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April 15, 2019 11:29 pm  #11

Re: Tears without a cause

Thanks! I'm just making it all up as I go. I just write whatever comes to mind in the moment. I do hope to continue when I have more time.


April 16, 2019 6:39 am  #12

Re: Tears without a cause

I totally agree with Amans. You should continue this story. I'm not much of a reader, but the way you describe the unchecked tears intrigues me. I'm in love with both of the fics that you're writing, especially the one with Amy because of how you describe her as smiling with tears running down her face.

Tears of joy are beautiful.

May 6, 2019 3:32 am  #13

Re: Tears without a cause

Part 6 - Contest Day - Intro
The day of the competition has finally arrived. James and Lucy arrive at the venue. They look around and see quite a number of people gathered for the contest.

I didn't realise that this contest was so popular! That's a lot of people!

James: Yeah! Seems like they've marketed it very well this year. There weren't quite as many people last year.

Lucy: Do you recognise anyone from last year?

James looks around to see if he can spot some familiar faces. He notices a few people he knows. He and Lucy walk up to them to say hi.

James: Hey guys! How are you? Here for the contest?

The two men and two women turn to look at him and greet him.

Eric: Hi James! Good to see you. Yes, we're all here for the contest. Remember, I won third place last year with this lovely young lady here.

James: Yeah. I remember. How are you, Kate? Ready to win another prize?

Kate: Haha! There are more people here this year. It'll be harder. Who's your friend? Is she your teammate?

James: Yes! This is Lucy. Lucy, Kate, Eric, Jack and Emily.

Lucy: Nice to meet you all!

Emily: Is this your first time participating, Lucy?

Lucy: Yes, it is my first time. James invited me. I thought why not give it a shot.

Emily: Sounds good! Can you cry on cue?

Lucy: (smiling) Yeah, you could say that!

James: (grinning) See this lake here. She can fill it up in no time!

Kate: Wow! That's awesome! The girl who won last year, what's her name, Amy, I think, she could do just that! I remember Eric and I were close to her and the photographer she was with for much of last year's contest, and I could see her crying like nobody's business.

Emily: Yeah. I remember too. Last year, I wasn't able to make myself cry. This year, I've brought along this to help me.

Emily pulled out some vapour rub from her bag.

Kate: Haha! I used that last year. That's how I managed to get third place. So, Lucy, how do you make yourself cry? Are you going to use vapour rub or will you really cry?

Lucy: Well, it's a long story. But long story short, I have a medical condition that lets me just shed buckets of tears as if I was crying even when I'm not actually crying. I don't know if that makes sense.

Kate: Interesting. Never heard of that before.

Jack: I have a friend who is kind of like that. I mean, I don't know if she has a medical condition or anything, but her eyes water randomly, mostly in windy or cold weather, but also whenever she yawns or things like that.

Lucy: I guess that's just sensitive eyes. For me, those things can still make my eyes water sometimes, but my actual condition tricks my brain into thinking I'm emotionally overwhelmed and crying when I'm just mildly excited or have some sort of adrenaline rush.

Eric: Interesting. Well, you're with the right guy, then. James here is a medical student, if I remember correctly.

James: That's right.

Kate: Is that how you know each other? Is James your doctor?

Lucy: Haha! No, we go to the same university and have some mutual friends. That's how we met.

Emily: Hey, isn't that Amy, the winner from last year?

The group turns around to look at the person Emily's pointing towards. And sure enough, it was Amy, the defending champion, with a young man beside her.

James: Do you know who that guy is?

Jack: Oh, I know, his name's John. We live on the same street. Nice guy. He helped me out once when I had a flat tire.

James: I see. Well, have you guys finished your registration?

Eric: Yes, all done. You should go and do yours. There's a big line starting to form.

James: We're going to do just that. See you guys, all the best for the competition!

James and Lucy go and join the line for registration, and they're right behind John and Amy.

