She brings her hands up to her face, I intercept them with mine, holding both her hands to prevent her from wiping her tears. I lean and kiss a tear from each cheek and, surprisingly (even for me), I kiss her pouty lips, a quick, brief kiss, bringing her hands down to her lap, I feel her well formed thighs through her skirt, I get distracted feeling her relaxed muscles give in to the weight of our hands. She talks about her relationship as she sheds more tears, what once was a single streak on the middle of her cheeks turns into a tear streaked face, several tears are marked on each of her cheeks.

I bring my hands up to wipe her tear streaked face, she smiles at me and blushes, and she says: "I'm sorry for losing composure and telling you what you don't need to know". I answer: "Girl, never forget I will always be here to wipe your tears, to hold you in my arms and to make you happy if you allow me to". She smiles and answers: "I know, I just didn't expect to see you here, less to wipe my tears, thank you for wiping my tears".

I kiss a couple more tears from her beautiful cheeks as I pat and squeeze her thighs, letting her know I will always support her, I feel she is relieved enough so that no more tears will fall soon, I order coffee for both of us (I know what she likes) and as we drink it, I ask her if she wants to watch a movie. She says: "I guess it will help my mind to relax and forget for a while my situation".

We go to the movies, it is a romantic comedy, she places her legs on my lap, and I start caressing softly her calves, feeling the shape, how smooth her skin is, I always loved how her skin feels like silk, I squeeze them, feeling her muscles give in as I gently squeeze and pat her thighs, making them jiggle against my hand. I turn to see her, she is smiling, I make the dangerous move of sliding my hands to her thighs, giving the same treatment as her calves, she allows herself to feel, she seems to be enjoying what she is feeling, eventually resting one hand on her thigh, bringing the other one to her hair, caressing it.

She never cries seeing movies, but, I think because of what she is going through, near the end she starts silently crying, as if not wanting anyone to notice she is crying, she doesn't acknowledge her tears, she doesn't even wipe them, I slowly bring my hand up and wipe her tears, she smiles and leans her cheek against my hand. The evening is almost over, I take her home and ask her to call me whenever she feels sad or whenever she wants to talk.


November 14, 2020 8:33 pm  #9

Re: Alternate Reality Obs (AROs)

Self Obs using Fictional Characters and Scenario

This was a recent self obs that happened to me at work. I'm a receptionist for the Canox F1 team and we were getting ready for the final F1 race of the season in Brazil. Everyone in the factory was really busy and there was a nervous buzz in the air, because if everything went our way we would be Constructors Champions and our lead driver Lukas Weber would be Drivers Champion

One day as I was going down to my desk, I accidentally ran into Lukas as he was exiting a meeting, I apologised but he said it was his fault as he hadn't been looking were he was going.

I started to get emotional at this point because, well because I'd fallen for him (I'm emotional just typing this if I'm honest - a tear just ran down my cheek as I wrote that last sentence) and seeing him so stressed and trying to keep positive just broke my heart.

He sat on the floor next to the wall and against my better judgment possibly, I sat next to him.

"I'm not sure I can do this Mariana" he said after a short pause. "Maybe Devon was right, I'm not champion material"

"He's wrong!" I told him passionately as tears welled in my eyes. "You've driven amazingly this year, and what has he done! The same boring thing he always does. Starts on Pole Position leads every lap and takes the win! You've fought for yours!"

It was at this point the tears in my eyes started coming down my face. There were four in total, first a tear down the left cheek, then a pair down both cheeks and the final one came down the right. I was feeling pretty embarrassed at shouting so I just wiped my tears and stood up. But then Lukas spoke again and I turned back. My eyes were still full of tears and I hoped I wasn't going to embarrass myself by crying again

"So you don't think my championship would be a lesser title because I haven't had a front row start or a fastest lap." he said to me gently. "I mean when has a driver won a title without a front row."

Luckily I could answer this question

"Niki Lauda in 1984" I told him as another tear fell down my left cheek. "And if you do win the title in Brazil and he was there to see it, he would take off his hat to you without a second thought"

Another tear fell from my eye as I finished speaking down my right cheek this time. Lukas seemed much more cheerful after this pick me up because he got up and smiled at me.

"You're right he would." he told me softly. He put his arms around me and gave me a gentle hug. Another pair of tears fell then because I knew a relationship with him could never happen. I managed to wipe my tears away before we broke apart and we went our separate ways. Him back into his meeting room and me back to my desk.

I used the short journey down the lift to wipe my eyes free of tears and control my emotions

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December 7, 2020 1:43 pm  #10

Re: Alternate Reality Obs (AROs)

Wedding Day Part II - Daniela's perspective

These are some self obs and obs from other people when me and my wife went to her best friend Claire's wedding. We get a lot of crying at weddings and this was no different! This is a bit piecemeal so I apologise

The first time I cried wasn't due to the wedding but the cold. As me and Lynn pulled our suitcases up the driveway to the main entrance my eyes started filling. The first tear fell down my right cheek just before the entrance door as I was knocking my boots together to clear the snow off. A second fell down the opposite cheek I was wiping the first and Lynn suggested we go inside to get warm.

The next crying obs I got was from Lynn when she got back from Claire's room. We were on our bed together and she apologised for the fact that we both had to attend two more weddings. I told her that although it did mean we were both still dealing with wedding plans I didn't mind as I liked both her best friends. And I did they were both very special people. Lynn's eyes filled with tears as I said this and a single tear gently ran down her face and fell onto the quilt. She wiped it away herself and kissed me on the mouth which turned into a small make out session!

Next obs was at the Wedding rehearsal. Jeremy's friend Amanda was there to watch as well and having learnt Claire and Jeremy's relationship history it wasn't surprising to see when me and Lynn were leaving, we both saw her crying too. Two tears at once running down her cheeks.

Oh god then there was Claire's mum snarling at us when we were laying the tables up, which upset Hannah one of the waitresses. She tried to stop crying, but I saw several moments of her face glistening with tears.

This is so bad guys I know, it's turning into a summary more than anything!

Next morning I had a little cry when Lynn told me she'd booked me a massage in the spa - last time we went to the hotel they were fully booked and I did let a tear fall after she'd left. After my massage I was going back to my hotel room and I collared Jeremy's best man and his boyfriend in the corridor who were busy making out. I had to interrupt them so they could do what they were supposed to do.

"I'm taking you to Jeremy's room." I told his best man firmly. His eyes started to well but I wasn't having it. After dropping him off I met Amanda in the corridor. After upsetting Hannah yesterday, Claire's mum had been having a go at her too. We are getting into the good obs I promise.

She was very upset and shed four tears total all solo tears with a wipe in between. She explained she was asexual, but even if she hadn't she wouldn't have wanted to break up Claire and Jeremy.

We're on the good bit now! The wedding had lots of crying and I mean lots! Lynn, Claire, Hayley all shed tears down both sides of their faces and they constantly wiped them away with a tissue. There was too many to log, sorry about that! I was sitting behind Amanda so I didn't see her cry but heard her sob. And okay I briefly cried too. A double tear during the wedding and during the meal when the singer decided to sing One Moment In Time

Phew, that was a bit long. Sorry it was piecemeal

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