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September 30, 2021 3:41 pm  #1

Quite a few fiance obs (m)

Hey all! 

Sorry to kind of be in and out all the time - life is crazy, but I like to check in and share when I have the time!

So, back in April my boyfriend proposed to me, and has officially been upgraded to fiancé! He was emotional when he proposed, which was very, VERY cute. 

Since then, I know there have been so many obs, as he is an emotional guy.

I'll start with a trip we went on with my family - it was a situation in which we were together all day, every day with no breaks. Everyone hit a breaking point at one time or another. My fiancé got into a little bit of a fight and was already having a bad time, and he said he didn't want to come out to dinner. I got mad and walked away, planning to go to dinner without him. Well, that set EVERYONE off, and eventually my stepdad went to talk to him. He was crying the entire time my stepdad talked to him (I wasn't there for that, though), and when they both came upstairs to go to dinner, his eyes were red and it was clear he'd been crying. We were all feeling better at that point, but fiancé kept tearing up and getting emotional very easily. We were walking around in town and he said "I can't stop crying!" 

A few weeks later, he was getting used to being back at work and switching his schedule back around. He was feeling really depressed about his job being overnight and a few other things, and I could tell he was going to cry. We were sitting side by side on a couch, so I put one arm around his shoulder and my other arm was in wrapped around his head and his face was buried in my upper arm, in the crook of  my elbow. Suddenly, he started silently but violently sobbing - shaking with heaving sobs that started slow and got a little faster as he ran out of breath. We were alone in the room, but not in the house, so he was trying to be really quiet. I've never seen or felt him cry like this, so it was a shock. I made a noise of understanding/ comfort and said, "Oh, babe," and held him tighter, which made him sob harder/ faster and he tightened his grip on my arm. The sobs only lasted for about one breath, and then he continued to cry while we talked through what was going on. I wiped his tears and kissed his face all over.

Finally, a more recent one - We decided to do some premarital counseling together (not because anything is wrong, but we just want to make our relationship and our communication stronger). On our way to our first appointment, we got into a bit of a fight (figures, right?! haha). We had the session and it went really well, but when we got back in the car he felt really bad about it. I could tell he was getting emotional and I asked him what he was thinking. His eyes filled with tears and he was trying to keep his lips from quivering, He said something about being irrationally afraid we'll break up when we get in a fight. He was driving, so I stroked the side of his head and massaged his neck with my left hand from the passenger seat. I told him that would obviously never happen. He was holding his breath because he was still trying not to cry. His eyes were still filled with tears but none of them had spilled over yet. He breathed in a little and his breath hitched. He blinked and the tears spilled a little just under his eyes. There was one tear trickling down right next to his nose. We talked a little more and he started to feel better. Another tear had fallen down his cheek- he wiped away the part of the tear near his eyes, but there was still the rest of it lower down. I wiped it away for him. We then went out together and had a nice night. 


September 30, 2021 5:48 pm  #2

Re: Quite a few fiance obs (m)

Welcome back girl and congratulations. If I understood correctly, everyone cried at some point? Openly in front of the rest?

I'm surprised how open and unashamed your fiancee is, crying in front of your stepfather.

Did you cry as well at some point? If so, how did he comfort you?

Have a beautiful weekend.


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