Lucy: (whispering) I saw this girl's winning picture from last year on Facebook. It was really good. I hope we can come up with something good.

James: (also whispering) Yeah. She also has a YouTube channel where she basically just posts videos of herself crying. She will be tough to beat. But you're as good as her when it comes to turning on the waterworks. So, we'll see how it goes. Let's say hi to her.

James and Lucy decide to say hi to Amy and John.

To be continued...


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May 6, 2019 4:06 am  #14

Re: Tears without a cause

Part 7 - Contest Day - Registration
After a brief conversation between the two teams, the line has moved, and it's Amy and John's turn to register. So they pause their conversation with Lucy and James and register for the contest. Once they're done registering, it's James and Lucy's turn. As they're registering, Lucy's eyes begin to water as she tries desperately to hold back and wipe her tears. The girl at the registration desk looks at her and smiles.

Girl: Hey, the contest hasn't begun yet. You should be saving your tears for the perfect shot.

Lucy: (still wiping her eyes as tears were filling up rapidly) Haha! It's a long story, but don't worry, I'm not crying and fortunately or unfortunately, I can't help the tears. I can give you an explanation, but I'll be holding up the queue. But I'm not crying, okay?

The girl at the registration desk shrugs her shoulder and wishes them well, and gets back to work signing up the next contestants.

James: You alright?

Lucy: Yeah. Just the excitement of finally signing up for the competition triggered my condition. I'm okay.

She smiles as a tear rolls down each cheek, which she wipes with her hands.

James: Well, let's just wait till the competition officially begins, which should be in 10 minutes. Drink some water and keep yourself hydrated. We have a long, tearful contest ahead of us.

Lucy: (wiping a few more tears that had run down her cheeks) Yeah. Sounds good.

They wait for the competition to begin.

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June 4, 2019 8:39 am  #15

Re: Tears without a cause

Part 8 - The Contest
The contest officially begins. T
he moderator reads out the rules and wishes the participants luck. Everyone scatters, trying to find the best spot to shoot the perfect, sad photo. James and Lucy go to the spot where they'd been practicing.

James: You ready?

Lucy: Yeah. Time to turn on the waterworks.

Lucy artificially triggers her condition and her eyes get flooded with tears pretty quickly. Tears come gushing out, first out of her right eye, then out of her left. James has his camera ready and shoots several photos from various angles of Lucy's beautiful, tearful face.

James: You're doing a good job. Just make your expression more sad.

Lucy: Gotcha!

Lucy changes her expression to a really heartbreaking one as tears continue to pour out of her eyes. James continues to take more photos. After a while, they pause to take a look at the photos they've taken so far. All the photos look stunning.

Lucy: (tears still streaming down her face) Good job, James! You're a fantastic photographer!

James: Thanks. Your tears never cease to amaze me! Look at that photo, you look stunning and it's such a heartbreaking photograph!

Lucy looks at the photo he's pointing to, and sure enough, it is an astonishing photo showing Lucy's face, a tear falling in the air from off her right chin, her left eye filled with tears on the verge of overflowing, a single tear streak on either cheek, and a sorrowful expression on her face.

James: Look at you! If this doesn't get us a prize, I don't know what will!

Lucy: Haha! You took the photo, so all credit goes to you. Let's take a few more photos before we finalise our submissions.

James: Good idea.

Lucy wipes her face with a towel so that James could capture some fresh tears. And sure enough he does, and the two take a few more pictures of Lucy in tears.

James: I think that should be enough. We're almost out of time. Let's pick two of the pictures we've taken so far and turn them in.

Lucy: Yeah. Let's have the one we looked at earlier. And another one, this one. Wow! I really like it.

James: You like it?

It is a picture of Lucy staring into oblivion with a sad look and her eyes shining with tears and tear streaks on her face.

Lucy: Yeah. They're all good, but I think this has the perfect balance of everything.

James: Cool. These two, then. Let's turn them in.

James and Lucy go and submit their two picks and wait for the results to be announced.

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