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March 3, 2013 11:32 am  #151

Re: Crying Scenes Directory

Annie from 1980 is the one with the redhead girl ? On IMBD it says is from 82'. i saw it 15 years ago on winter holidays, i loved it though i can't remeber the crying scene you have indicated here.. 

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March 3, 2013 12:58 pm  #152

Re: Crying Scenes Directory

Does anybody watch Pretty Little Liars? I do know of some crying examples amongst the cast, but is there a lot

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March 3, 2013 6:53 pm  #153

Re: Crying Scenes Directory

psychic girl. the scene is a little after the first hour if I remember right.  And did it come out in 1982?  I knew it was from sometime in the early '80's.  I've seen it on the ABC family channel two or three times.


March 3, 2013 7:02 pm  #154

Re: Crying Scenes Directory

I remember that scene in Annie.

Like psychic_girl, I like funny crying scenes when they're genuinely real tears (as in generated from emotions... not onions or whatever).  I have seen Jim Carrey do that in a few movies and it's so effective, in my opinion.  Your heart breaks because it feels so real yet you're laughing at the same time... a very interesting feeling!  Jim Carrey uses his own emotional memories (method acting) to cry on cue.  I remember reading that in an interview at some point.  He chooses a memory that is as close as possible to what the character is crying about.

I'm interested in sitcom scenes that have crying scenes in them more out of interest of seeing how they work it in.  Most often it's fake crying but occassionally you do get the real thing!  Sometimes it's awkward, sometimes it's not.  Either way, I find it interesting that they try.  Will Smith in Fresh Prince is an example of someone who seems to have cried real tears.

I'd love to see that episode of Perfect Strangers 'cause I always thought Balki was kinda cute.

The All In The Family episode was my least favorite type of crying in a sitcom because it wasn't one of the regular characters (so I wasn't attached to him) and each time he did it, it was a faked comedic crying style.  However, for the pure sake of numbers, it's always interesting to see how many male characters have cried in sitcoms and under what circumstances they cry.  So, thanks for the heads up and keep 'em coming if you think of others. 


March 3, 2013 8:36 pm  #155

Re: Crying Scenes Directory

Woundedpuppy, i like jim carrey's crying very much in some parts, it's very nuanced. You know he's supposed to be funny and outrageous as he usually is and then all of the sudden he makes the scene look dramatic and bittersweet at times. I loved that in Bruce Almighty, when he tells Jennifer's character he had been promoted and she expects being proposed. The tears of excitement welling up in his eyes for some seconds are just pure genious. And then there's the movie Man on the Moon where he does the same, he makes you laugh your ass off and before the movie ends you cry out of sheer grief and pity his character. He doesn't shed to many tears in this film, he barelly wells up a few times but those scenes are very effective in terms of emotional build -up. That's why i found his part in this Oscar worthy. And in ''I love you Phillip Morris'' he does it again together with Ewan Mcgregor. They both cry at the same time in one scene..

I browsed on youtube and that scene with Balki, i was talking about, is available ( on HD even ), though last month it wasn't. I had to download it from a torrent site altogether with the rest of the season and it was very blurry.

Type : Perfect Strangers Falling in Love is Ending

And enjoy the part..

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''I like crying. And now I not only wanna cry and show my crying to other people, I wanna just split myself down the middle and open my guts and just throw everything out!''
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March 3, 2013 8:59 pm  #156

Re: Crying Scenes Directory

I found it hankerchief, it's on youtube ) it seems i'm youtube lucky tonight. It a nice scene, the tears look genuine and the hankerchief very elegant indeed, it's a classy one. To bad it's the woman who cries and not the man
Annie (1982) [6/13]

This scene reminds me of the one where Kiefer Sutherland tears up in Flasback while seeing a projection.There's a woman there who cries as well but she doesn't have a handkierchief though her tears are very visible. This is on youtube as well, i have seen it so many times that i involuntarily remebered the lines in it..

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''I like crying. And now I not only wanna cry and show my crying to other people, I wanna just split myself down the middle and open my guts and just throw everything out!''
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March 4, 2013 2:13 am  #157

Re: Crying Scenes Directory

Psychic_girl, that was the exact Jim Carrey scene I was thinking of (the Bruce Almighty scene) when I said that and I even went looking for it on YouTube but couldn't find an English version to post here.  And I have heard the director's commentary on the DVD and he even said that they shot that scene several times and Jim was always able to cry like that!  That's talent.

Wow, I hadn't seen Perfect Strangers in YEARS... thanks for showing me where to find the clip!  I would have rather seen him break down with a girl instead of Larry (and skip the whole girly ice cream routine, haha), but, fascinating.  I wonder if the actors were cringing inside, hehe.  Or maybe it was a nice change for them.

Regardless, so much fun finding these scenes!


March 4, 2013 2:58 am  #158

Re: Crying Scenes Directory

I'm glad you found them enjoyable and thanks for the information about Carrey's performance. He's a professional in all he does.

As far as the Perfect Strangers scene i guess it is somehow related to Bronson Pinchot's personal life because in an interview he stated many times that he's very unlucky in love and that he suffered a great deal in his relationships. He's also somehow effeminate or sensitive in his normal life so it's not unusual that he immeresed himself into that scene to the point of sobbing. But still it's very very unexpected ! Before seeing the whole episode i anticipated the scene was to stop when Balki sits on the couch with Larry and strokes his jacket in disgust. After that i pictured Larry giving him a hug while he blubbers something as if  he was crying but yet he doesn't fake it, he is sobbing ( you can even see tears dripping from his nose) and the scene is pretty long and different from the norm and out of context a bit..

I was pretty fascinated with him even 2 or 3 years ago and at that time i wondered weather he ever cried in Perfect Strangers because i knew it was a comedy and couldn't imagine him in any serious dramatic situation. After Perfect Strangers i also saw him in a tv drama '''It's my Party'' ( 1996) with Eric Roberts where he has a very insignificant role. He only appears 2-3 times throught the movie, yet he tears up in this one as well. And then i accidentely saw Langoliers mini series on tv and surprise surprise he cries in that one as well though it's a weird horror movie. I mean if you get to see it he's playing a very weird and evil character in that and his tears are somewhat unrelated with the story, out of context..

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''I like crying. And now I not only wanna cry and show my crying to other people, I wanna just split myself down the middle and open my guts and just throw everything out!''
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March 4, 2013 4:03 pm  #159

Re: Crying Scenes Directory

psychic girl, could you post the link?


March 4, 2013 4:57 pm  #160

Re: Crying Scenes Directory

Psychic girl, I have the weird feeling I know which scene you're talking about, and vaguely remember an interview Bronson Pinchot had done right around the same time about that specific scene.  Evidently Mark Linn Baker's father had passed away recently, and everytime Bronson looked at Mark, he got emotional from seeing the masked pain his co-worker/friend was in.

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