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November 17, 2018 4:24 pm  #11

Re: Eyes watering in wind obs

Amans lacrimae wrote:

We may never know, I guess there was no way for you to know if she was crying or not, if she was smiling or giggling I have seen people cry because they are laughing so hard that tears spill over.

Well, there were no tears, and that's pretty much all I really care about (as long as the tears aren't caused by something serious). But I still found it intriguing because she was wiping her eyes in the same way one would normally wipe away tears. And I actually enjoy seeing girls wipe tears off their cheeks as well. It's not as great if they directly wipe the eyes, but I really enjoy watching girls let tears run down their cheeks and then wiping the tears off their cheeks. I'd even venture to say that's probably the second best thing I like after seeing eyes filled with tears. And of course, I'd actually like to see the tear roll down before it is wiped, I don't like it much if it's wiped before you can see it roll down the cheek.


February 12, 2019 11:32 am  #12

Re: Eyes watering in wind obs

Just thought I'd post an obs from a couple of months ago (how time flies!). It was actually New Year's eve, and me, my girlfriend, my best friend and a guy friend of ours had gone out for some dinner and to do some shopping. It was very cold, and my eyes were watering (though I was trying really hard to hold the tears back because of both being in public and having this other friend who was with us). My best friend's eyes were watering as well, but she wasn't trying to blink back her tears as desperately as I was. While she wasn't letting her tears flow like she would when we're alone, her eyes still welled up quote a bit, and a couple of tears fell out of her eyes. None of us really said anything except our new friend who asked her if she was alright. We then carried on with our shopping, her eyes constantly watering.

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April 15, 2019 4:58 am  #13

Re: Eyes watering in wind obs

Amazing obs! I seriously love the onions one and the long one. Especially in the one with the onions, I love how you guys we laughing with tears running down your faces! I'd have loved to have been there. I've never seen anyone in real  life shed tears while laughing or smiling at the same time, and that is the dream obs I'd like to have! You're so lucky to have so many obs regularly.

Tears of joy are beautiful.

May 15, 2019 9:48 am  #14

Re: Eyes watering in wind obs

This happened on Monday. My best friend had been out of town for a few days and came back early Monday morning. She had taken a train, and I offered to pick her up from the train station and drop her home. I had parked my car and was waiting for her to come. Now, it gets pretty cold in the morning sometimes where I live. And she walked up to my car in a few minutes and she was wiping her eyes. We greeted each other and she smiled, her eyes very watery. I got out to help her put her things in the trunk. It was pretty chilly, and my eyes started watering slightly. I looked at her and a single tear ran down her left cheek. She wiped it as she got into the car. Once in the car, I could catch a glimpse of her eyes filled with tears, and she blinked them away.

And when I dropped her off, we both got out of the car to get her stuff, and her eyes started watering again. As she bent over to pick up one of her suitcases, a tear fell out of her eye (don't remember which eye, so unlike me!). As she stood back up again, a couple of tears ran down her cheeks, which she allowed to flow unchecked. My eyes were getting a little watery too due to the cold. She then gave me a small hug and thanked me, and we said goodbye, not before another tear ran down her left cheek. As she headed in and as I drove off, I saw her wipe her face.

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May 15, 2019 3:12 pm  #15

Re: Eyes watering in wind obs

Sparklingtears, these are fantastic. I don’t ever get obs where a person sheds so many irritant tears without emotion, and you seem to get them on a regular basis. On top of everything, your girlfriend sheds irritant tears just for you! Lucky man!

Pretty much all obs that I get are from real crying, usually from sadness. I wish I had more obs like yours, tbh.

I'm a woman and I think women are beautiful when they cry.

May 15, 2019 3:42 pm  #16

Re: Eyes watering in wind obs

Well, it's basically just two people. My best friend just happens to have very sensitive eyes, and it is indeed great that my girlfriend is willing to make herself cry in front of me. I very rarely have obs of any other people, but it doesn't matter. But I do understand what you're saying, it's much better when the person is shedding tears without actually crying or being in some kind of pain.

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