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January 1, 2014 2:08 am  #1

New self obs from this week's weepy movie session.

i have been trying to make movie day a weekly thing. i find it feels nice. anyway today i watched hachi, a dogs tle. good heavens.(any of you women wanna make the men in your lives sob their hearts out, watch this with him for your next date night. nothing will make a guy blubber like a loyal dog. )
speaking of blubber....i have not cried this hard or this messy in over a year. why on earth are dogs so heartbreaking??you can go to the images section and see a picture of what my pillow looked like when i was done if you wanna see what the volume of tears was.
in the images section there will be a corresponding thread to this one. i will be adding screeshots there as i add details here
so this cry session was long i may have to write this in installments if you want details.
 here we go.

about an hour into the film the tears start.they begin as usual. my eyes stated to welland then when i blinked a big teardrop slid out of my left eye, slowly down my cheekwhen i blinked again both eyes dropped tears but the one on the left was bigger. my chin trembled a little and the right side let one go. then the left again rolling faster this time. the one on the right stopped at the croner of my mouth creating the track that the rest would follow for a while

at this piont i became visably choked up. i blinked hard and a tear from my right eye follow the track very quicklythe tears that will follow come in pretty quick succession alon the same lines so that rather than individal pearly drops it creates the effect of a stream which swells slightly with each new tear. this is what flowing tears means i of these tears follows the corner of my mouth onto my upper lip. i lick it off.
on the lift side the tracks are not quite so well formed the the tears trickle more meandering. i sniffle as my lips purse and my chin trembles again.
my eyes are welling, looking glazed.i take a shaky breath, and swallow hard. for several moments it is still. then i blink and a heavy fast moving tear slightly grayed by my eye liner zooms to my breathing is trembling. the tears have slowed for a moment.

my chin starts to rumple just slightlu. my lower lip quivers, barely perceptable. you can see my eyes become glassy. my nostrils flare.i sniffle and blink hard. the tears are blinked back for the moment. but still welling.

my mouth starts twitching again. tears tremble on the ede of my lower lids. i bit my lip for a moment and then blink. two black eyeliner tainted tears roll down my cheeck. i wipe them off. i hate the streaking.under my eyes is wet and ever so slightly smeared. for several moments my face is still but full of emotion. eyes look filmy and breathing is shake. after a monute more eyeliner tears fall. this wont last. im not wearing much.. i wipe it off. this is the first seven minutes of todays cry. it gets alot more intense. but ill have to continue soon. to be continued.

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Tears are the last gift of true love.

January 1, 2014 3:43 am  #2

Re: New self obs from this week's weepy movie session.

moving right along. i stared at the movie for several more moments with a slightly streaked face sniffling oftenand with eyes visibly moist.. at nine minutes in  my face starts to quiver again and my breathing becomes hitched. a gray tear smears beneather my right eye and i cover my mouth with my handas both eyes begin to fill again. i blinked and a tear splashes heavily onti the pillow i am clutching. i rest my chin on the pillow and another tear escapes my left eye. i am sobbing softly now, my mouth slightly open. tears are streaking down my cheaks in repeatedly swelling streams and landing on my hand and my pillow. while i breath out soft hitching sobs. this continues for several munites. my eyes filling and draining, quietly, a finger resting on my mouth in between gentle breathy sobs.

my face is looking more and more emotive as the story is really starting to get to me. the sobbing has quieted for the moment but the tears are coming a little faster. my nose is red and im sniffling hard.. at 14 minutes in i start sobbing again. the tears are strting to leave their predetermined tracks. there are now two flowingtrails down my left cheek. the tears are starting to wash away the eye liner and the tears are running clear again. the sobs are still gentle and breathy but sound deeper, more from the gut than the throat . the tears are coming in rivulets. suddenly just barely hints my my voice start to be heard in the sobs when i take in a breath.. and then when i sob it out. soft and sad sounding, rythmic. .
my chin is quivering, and my lower lip, just the barest tremble. the tears run into my mouth again. i lick them away. ive been crying now for 17 minutes.
,y nose is running. the sobs stop for a bit. the tears are stillo running while i am still.

a couple of minutes later. i wife my nose on my sleeve. i know im such a pig. my crying quiets for several moments. at 19 minutes my eyes are welling again. i take a shuddered breath. my mouth twitches. then im smiling at something. i dont remember at twenty minutes, a let out a soft sob. my brow furrows and my lips start to spread.i breath in and anoth timy sob gets out. my eyes squeeze and two huge tears run down. a moment later followed by two more. big and heavy. then i start sobbing softly again. thre, no four more tears glide down. making their own tracks now. and then another. every time i blink.
this goes on for another few minutes.
at 22 minutes in my chin suddenly puckers. my eyes squeeze shut and i sob without my voice, but heavily, jerkinly. from the body, not the throat. tears escape from my closed eye while i eyes open but the sobs have just the faintest his of voice in it. im shaking. the tears are cascading. my chinand mouth are dimpling. then they calm for a few moments. the calm before the storm i imagin. several second later. i breath in while two hige tears slide out of my eyes. this is followes by some more soft sobbing. and then slightly heavier sobbing. then soft again. then i stop, letting the tears finish their journey. my face is calm and then, i suddenly crumple. im sobbing heavily though still quietly again. trying to keep quiet at least. i have three tear track going on one side, two on the other.

