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November 10, 2017 10:57 pm  #11

Re: Eye wiping and nose blowing on sleeve?

When my boyfriend's dad died, he was such an emotional wreck. It was in the hospital when we found out he didn't make it, and we were in a private room and were too distraught to scramble for a tissue box. So, I pushed his face onto my lap and I let him use the skirt of my dress as a handkerchief and cry on the fabric. He soaked it so much with his tears and wrinkled the fabric a little with his hands from gripping it too hard. Not a dry spot was left on the dress, so I started to wipe his flooded eyes with the sleeve of my dress. Tear after tear after tear, I worked to keep his eyes dry. At the end he calmed down and the nurse found us with his face buried in my lap. So yea, I'd give up my clothes any time for a loved one.


November 11, 2017 12:23 am  #12

Re: Eye wiping and nose blowing on sleeve?

thedreamer wrote:

For some reason I've been a little obsessed with this idea lately.  I swear I've read books where people offer their sleeve to a crying person, but I can't remember ever seeing it in a movie, or in person.  (However, there is a discussion relating to this topic in the movie "Garden State" where the main character recalls a long ago memory where his mother offered him her sleeve and told him to blow his nose.)  As a crying fetishist who also loves nose blowing (although I'm not actually huge on snot), this is one of the most tender and loving interactions I can possibly imagine.

Picture it - someone you really love (wife, husband, significant other, child, friend, etc) is crying.  Desperate, hard crying.  Neither one of you has any tissues on hand, or a handkerchief, so you offer them the only thing you've got - your sleeve, letting the other person wipe their face and even give their nose a good blow or two.  In practice, I'm sure this would be a little gross, but I'd be so deeply touched if someone let me do this, and I'd do it in a heartbeat for someone I really care about.  I'd probably roll up the used sleeve and then change my shirt as soon as I could.   

I do some original fictional writing in my free time, and at the moment I'm piecing together a scene that involves this concept.  If this idea is of interest to someone, I may change some details around for anonymity's sake (on the off chance that I ever publish a work with these characters - rather a long shot at this point, but I haven't stopped hoping!) and post it in the fic section.

Anyone have any interest in the concept and/or seen any clips relating to this?  Would you ever offer someone your sleeve, or use a sleeve that was offered to you?

I haven't offered or used a sleeve, but my wife on some ocassions has left my shirt soaked with tears and fewer times she has left mascara stains on my shirt, sometimes she buries her face in my chest.

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