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April 30, 2021 7:53 pm  #1

Short film about crying; by Brittany Menjivar

Greetings everyone!
I don't know if this was already posted, I hope not, please delete my topic if there is already one..! And I hope it also is related to the discussion. I thought about posting it in the "Crying videos" section but then I've realized that this discussion might be more into "sharing feelings and opinions" than sharing the video itself

I've recently discovered "dacryphilia" through this short film
and I was wondering what do you think about it, and how does it make you feel?
Also, I was wondering what do you feel about a person crying "from their heart" and a person crying "for a role" (in the situation of the movie), and is the difference really important for you to enjoy watching someone cry, or is it more the beauty of a face covered in tears— whether it's from the heart of for a role— that you find attractive? 
Would you find the idea of people crying through livestreams interesting or do you think that would be problematic? I see crying as something personal and even a little intimate, do you think a person crying for an audience would make you lose interest in the said person? Do you prefer to see "sincere" tears, whether it's from someone you know, or even from actors in a movie? (even though actors play for an audience, I think it's different in some way, because actors often are sincere in their feelings, as they are very close to their characters)

as for my own opinion about it, I've find the movie very touching and even heart-breaking, it's the fact that you give up all your "pure" and "true" feelings for an audience, for fame, that moves me and touches me a lot
and I also think that I might be unconsciously afraid of never being able to cry again because of crying too much, which leads me to another question..! Do you ever feel scared of not being able to cry again?

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May 1, 2021 3:07 pm  #2

Re: Short film about crying; by Brittany Menjivar

I found this a very touching film, I felt Docu kind of "heartless" as he was recruiting girls to cry for money. Mara, on the other side, at first, she genuinely cried, not being able to accept rejection. Then she started to evoke that feeling to cry on camera.

Answering your question, if it's on film I love seeing a beautiful girl's tear streaked face as tears fall freely down her cheeks, I don't like the girl to wipe her own tears, though having her tears wiped makes my heart skip a beat. If it's a real life obs, I love if she looks for me to comfort her, I have a surge of emotion when I wipe her tears as I hold her sobbing shoulder blades or caress her hair.
I definitely prefer sincere tears, even though I can enjoy a tear streaked face (I can make up any scenario in mind just seeing it).
I honestly rarely cry, but I have never thought nor am afraid of not being able to cry anymore.

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