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September 26, 2023 2:04 am  #1

Male crying: Succession (Great Acting, Many Spoilers)

Hello folks, it's been a while. Figuring out my life, career, future. All those fun things. Sorry for any unanswered nessages or posts. Back to share some new scenes.

I always feel conflicted posting these- almost like a shame that if they'd be discovered or connected to me that I'd be humiliated blah blah blah. But I've come to the conclusion of something. I do like crying. But not in a sense of enjoying ANYONES pain. Yet still, I get this swell of compassion and empathy when men cry (and sometimes women too!) And thats what makes me feel good. I feel like maybe some of you feel that way. I'm not sure there's anything too terrible about that. I just like feeling compassionate, and I enjoy seeing displays of emotion because i think it's beautiful. BUT until this year i felt there was a shortage of scenes in recent years that really made me feel something. Until i found shows like these. Without further ado, SCENES FROM SUCCESSION!!! Spoiler warning. You got this far.

A little bit of backstory: succession is the story of four siblings going back and forth deciding on who will take over their father's multi-billion dollar company when he's gone. He is an emotionally abusive man and all of them are kind of fucked up about it. We have Kendall, played by Jeremy Strong, Shiv, played by Sarah Snook, Roman, played by Kieran Culkin, and Connor, played by Alan Ruck. Also included below is Shiv's husband, Tom, played by Matthew Macfadyen. Incredibly strong acting by all actors present.

This first scene is after Kendall, while under the influence and searching for drugs with a waiter from Shiv's wedding, accidentally crashes the waiter's car into a lake and the waiter subsequently dies. His father swoops in, aware of the situation, and manipulates anf blackmails Kendall into dropping his attempt of attacng his father's buisness. He sobs when his father hugs him. Multiple tears too.

1x10 kendall

Relating to the same situation, Shiv knows that Kendall is acting funky but doesn't know why. He doesn't tell her, but he melts a bit when she hugs him. He almost breaks down and he does sniffle.

Kendall 2x4

I think most people can relate to crying on your birthday. Kendall finds himself in that same situation when it all feels more shallow then he wanted. His breakdown is breif and his words are tearful.

Kendall 3x7

If only i could find the full scene on youtube. Kendall confesses to his siblings about the waiter. He's tearful and he sobs, but theres more crying after the video cuts off from Strong.

Kendall 3x9

Spoilers in case you still haven't heeded the warnings. Logan (the father) dies. Kendall speaks on the phone with Frank, the company's CFO to clarify that Logan is actually dead. Very breif supressed sobbing and very well acted recomposure.

Kendall 4x3

At Logan's wake. Stewy, Kendall's old best friend turned buisness rival, jokes with and comforts him. Very brief Kendall breakdown.

Kendall 4x4

Kieran Culkin is freaking amazing. Good god. Roman goes about this whole season claiming to have pre-grieved. There's actually a great payoff in that because for 6 episodes youre somewhat expecting and almost needing him to cry because that tension is building up the whole season. He takes the stand for the eulogy speech, and just as quickly falls completely apart in front of everyone. He weeps and is comforted by his siblings. Also shout out to Sarah Snook. Shiv's reaction to Roman's tears adds a lot to the scene as well. Also, fun fact? This take used? Was his first. And he hadn't rehearsed it prior. I've even seen a background actor comment about the moment this was filmed, how you could hear his sobs echoing through the church. It's quite moving. 
Roman 4x9

Also! Roman cries during Shiv's speech but it's just one tear. And he silently sobs as Logan's casket is moved. No clips of that on youtube. He also deliberately incites viopence against himself in the middle of a protest. No crying there but its still emotional. Very good payoff episode from him not really fully crying through the whole series. Almost getting close to tearful then pushing it down. Then the dam finally breaks. Recordings of him crying are also played by others post-funeral in a mocking manner.

A shorter and briefer meltdown. Hard to explain, but I'll try: Roman recieves love in a tainted way. To him, to be abused is to be loved in some ways. At this moment, they are about to take a vote to see who will run the company, and Roman is essentially having second thoughts- but also pleading to his brother in the subtext to put them to rest. So Kendal hugs him to comfort him, Roman somewhat sobs, and then Kendall is agressive and bursts Roman's stitches against his shoulder to make him look unprofessional. A bit of sniffling and angry crying.

Roman 4x10

Shiv's husband, Tom. He was in the plane with Logan when it happened. No clips of this, BUT, his eyes and voice get tearful. He doesn't cry but he almost does.

Tom 4x3 Tumblr post

He also semi breaks down after the funeral. Its very brief, and we don't really see tears but he tries very hard not to cry.

Tom 4x9

Connor's one tearful scene. Also brief, reactionary, good all the same. He's being told about his father's death.

Connor 4x3

And lastly, as they are watching a video of Logan singing, I believe both Roman and Kendall shed tears. Made me shed a few too.

Kendall and Roman 4x10

Enjoy! These actors and scenes are phenomenal.

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What am I if not a woman who likes hot men who cry a lot

September 26, 2023 7:22 pm  #2

Re: Male crying: Succession (Great Acting, Many Spoilers)

I loved Succession, thank you so much for the videos.

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September 29, 2023 5:01 pm  #3

Re: Male crying: Succession (Great Acting, Many Spoilers)

Ooh beautiful scenes! My favorite is Roman's funeral breakdown.

Don't mind me, I'm just here to fill my Lachrymatory of Holding.

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