my face is puffy and swollen voice hitching in between the sobs. at twenty six minutes in i close my eyes and three stream flow down my cheeks. you dont see the ball of the tear on the end. rather is like a pouring effect. a flowing. then it happens again. my eyes spill out onto my cheeks in narrow rivulets.

another quiet repreive. but the ducts are filling. my chin trembles aagin. the tears start leaking out.  one hitched sob. another two tears. then a few more in succession. at 28 minutes the sobs have returnedmy eyes squeezed and water running out of them. my mouth is in a grimace. and because my eyes are closed i dont notice my nose running right along with my eyes. holy snot faucet. gross. thats embarrassing.ill spare you that particular screengrab.

the sobbing is still gentle but sounding a little more frantic. im body is shaking harder. the tears are coming in rapid succession.then the sobs get a little more intense. not as loud, but they are jerking me harder . they sound more like a hacking than a mouth is more contorted.this film must really be getting to me. i look positively greif stricken. yikes.

this goes on until just around the 30 minute marki break down further. im sobbing full chested now. theres more voice than not. my crying is alternating between wracking sobs and a near wailing. im surprised the neighbors didnt com. the sobs  begin loud until i run out of air and im just wheezing and then is squeek in another breath and do it again. my eyes are spilling out all over my face. i can hardly track the tears. but again the effect is more of a flowing look than a big pearly drop leaving a trail look.
this is what they call an ugly cry. my nose runneth over.
everything about me just seems to be flowing. visually and vocally. . there is a lull. more hitched breathing then full on sobs i look down and take note of the growing soggy patch on my pillow. you can see my face register the Whoa, i did that? look. just before i crumple up and add to the soggy area.
there is another calm. around my eyes is puffy  but my eyes themselves are not red. im breathing heavily. tears leak out here and there.
but my face is starting to waver and i sense another sobbing spell in the works.. it begins softly, breathing, more tears flowing down into the pillow. im hitching, shaking like im shivering and the sobs are starting to wrok their way out. i let out a few soft groans  and then the sobbing begins again in earnest. from the gut. there are tears on both cheecks in various states of flowing.
this is the point where i completely let go. im crying my heart out onto this poor pillow. my eyes are flowing in ribbons and streamsmy face is rumpling, my mouth is grimacing. i stop for just a moment. i catch my breath and then it starts again. even harder and more intense. im crying loud and heavily . im leaking all over the place. ther are tears im my cheeks, the sides of my face, pooled under my eyes sopping my pillow.
the movie ends. the crying downes. it starts to wind down but a few more sobs have to get out, more softly. four more tears escape. i examine my drenched pillow and then its over.

that was an intense experience.  i wonder what movie could possibly top this for next week.

Tears are the last gift of true love.
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January 1, 2014 8:57 am  #3

Re: New self obs from this week's weepy movie session.

Amazing obs. You are such a descriptive writer.

For next weeks films I would recommend the notebook or seven pounds. Both great films.


January 1, 2014 1:19 pm  #4

Re: New self obs from this week's weepy movie session.

so anyway people i have been very forthcoming with my obs and pictures. tommorrow is my birthday. if anyone wants to post some of themselves id consider it a birthday present.

Tears are the last gift of true love.
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January 1, 2014 3:37 pm  #5

Re: New self obs from this week's weepy movie session.

I had a dream several days ago where I was crying - and taking photos of myself to post here on cryinglovers. Too bad it was just a dream though. I cry almost never in real life.

Ugly crying is pretty crying

January 1, 2014 3:42 pm  #6

Re: New self obs from this week's weepy movie session.

Watch hachi. I would be willing to make a real very that you will cry. It's the ultimate make weepy

Tears are the last gift of true love.
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January 1, 2014 11:49 pm  #7

Re: New self obs from this week's weepy movie session.

Nice observations, thanks for sharing.


January 2, 2014 9:55 pm  #8

Re: New self obs from this week's weepy movie session.

Thanks for letting me share. I still think it's awesome that I have people to talk to allot this stuff.

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Tears are the last gift of true love.
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January 10, 2014 7:59 pm  #9

Re: New self obs from this week's weepy movie session.

i saqw a guy in my neighborhood walking a dog that looked exactly like the dog from this movie except this one was put white. has to be the most beautiful animal i have ever seen. i was literaly stabnding there jaw slack.

Tears are the last gift of true love.
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March 4, 2023 7:33 pm  #10

Re: New self obs from this week's weepy movie session.

i know this particular thread is going on a decade old, but i keep coming back to it and rereading it, so i figured i'd share my appreciation. the writing is so descriptive, it hooks me right in. this is exactly the kind of crying content i crave. thank you for this, inmyarms!


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