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June 2, 2019 8:48 pm  #1

I'm not new here but I just made this account.

(I've been going on this forum for a long time, I just decided to finally create my own account)
Sex: Female

Orientation: Pansexual

Age: 15

Location: Michigan, US

Interested in: I used to only like male crying, but now I enjoy female crying as well. My own crying definitely "turns me on". Crying doesn't turn me on sexually, it just gives me an intense enjoyable rush of emotions. It's the emotions that matter to me. I do, however, find crying very beautiful. I'm a very emotional person, not in the crying sense, but in general. I've always been very in touch with my emotions and good at reading and connecting with other people's emotions. I am a diagnosed HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), so that definitely contributes to my attraction to crying. I enjoy the red, blotchy crying faces (hence my username), painful sobbing noises, lip trembling, shame/mortification from crying, the pure vulnerability, and voice breaks. The best part about crying to me is people's reactions, and methods of comfort. 

Interest in the forum: What are the reasons you joined the forum? Discussions and observations? Being a part of the dacryphilia community. Finding and sharing crying pictures and videos? I honestly had no idea dacryphilia was a thing until I found this website. I had been interested in crying for a while (a few years), and I had been looking up movie crying scenes on Youtube. Whenever I started a new TV show, I would look up all the crying scenes first. Finally, one day, I decided to search up "crying fetish" on google, and I found the article about this website on I enjoy finding videos/pictures, but lately I've enjoyed reading crying fiction more. I often write my own, but don't share it.

Your own crying: How often do you cry? Do you enjoy the experience of crying? Have you ever shared pictures or videos of yourself crying on this board (in public or through private messaging)? Would you ever consider doing it?
I cry unintentionally maybe 2 or 3 times a month. However, I make myself cry for the fun of it around 3-4 days a week. I have never shared images of me crying to this website, but I definitely have quite a few pictures on my phone. I would probably wait until I'm 18 to share pictures, just to be on the safe side.

Other fetishes: People crying in oversized sweaters/sweatshirts, red blotchy faces, people screaming in physical/emotional pain (weird i know), and eye bags/tired, worn out faces.

Yourself in general:  I enjoy music a lot, I play five instruments. I like art as well. I like every single genre of music except jazz and most country. I don't like Marvel or DC (sorry). I like reading/writing poetry and fiction. 


June 5, 2019 2:37 am  #2

Re: I'm not new here but I just made this account.

Welcome.  Good to see another new face, especially one that reminds me quite a lot of myself.  I also enjoy red faces, they don't necessarily even have to be crying (I quite like watching blushing), but even more than that I like voice breaking, as you mentioned, or as I like to describe it, the wavering of a person's voice when they are just on the verge of crying.  

You mentioned writing at the bottom; out of curiosity, what are some of your favorite genres, or are you open to anything?


June 7, 2019 3:38 am  #3

Re: I'm not new here but I just made this account.

I'm pretty picky when it comes to literature. I mainly read/write realistic fiction. I like a lot of the oldies (the ones they make you read in school) too. I like dystopia/utopia books as well.

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June 8, 2019 12:22 am  #4

Re: I'm not new here but I just made this account.

Yeah, I agree with you on preferring realism over fantasy (though I don't really have a problem with fantasy, so long as it's done well).  I'm not sure how old you consider "oldies", but if you're open to books written more than a century ago, and you have the time to read something 1,200 pages long, you ought to read The Count of Monte Cristo.  Quite an epic tale (and I seem to remember a few Valentine de Villefort crying scenes, so obvious appeal there).


June 11, 2019 4:56 am  #5

Re: I'm not new here but I just made this account.

Thanks for the suggestion! By "oldies" I usually mean books written between 1900 and 1960 but I'm open to any time era. It's just usually the older books that stick with me more. I will check out The Count of Monte Cristo.

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June 12, 2019 2:49 am  #6

Re: I'm not new here but I just made this account.

Like I said, it's a great book.  Just make sure to find a good translation if you do decide to actually buy it; some of the older translations have a very heavy-handed Victorian style.  I'd suggest the Penguin Classics edition from 1996.  


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