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July 10, 2024 6:40 am  #1

I found the clip I had been looking for years - Crocodile Hunter Diary

I really hope this won't be removed by the site  administrator. Please,ThorNorth ,  not all of us are actual fetishists, more likely emotional junkies ! 10 to 12  years ago I found a very short,  blurry  clip on Youtube about Steve Irwin mourning intensely the death of one of his beloved crocodiles and I really tried over and over again to see if I can find the clip in a better resolution or at least somewhere else. I couldn't find it anywhere else thinking that maybe it's not part of his Crocodile Hunter series. I was duped by the fact that two morrons had made a parody by separating one part from the original episode and it took me years to get sufficient details to put the pieces of the puzzle together and actually find the whole thing. This was that section :

Last night I found the episode from the series Crocodile Hunter Diaries - Mary's Farewell ( by googling Crocodile Hunter Diaries  and the word ''Mary'' ) on Youtube and surprise, surprise a third of that episode is actually dedicated to mourning and preparing a symbolic funeral for a crocodile.  It was a very unusual episode at the end of which Steve apologized for being so sad as he was usually a total different person. I never even dreamed of seeing him able to cry like that and film it as a part of his show though I knew he would get emotional in other interviews  as well. He was really an amazing man !
It starts at about 30:00 min when he finds the body of the crocodile in the same position as the night before. After he checks it, he bursts into tears immediately, sobbing, hovering over the crocodile and then he talks through his sobs by looking at the camera. This part continues for 5 more minutes while he takes the crocodile out of the water and he gets comforted by his wife and  a friend who helps him  put the dead crocodile in his car. He breaks down one more time,  wiping his nose and sighing. At 35:35 the sequence of events is interrupted  and then  at 41:00 it continues with the funeral during which he starts crying again, apologizing in front of his team for being so tearful. That's the sweetest thing I have ever witnessed in such a circumstance.Strangely enough I couldn't help noticing that all others, beside his friend weren't as invested as Steve.


By getting to this clip I also found another one in which he tells the story about how he lost one of his dogs in a tragic incident. The emotional tension builds gradually untill  he gets choked up  and his eyes fill with tears, streaming down. I got tearful as well listening to his story. Who didn't  after all?

. ( mostly from 4:49 or 7:00 ). Some posters say that he's getting emotional right from the very beginning anticipating the tears..

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