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January 5, 2023 5:58 pm  #1

Brief Comforting Obs with Female Friend

Nothing too fancy about this, but it gave me a bit of heartwarming. A friend of mine texted a few days ago asking for company because she was going through a personal crisis. She's been struggling with health issues for a while now and an argument with her mother put her over the edge, and she was now having difficulty coping with her emotions. She was taking an Uber home from work, so I met her at her apartment to keep her company for a few hours.

We spent most of the evening cuddling on her bed or talking softly. I was gently scritching her head or her back and shoulders, trying to ease her tension and feeling of touch starvation. At a few points she pulled me in very close and buried her head in the crook of my neck. I kept wondering if she was going to cry and eventually she did. It was brief, only lasting a few minutes, and not particularly intense, but I felt the her facial muscles tighten against the side of my head as she scrunched up with grief, and I looked to see her eyes closed tight with tears squeezing out of them and trickling sideways down, and her mouth clenched with grief.

I let her nuzzle against the back of my arm, and felt the wetness of her cheek on it, as she took occasional sniffles and fluttering breaths. I was wondering if she would sob. I've had her sob on me before, and enjoyed it, but nothing came out this time.

Still, it was a cozy and intimate experience and she thanked me afterwards, saying she felt better enough to get through the night, which I was glad of.

"Bless me now with your fierce tears..."

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